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G0YS denounce the Peddlers of: DISRESPECT, Disease & Death!What the critics of the g0ys movement will NEVER tell you!

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Empathy is G0Y

What do drag-queens & fundamentalist religions  have in common? Both HATE g0ys! Think about that for a while...

Who says the "AssFuck Act" uniquely identifies the
"gay camp"?

... Almost Everyone ...

Even One of the biggest global customized item printers!

Twice - over a 3 year period, the image above was submitted to the same gigantic printer for production on custom clothing.

The submission was denied by the printer - on the grounds that it was "DISCRIMINATORY".

Not "obscene".

Not "adult".

Not "tasteless".

It is a design that clearly is against the act of (as you can see); --Yet is was deemed "discriminatory" by the printer!

Well ... "WHO" was it allegedly "DISCRIMINATING" against?

I think it's obvious who the "WHO" is - that the printer said the design was being "discriminatory" against.

And we found that decision ASStonishing! Because, it reinforces what G0YS have been saying for decades: "The term 'GAY' has come to be synonymous with 'AnalSex". And in a bizarre coincidence - one of the largest mass-customization companies on the planet happens to agree with 0ur ASSessment of the !

"GAY" = "
One of the biggest commercial custom-printers says so!

And THAT is the STIGMA that the GAY COMMUNITY has been willingly ASSociated with.

And that STIGMA is the very ASSociation that g0ys was formed to distance ourselves from!

G0YS have essentially rejected the "A" in gAy.  From observation & personal experience, there are far more men who are g0ys, than are gAys (read that statement a few times) -- and many men who once thought of themselves as 'gAy' or 'BI' are discovering the 'g0y' movement & adopting the term in record numbers...because it's what they've been all along.  Read the e-mail we get here & you'll see this is without debate.  The fact that many guys have their first sexual experience with another guy (almost always FROT; --very rarely ever anal,) is evidence to the fact that g0ys are all around us our entire lives (Because if Jonny cuddled you till you came in junior-high, -- he's still able to experience those same feelings today [pay no attention to the camouflage ... eh, - the female, with him now]).  It's just that social stigmas against 'gAys' by coincidence, oppress 'g0ys' via those who may not yet be aware of the distinction between men who are tender on men, vs. men who arse-fuck men.    Obtuse minds cannot see the distinction, but to those whom it applies, it's as clear as empty space.  If disease statistics are used as a measure of morality, - then g0ys are among the most moral segment of the population, while 'gAys' constitute the opposite.  Therefore, the "A" in 'gAy' also may mean: "Antagonistic" to life.  For those offended by this analysis, I suggest that you consult the CDC-table (right) & argue with it.  (Perhaps the figures will change for your whims ;-) 0r N0T!

For an excellent essay on:
What sex is:

HIV "Homofascism"

Butt fuck Tyranny

At least one American gay publication, Magnus of San Francisco, has recognized fascist tendencies within contemporary gay activism. Writing in the April 2000 issue, AIDS dissident Alex Russell sees similarities between the bonding processes among HIV positive gay males and German Freikorps members:

Many attributes of the HIV Homofascist Movement (or HIVism) resemble those of Fascism and the psychology of the Freikorpsmen: an authoritarian personality; extreme emphasis on the masculine principal, male dominance and blood brotherhood bonding; exclusive membership of an elite in-group; and the fetishization and aestheticization of suffering, self-sacrifice and death.

Freikorpsmen made war a way of life where desiring production becomes death production. Many HIV Blood Brothers see the war on AIDS as a way of death where the Freudian pleasure principle and the death drive become indistinguishable. The Swastika armband has now been replaced by the HIV positive tattoo and the red ribbon.

There is no loyalty without hatred: passionate membership to the HIV Homofascist in-group can fuel hatred for the out-group (the HIV-negative outsider or HIV non-existentialists) -- seeing AIDS dissidents as a threat and obstacle to their blind HIV Belief.

- Michael Phillip Wright

G0Y is Natural.
GAY is Not!

For years, discussions of "homosexuality among animals" has been used by researchers to point out that it is a natural phenomena in nature.  It is indeed well documented that many species have members that pair-bond with the same sex.  However, something else has also been recognized:

Indeed, some researchers, notably Tim Clutton-Brock of the University of Cambridge, would say that "true" homosexuality -- if strictly defined as male by males who show no interest in females -- is virtually unknown among wild mammals.

And here is the dirty little secret that the Ass-Clown Crowd would like to suppress.  Just as the religious right is proven to be composed of liars when they argue that "homosexuality is contrary to nature" - in light of well researched documentaries clearly showing otherwise; -- So are the "anything goes" groups shown to be omitting keys facts when they try to justify "homosexual" by appealing to animal models!  Lying voices on both sides?  It's what g0ys have been pointing out!  The truth is indeed a narrow path! 
Kills.  Nature Knows.

Homophobia & Natural Selection:

Here's something to consider: Homophobia is not as much a fear/hatred of men who love men, - but is a result of natural selection wiring the brains of surviving offspring against behavior that puts populations in peril -- such as anal-based promiscuity, & female promiscuousness.  This explains why male virility is generally, - socially bolstered, butt loose women & passive/anal men are loathed as 'sluts'.  It's a double standard that is the result of many generations of natural selection
As covered above, a society that engages in widespread behavior that affects reproduction adversely (& mortality rates affecting reproduction), will be devastated by such behavior.  Individuals in those populations who abstain from those behaviors (& those that are so influenced to abstain) survive to genetically pass their instinctive mental predispositions to their offspring. Over several generations, these polarizations will influence society.  I.E: Many people dislike or don't care for lima beans.  Seems an oddity, yes?  Since taste is subjective, why is it that lima beans seem to be disliked on a much wider scale than say, corn?  It turns out that lima beans (especially white lima varieties) contain a substance that inhibits the enzyme, amylase.  Amylase is the enzyme used to digest carbohydrates.  In a society challenged by famine, interfering with digesting carbs could literally mean the difference between life & death.  Who would tend to live?  People who disliked foods that blocked digestion -- disliked foods that inhibit amylase, -- would survive to have offspring more often than those eating foods that inhibited digestion.  Hence, over time, societies who have histories of famine would tend to genetics that wired them to dislike amylase inhibiting foods -- such as lima beans.  
Likewise, people in general consider anal sex to be perverse, but religious moirés do not account for this widespread perception (Religions tend to distort the truth of such matters, being built on the primitive mind & using myth to explain things. A genuine faith would be founded on the likes of truth, understanding, & law ... but I digress.).  Like a genetically directed dislike of lima beans affecting large sections of society, a general distaste for behaviors that tend to kill people & eliminate children would naturally (used in the literal sense of the word) become integrated into populations.  Because natural selection is such a blunt tool, populations tend not to understand the reasons 'why' they have certain cultural beliefs.  It's just a feeling prevalent in the society. The "A" in 'gAy' may as well stand for "Anal" -- as society as a whole believes that & knows by instinct that "Anal" sexual practices are invitations to cultural disaster (natural selection itself has made the observation).   It is this precise mechanism that makes a new distinguishing alternative to "gAy" society - a necessary one: 'g0y'.

Harsh &/ Homophobic?

Some (very few) have suggested that this website is too "hard" on 'gAy' men or perhaps even homophobic.  Being authored by mere men, it is likely that there may be some imperfections of tone, -- & where it fails to console the wounded, --we apologize without hesitation!  Yet I have to wonder how much of that alleged "hard-tone", is the conscience of the critic echoing a subliminal "amen!"...
Being men who appreciate & even love other men, the accusation of 'homophobic' is demonstratively without merit.  And, - a charge of being "homo[phobic/hating]" makes our point for us about our critics' bias. See - we shun
& acts that effeminize men. Anyone who claims we're "homo[negative]" because of our posturing, - is admitting that they consider male to male intimacy to include & effeminacy. And because our posturing indicts them - they accuse us of being 'homo[negative]'. So, our critics do the best job of proving our point when they accuse us like that; - & clue in anyone who is discerning - of that fact.
But what about being "too hard on gAy men"?  Many men who are 'g0y' - may have previously identified themselves as "gAy" (or "bi") -- for lack of more appropriate terminology, -up until reading the content here.  If you read our mail, you will see that this is the case more often than not.  These g0ys always indicate that "this" is how they "are" and always have been.  They often feel like they were alone in their sexuality and did not fit into the 'gAy' culture.  Now they have discovered 'g0y', -- a better term to use.  Once they thought they were "gAy", (or 'bi') but now they realize that they were 'g0y' all along!  So then, the "A" in 'gAy' -- as g0ys see it, -- never actually applied to them ('gAys' who were 'g0ys' all along).  You see, if "gAy" ONLY meant being a guy who is into other guys, it would be different.  However, there are too many negative stigmas attached to the term. How many people do you think would "straight" identify if the media supported the notion that most 'straight' people were into
with multiple partners ALL the time?  How many people would wear a "straight" label if the word was generally associated with filth, feces, fetishes & disease -- as a rule of thumb?  G0Y men find the basic social-psyche surrounding the term 'gAy' to be similarly distressing.  I.E: Most emotionally healthy adults love children & want to see them grow up happy, safe & protected.  However, despite the fact they LOVE CHILDREN, few would choose the term "PEDOPHILE" to describe themselves, -- despite the fact that the term is technically accurate.  That term has likewise been destroyed by it's association with child-molesters.  After all, how many people who love music & describe themselves as "AUDIO-PHILES" are accused of wanting to "molest" home entertainment systems?  The social use of a word often produces a spectre in the mind's eye that has little relationship to the actual, original meaning of the word.
So, are "we" too harsh on 'gAy'?  One only need look at the statistics here to see the obvious answer.  The cultural differences between "gAy' & 'g0y' are the differences between life and death, - but this is no secret as the 'gay' community itself provides some of it's own harshest criticism: Condemned by its own writings! A archived article in XY was written by a young guy observing the ambiguously-gay world around him.  I read it & realized that g0ys abound; & what this young man was feeling was the shallow-pettiness of the 'gay' lie that stinks like rotten arse.  If we g0ys don't act, then the only thing these awesome younger dudes are gonna find are the disease ridden lies of a culture all diseased except for a few statistical long-shots, & preprogrammed media mouth-pieces who can do nothing but chant the mantra of a failed social experiment into shallow thoughtless immorality done under the guise of 'liberation' (perhaps like the Nazi's "liberated" Europe).
I for one love these younger dudes, - & many g0ys themselves have kids whom they want to be comfortable to live a life more open & honest, -- & without the stigmas associated with being a "gAy". If you could read some of the private feedback to this site!  There are lots of younger dudes in serious pain -- not because they are hott for other guys ... but because they HATE (I MEAN HATE PASSIONATELY) what mainstream "gAy" media portrays men who love men as being all about.  I get e-mail saying things like: "Holy fuck! I'm so relieved that I'm not a
!  Been thinking about ways to end my life because I didn't know how to deal with these feelings for my bro's without seem'n a ! Not any more - thanx!".   
G0YS have some suggestions!  And "coming out" does not need to be one of them (Especially if you're dependant on someone else - like parents)!  Why?  Because people who 'come out' discover they're among '
'.  If you're "outed", make sure you come out fighting as a g0y ... not an .  That'll shut the pie-holes of the know-it-alls (& probably get you some major support from all kinds of people -- some of whom are bound to be g0y)! 

Homophobic?  Nah ... we're men who luv men, head2toe.
Anti-gay? As 'gAy' culture is perceived to be:
-centric, Petty, Shallow, Selfish & GenderFuck'd: G0YS ABSOLUTELY detest it!  Butt, at the pinnacle of this open detest is the practice of ""; -- And whether done by M/M or M/F couples -- g0ys abhor it.  The good news is that it's so easy to stop that particular practice! Ignorance does form a foundation for excuse -- at least as far as the matter of "intent" is concerned.  However, once enlightened, the moral shape of the person becomes self-evident.  So, do g0ys have friends who are 'gAy'?  Sometimes...  And we wish with all our fiber that they'd get the "A" out of their thoughts for g00d...

Some "GAY" men have asserted that g0ys need to stop being critical of the perils in the GAY community in order to foster "solidarity". Really? Ignore deadly & disease-spreading behaviors in the name of "PRIDE"? According to the DSM, people who claim to be immune from fault for ego's sake are called NARCISSISTS! And based on the clear historical evidence: SOCIOPATHS, IGNORAMUSES & NARCISSISTS constitute a very large swatch of the GAY community! fucktards!

G0YS.ORG is a site devoted to men who love men, but who want nothing to do with or the filthy (sh!t-stained), effeminizing stigmas associated with it.  Many men who, for the lack of a better term, once described themselves as "gAy", are now adopting the term "G0Y" (spelled with a ZER0) as a better description of who they are & how they choose to love other guys.  Many guys who started into the gAy movement & were "recruited" by the BPT ("Arse-Clowns") find our site to be a call back to their original erotic center.  Please do return!  Above all: Please spread the word that a new movement (one that is ironically, very old) is taking place in male/male relationships.  'G0YS' - We took the "A" out of "gAy" - denouncing the likes of: Anal, AIDS, & Apathy - just to name a few!

We are the G0YS!  Join us!

When the term "GAY" was coined, --it originally meant "Same Gender Attracted".  G0YS have no problem with THAT simple definition. However, -as time passed, the term "GAY" became connected with cross-gender behaviors (which is why "intersexed" & "transgender" ride in the gay-pride passenger seats) & perilous acts such as . In many places, the term "GAY-SEX" has come to equate "". G0YS completely reject that notion and find the ASSociation repugnant to our innate morals.  Please keep those distinctions in mind whenever you read a G0Y commentary critical of "The GAYS".  It is  not the original use of the term, --but what it has morphed into, -that g0ys find reprehensible (& "reprehensible" is perhaps, -too soft of a descriptor).

Hate truth?

"Here's a thought: if LITERALLY and ACCURATELY describing what you advocate & condone sounds like an INSULT, -maybe it's because you're advocating and condoning irrational, immoral crap. The proper solution is not to bitch at the people pointing that out. The proper solution is to STOP advocating and condoning irrational, immoral crap." - Larken Rose

Judaism Speaks: I have also made the observation that on the list of prohibited dietary animals associated with the Law of Moses, -a substantial percentage consist of animals that are coprophagous (in common terms, sh!t-eaters). Under Hebrew law, contact with feces was 'tow-e'bah' (usually translated as "unclean" or "abomination"). The same prohibition is true regarding carrion (dead things). From observation, it seems more than mere coincidence to me that Moses' Law forbade eating, (& often mere contact) - with those things, -& creatures that had contact with those very things. Among such were:

  • eagles/vultures - carrion eaters

  • rabbits - coprophagous

  • dogs - coprophagous

  • swine - notoriously coprophagous (so much that even Muslims today cite that as the reason they do not eat them)

  • & the prohibited sea-creatures (bottom-feeders & filter feeders) particularly stand out...

    • Even today, red-tide is a major threat to sea-based fishing & the animals that help remediate it are primarily those that Moses said were off the list of edible creatures! Most "raw-bars" have signs posting the warnings of "food-borne illnesses"; -- And for good reason, -as diseases caused from contaminated seafood rank among the most serious -with devastating long-term effects!

I find it amazing that an ancient people (Jews) who knew next to nothing about microbiology would have a law (Torah) that seemed to recognize the natural order of things & by doing so - provided protection by prohibiting activity that would bring them into peril from dangerous things that they had no knowledge of the workings!  Even from a symbolic perspective, the curse laid on the Devil in Genesis relegated him & his "off-spring" to the existence of being a death (by-product)-eater. "And Jehovah God said to the serpent, Because you have done this, you -cursed above all beasts, and above every animal of the field. You shall go on your belly, and you shall eat dust all the days of your life."   If you consider the general description of the "curse", it covers a lot of "things" other than the common symbology of a "snake". Virtually all of "biology's bottom-feeders" come to mind - from germs to worms while almost always directly or indirectly causative of the untold misery that plagues the planet (from pestilences to parasitism). Coincidence? You say.

We Fukk'n Told 'Em So!

Every so often - I hear from someone who visited this website a while ago; -Scoffed at it, and now has a very perilous medical condition (or 2+) they received while engaging in (the precise form of activity this site condemns loudly and without apology). They return to apologize, -to tell us how right g0ys are ... etc, etc, etc. They're usually shocked when I tell them to fuck-off & waste no time becoming worm food.  Why do I seem to be such a dick to the dying? Because when you dig deeper - they always have the same story: They spread their condition to others while they ridiculed & denounced the "g0ys" movement along their way.  Now, the reality of their folly has set in as the grim-reaper takes swats at them, and they come back wanting "absolution" from us. N0! Die quickly you murderous fucking pus-bag of plague! May your life of working-ill and self-absorption be a warning to others!
G0YS told you so!
Good Riddance.


G0YS have been accused of "Bottom-Shaming".  We find it offensive that someone would suggest that g0ys shame bottoms more than tops!  We have gone to great lengths in our citations from the Centers for Disease Control, World Health Organization & the American Red Cross to prove beyond any shadow of a doubt that is by far (+95%) the primary global vector for sexually transmitted diseases and that those who promote the act are morally reprehensible. We have gone to great lengths to prove that both groups are equally fucked-up between the ears  (the types who would show toddlers how to chew a laundry-detergent pod).  So, If you have been under the impression that g0ys have targeted "bottoms" for extra shaming, -please accept our sincere word that we have done everything within our power to showcase TOPS & BOTTOMS equally as the intellectually bankrupt, morally soft & masculinity-hating types that they are.  We hope this clears up any misunderstanding.

With such a flock of dirty-birds intermingling so comfortably with the "gay-male community"; --they ultimately are responsible for the repulsive stigmas that became connected with the term.  "Gay" has "been disgraced" by its own lack of moral discernment (evidenced by an STI rate +4300% higher than the general population - according to the American Red Cross).  And the gay-male community -which was originally about M2M sensuality; -Has now been hijacked by chicks with dicks, dudes in drag & Adam with an arse-fetish. Is this an exaggeration?

And what does the "GL!TQ-thingus" think of g0ys? The Bible nails it: "In [connection with] all this, they are resentful and surprised that you do not [think like them, value their values and] run [hand in hand] with them into the same excesses of debauchery & immoral license; -So  they criticize, abuse & ridicule you - mocking your values." - 1 Pet 4:4

G0YS warned about this:
"The CDC says that more than half of state and local STD programs have seen budget cuts in years. “The money taken out of budgets absolutely correlates with the increases in cases of STDs that we’re seeing,” - CDC

Don't Like What G0YS Say?

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."  -

1st Amendment Bill of Rights US Constitution

That's How Civilized Freedom Lovers Do!

Attention Prudes: This web contains explicit images/language (in order to illustrate adult subject matter)!

We apologize for the rat in this image (The monkey suit was rented out). 

"The fool believes his ways are acceptable, but a wise man listens to advice. Look carefully then - how you live your life; -Not as unwise, but as wise"
- Solomon

In addition to causing incontinence (yup), AnalSex is +5000% more perilous at spreading STI's than even oral! These figures are derived from the CDC, W.H.O. & American Red Cross! A pile of corpses, a hundred-million high, tells us all: The ass-fuck culture is nothing but a lie.

According to Global, Multi-Organizational Medical Stats
(Extensively Detailed Below):

+98% of ALL STI's are spread via AnalSex Vectors!

113 million+ people have become infected with HIV since the start of AIDS the epidemic. Most of them have died from AIDS & other related illnesses since the start of the AIDS epidemic! Far more have acquired other STDs/STIs the same way!

There's no fool like an old fool, & if you want to follow in the steps of a mob of dumb dead geezers who were so callous that they tore their own asses out & killed themselves w. diseases in record numbers, - then don't expect sane people to applaud your idiocy as you flock onto the fool float! Be sure to learn how to "vogue"  - while wearing adult diapers (as a memorial to -induced incontinence).

Butt, despite these deadly facts & the fact that AnalSex is the #1 cause of anal-rectal injury - the GAY-MALE community will continue on their wisdomless course of self-destruction; -& attempt to portray anyone who cites these well established facts as being "homophobic" or some other mindless slur that only a narcissistic community with its intellectual & moral head up it's collective arse will assert. Many people are followers. Many people are devoid of the ability to think critically. And many people - like lemmings - will follow the "crowd" right over the edge of a cliff while boasting about the very mindset that will kill them. Wisdom has been the spiritual commodity that seems to be in perpetual short supply & this website is not an attempt to force-feed it to fools. Fools scoff at wisdom. It's in their nature - hence the death toll cited above. So, you're either among the few who have been diligently seeking "us" or you're among the many fools who'll continue to play in sh!t & scoff at our warnings about that.  This website is offered to edify the former & shame the latter. NO FUCK'N APOLOGY!

Captain Ahab had to have his whale.  It only cost him his life & the lives of those around him.  Likewise, there are large numbers of so-called "men" who declare themselves "gay", who - "have got to have their TAIL"; -- Butt what they really are --are the enemies of what the word "gay" originally meant:

gay Adj.

     1: bright and pleasant; promoting a feeling of cheer; "a cheery hello"; "a gay sunny room";
        "a sunny smile" [syn: cheery, sunny]
     2: full of or showing high-spirited merriment; "when hearts were young and gay"; "a poet
        could not but be gay, in such a jocund company"- Wordsworth; "the jolly crowd at the
        reunion"; "jolly old Saint Nick"; "a jovial old gentleman"; "have a merry Christmas";
        "peals of merry laughter"; "a mirthful laugh" [syn: jocund, jolly, jovial, merry,
     3: given to social pleasures often including dissipation; "led a gay Bohemian life"; "a gay
        old rogue with an eye for the ladies"
     4: brightly colored and showy; "girls decked out in brave new dresses"; "brave banners 
        flying"; "`braw' is a Scottish word"; "a dress a bit too gay for her years"; "birds
        with gay plumage" [syn: brave, braw]
     5: offering fun and gaiety; "a gala ball after the inauguration"; "a festive (or festal)
        occasion"; "gay and exciting night life"; "a merry evening" [syn: gala, festal,
        festive, merry]

Many people do not even realize that the original definition varies greatly from the modern use.  Interestingly enough, this also occurred with another term in Germany during the early half of the 20th century.  Let's take a look at another word whose image was forever changed by those events:

Swastika Noun.
Swas"ti*ka\, Swastica \Swas"ti*ca\, n. [Also suastica, svastika, etc.] [Skr. svastika, fr. svasti walfare; su well + asti being.]

   A symbol or ornament in the form of a Greek cross with the ends of the arms at right angles
   all in the same direction, and each prolonged to the height of the parallel arm of the cross.
   A great many modified forms exist, ogee and volute as well as rectilinear, while various
   decorative designs, as Greek fret or meander, are derived from or closely associated with it.
   The swastika is found in remains from the Bronze Age in various parts of Europe, esp. at 
   Hissarlik (Troy), and was in frequent use as late as the 10th century. It is found in ancient
   Persia, in India, where both Jains and Buddhists used (or still use) it as religious symbol,
   in China and Japan, and among Indian tribes of North, Central, and South America. It is 
   usually thought to be a charm, talisman, or religious token, esp. a sign of good luck or 
   benediction. Max Muller distinguished from the swastika, with arms prolonged to the right,
   the suavastika, with arms prolonged to the left, but this distinction is not commonly 
   recognized. Other names for the swastika are fylfot and gammadion.

How many people today think of "a charm, talisman, or religious token, esp. a sign of good luck or benediction" - when they see a swastika?  Don't they usually think of images like the following, instead:


Now why do you suppose that would be?  The symbol didn't kill anyone?  No.  It took a little tyrant in Germany and a whole lot of powerful, image-laden PR (that exploited the formerly benign swastika, among other things)  to get people in-masse' to commit acts like those shown above. Ironically ... Hitler didn't commit the atrocities shown.  People, - who mindlessly followed Hitler while he spoke great swelling words, - committed these acts.  People who were willing to be led by propaganda are guilty of the holocaust.  And the swastika? -- An unredeemable image, - forever soiled by association with human avarice.  So negative are the images now associated with the symbol that anyone visiting this page -- simply seeing the symbol displayed, -- might mistakenly assume that this site is some sort of pro-Nazi web! 

Well, this page is not about the swastika, but about what can happen to a symbol or term over time - given enough bad press.  This gets me back to the opening definition:  The word, is "GAY"... & like the swastika, -- "GAY" no longer means what it originally did.  As a matter of fact, -- many people have been so stigmatized by the "fallout" of the modern meaning surrounding, -- at least part, --the word's association, -- that they visualize the following images:

G.  A.  Y.

Got  AIDS  Yet?

"GAY" has, in many social circles, been made almost synonymous with "DISEASE".  And don't be naive to think GRID/AIDS has been conquered. There are parts of the world where it rages, without the benefits of money to buy drugs & slow it to a lingering crawl.  When you consider the FACT that the American Red Cross says that men who identify as "GAY" are a whopping +4300% more likely to be harboring a serious sexually transmitted disease than the population at large! Sholly huck'n fit!   Besides the fact that almost every "gay" fund raiser is about fighting sexually transmitted diseases; --Let's take a look at the CDC's figures on AIDS infection (for an example) in the US for a clue (Last Updated 2016):  And remember, AIDS is merely (1) of a large number of sexually transmitted diseases - many debilitating or deadly. However - the following makes our point regarding them ALL. Although media coverage of AIDS has diminished in G7 nations; - As of 2022 - it was still the leading cause of death in some parts of the world! AIDS is still as devastating as ever. The lack of media coverage gives the impression that is no longer an issue - as over half a million people sadly discover every year. Nearly as many children are orphaned as a direct result.

AIDS Cases by Exposure Category - United States:

"There is no amount of fact or truth that will sway the depraved mind. The depraved mind revels in the excrement of lies." - D. Champion

CDC collect HIV and AIDS data using common transmission categories: [male-to-male sexual contact], [injection drug use], [male-to-male sexual contact and injection drug use], [heterosexual contact], transmission, and other (includes blood transfusions and unknown cause). The distribution of the estimated number of AIDS diagnoses among adults and adolescents in the United States, by transmission category, follows. A breakdown by sex is provided where appropriate.

Notice that Female/Female (lesbianism) doesn't even make the list! Apparently, it's fantastically SAFE to be a lesbian! Why could this be? Could it be because Lesbians don't have dicks, & don't each other!  Could be! (Interestingly enough: Did you know that the TeNaK/Old Testament has no prohibition against women who lay with women? Neither does the New Testament - although people who can't read in context think that Romans 1 does. It doesn't)! There's a reason for the omission!

NOTE: This chart shows AIDS cases (full-blown HIV infection).  It does NOT show mere HIV infections that have not yet proceeded to full-blown AIDS (far more prevalent). This charts shows United States only. World wide (+3rd world) HIV stats are MUCH WORSE on average.
"Typhoid Mary" "HIV Larry" All quite scary...

About AIDS: Above male/male sexual contact: 605555 cases!  This number dwarfs ALL of the others! When you factor in IV drug use w. related M2M sexual contact the figure rises another 90494 cases to 696049! As of 2022, AIDS was still killing over a million people each year!

But, is the phrase "sexual contact" accurate?  Not really.  Why?  Because there is a form of sexual contact particularly good at spreading STIs.  Ironically, it's also a major vector for AIDS spread by male-->female sexual contact.  If you want to spread diseases, & really let them explode into society in epidemic proportions, - AnalSex () is the fetish that spreads plagues [+5000% better than even, oralsex]!
The gender (M>M / M>F) of participants is irrelevant.  In the CDC chart above: 91070 cases of AIDS were attributed to "HETEROsexual" contact.  What you were not told is the FORM the "Heterosexual contact" took.  People may assume, because of the label "HETEROsexual", that it was penile/vaginal sexual contact.   This ASSumption is unlikely for (2) reasons.  1) More men are likely to use a condom in penile/vaginal sex to prevent pregnancy; And, 2) contrary to misconception <pun>, the vagina is fairly hostile to HIV taking hold, whereass the anus will welcome it readily!  Most women infected by HIV became so by participating in w. a man, or repeated unprotected vaginal sex with an infected man (who, statistically, almost always contracted HIV via "gay" or *IV drug use).  The playground acronym for AIDS: "Anally Injected Death Sentence" is ironically, accurate!  AIDS is seldom spread in other ways! AnalSex accounts for +95% of ALL HIV transmission (as well as the majority of many, many other sexually transmitted infections)!

Today's lesson: Merely being same-sex attracted  - does not spread sexually transmitted diseases.  But, does -  far better than anything else by several magnitudes! Based on the CDC & WHO advisories, -it does so at least +5000% more often than the next statistical bullet; -And proven by numbers acquired by the Red Cross which still has a ban on "gay" blood donations because: Men who identify as "gay" are +4300% more likely to be harboring a serious sexually transmitted disease than the overall "Non-Gay" population (Reason: "Gay-men" are into up to their collective asses)!   Like the swastika, the word "GAY" has been devastated; -- Not by men who love men, -butt by men who participate in the same form of sexual contact that male rape takes; -- (NOT same-sex intimacy) has been forbidden by almost every civilized society from the Jews to the Greeks!  Were religious bans simply due to religious prudes, or is there a serious fuck'n peril - that thoughtful men of good conscience merely recognized for what it is!

(Yeah, GREEKS -- the society to turn male/male love into an unparalleled art history lesson - named as of form of moral turpitude & OUTLAWED IT)! 

The growing group, that ASSerts that anal-sex-play is "gAy", is perhaps better identified as the "Butt Fuck Tyranny" ("BFT" in some circles).  We also refer to them as "ASS-CLOWNS" (ARSE-CLOWNZ).  It's not "gAy" as much as it simply doesn't give a dAmn about the recipient of this debasing form of pseudo-sex.  Furthermore, Ass-Clowns will stop at nothing to spread participation in this fetish to the ends of the earth <pun>.  The ad images shown are examples of mass e-mail marketing, - several e-mails that a junk mail account set up specifically to monitor "gAy" e-mail collects daily.  Look & you'll see that every such e-mail promotes a single theme: = "GAY".  Ass-Clowns will even expend energy combating the simple truths this website shares with others!  The "ButtFuckTyranny" AKA: "Ass-Clowns" will call us "oppressive" because we point out that is indirectly killing people.  Ass-Clowns will call us "homophobic", despite the fact that we don't limit the message about the dangers of to "gAy" men.  The Arse-Clowns will try to obfuscate & minimize (see insert to the right) the dangers of -- despite the fact that the figures on the chart above won't budge for them.  Ass-Clowns talk about "condom education campaigns", but it becomes obvious that after decades (yeah - fukk'n DECADES) into such campaigns that either the campaigns do not work, or the fact that condoms DO fail (& that people don't always use them), - accounts for the  figures on AIDS charted above!  AIDS may be the ultimate bane of the typical Ass-Clown, butt the fact is that is a leading vector for virtually ALL sexually transmitted diseases & at levels many times higher!  This would be like using your swimming pool to route sewage; -- Having regular swimming parties, & then becoming angry at your guests for becoming critical or refusing to attend!  Ass-Clowns are not only immoral ... they are often willfully evil.  The mental spectre created in the public mind by images like the ones shown above are the reason why g0ys do not adopt the "gAy" persona, label & do not want to be ASSociated with that culture[.]  Because of Arse-Clownz & the damage it has done to the reputation of same-sex relationships, -many people do not know to draw a distinction between "gay" = , - any more than the average person thinks to separate the swastika from Hitler! As a result, g0ys have come to realize that the term "gay" - in the mind of the vast majority of the public - has come to mean " PARTICIPANT". That stereotype may not be true for you, but if you wear the uniform - people presume that you represent what the vast majority of people who loudly wear the uniform assert.  Therefore, the term "gay", which originally, merely implied "same sex attracted", -now carries with it a much broader set of implications.
G0YS believe that the term "GAY" is unredeemable at this juncture; - Hence we reject it.

Seriously: Do the Fuck'n Math!
The Grim-Reaper says: "Not all "Lifestyles'" are equally valid. There are some completely PERILOUS ways for men to interact with other men!"

Despite the repeated warnings about the perils of on this website, I am occasionally confronted with the excuse of some condescending ass-fucker who'll say something like: "Other forms of sexual contact can spread STD's too...", -as some twisted reason why people should disregard the extreme statistical differences between certain actions. These fucktards are as intellectually dishonest as they are morally bankrupt.

Apparently that figure about being "+5000% more perilous" cited from the CDC doesn't mean much to a guy who's interests lie in , the thread-count of his 'good' sheets and powdering his 'mangina'.  He's probably too ignorant or callous to think about what numbers really mean (but certainly not you, right?)!

For starts, you can listen to a very brief, but brutal summary of the CDC's statement by clicking this chart:

The chart to the right models STD infection rates based on CDC statistics & presumes a virtually unlimited starting population with (1) infected individual at Year/0. What should shock you is the fact a logarithmic scale is needed to compare the contagion graphs! This is because the contagion rate of grows so explosively that a logarithmic chart was the only way to illustrate that growth without completely burying the other (2) comparisons! So remember that each vertical block represents a 10x increase over the last & so on (on the logarithmic chart)! Mouse over for a linear version. This chart says all!

In the summary, the CDC states that 0ral-sex can spread STIs like HIV at a rate of 1 in 10,000 acts with an infected partner. Because it's a statistic already based on probabilities, -we'll consider that number the average minimum number of acts and let's also presume that a person is pansexual and will have 0ral-sex on average once per day with partners who are positive(+) with some serious STI like HIV:

10,000 acts at 1-per-day is 10,000 days.  10,000 divided by 365 days per year is roughly:  27.5 YEARS.
Did you get that? 0ral-sex every day with different (+)partners and you'll statistically get "something like HIV" once every 27.5 fucking years.  That's the figure for 0ral-sex.

WTF-thought: Anyone who is as promiscuous as the examples cited deserves to have their dick explode. The STD's measured in these examples are those of "HIV nature regarding their virulence".  There are other life destroying STD's which are much easier spread and the increase in peril applies to all forms of sexual contact. Did you read that? Did it sink in? The next plague that invades society may be easier to spread than HIV. Love, friendship, loyalty, safety & discretion: Those are g0y ideals.  Don't be slut. Being one will catch up to you.  Govern yourselves accordingly.

Now, let's look at the spectre of : The PHYSICAL PERILS ASSIDE...

According to the same CDC report, -the risk of getting "something" like HIV during is 50 per 10,000 acts with an infected partner.  50x more perilous than 0ral-Sex!

10,000 divided by 50 = 1 in 200 acts. There are 365-days in a year. At 1 act per day the perils associated with , are 50x higher than 0ral - meaning that you'll statistically get "something" once every 6.5 months doing ass opposed to once every 27.5 years w. 0ral! Got your fucking attention yet?

And if you don't see the difference between catching "something serious like HIV" once every 27.5 years as opposed to catching something every 6.5 MONTHS (FUCKING MONTHS!) then your IQ must certainly be lower than a parsnip!

And because so many guys are dumber than a fucking parsnip - I'll highlight the differences, anyhow.

Amazing fact: If you don't have a disease, you can't spread it! Unless - something that doesn't cause a disease when in your ass (but causes urinary tract infections if it gets into that place) is present and is that chosen act. YUP! spreads NSU too!

The guy with a different dick in his mouth every day will go (statistically), 27.5 years before he catches "something" like HIV.  This means that for 27.5 years he can't give anyone an STI because he is clean himself.

The AssFucker, on the other hand is disease free for only about 6.5 months. Depending on what he catches, -he may not know about it for YEARS (such is the case with HIV).  Here's where a mathematic principle called "exponential progression" occurs and makes the situation much worse for AssFuckers. You see, while the AssFucker is infected (yet unaware of it) - he's still doing the with other men.  THEY will catch/give something about every 6.5 months and in the space of 2 years, he will manage to infect 3 to 4 of them with "something like HIV".  They - like him - will not know they are carriers for a long while which means that they, being AssFuckers, will spread the contagion at the same rates.  And those guys will repeat the cycle.  So, conservatively ... 1 infects 3 and they infect (3x3)=9 and they infect (3x9)=27 and they infect (3x27)=54 and they infect (3x54)=162 and they infect (3x162)=486 and they infect (3x486)=1,458 and they infect (3x1,458)=4,374 and they infect (3x4,374)=13,122...39,366...118,098...354,292...1,062,882 - all in about 15 years ...1.5 million people!  Look familiar? Remind you of any historical epidemics? (Perhaps "something like AIDS")!

"Hey doc: Do you have anything to stop this coff'n?"

The toll gets even worse for AssFuckers! Think: Even if any one of the guys in this chain discovers the fact he's infected, (& presuming that he can be "cured"); -He's only going to stay disease-free for about 6.5 months until he catches the next thing (And begins the fucking cycle all over again)! And the guys who can't be "cured" because a cure doesn't exist ... statistically they don't stop until they get so ill that they can't!  And once every 6.5 MONTHS they make another victim.  This is the EXACT REASON WHY (TODAY) that men who identify themselves as "GAY" are a whopping +4300% more likely to be harboring a serious STI than the general public at large! It's not their sexual orientation that's the cause.  It's because they're predominantly ass-fuckers!  BTW: That statistic of +4300% is from the American Red Cross (which is why the general ban on "gay" blood donations is still in effect).    

Let's take a look back at the guys into blowing guys: One catches something bad like HIV via oral, statistically once every 27.5 years.  Let's presume that it takes 2 years for the symptoms to show.  What are the odds that he'll give someone else the disease while he's a carrier: The odds are 1 in 10,000 acts. In 2 years, he'll do 730 guys.  .0001x730=.073=7.3% chance he'll give (1) other person the same "thing" before he knows there's a problem.  Let's dig deeper.  Let's presume that whatever he has is curable. How long does he go until he's infected again? Statistically: 27.5 years.  Well, because people age and don't go like rabbits sexually forever, -let's look at what really is going to happen with real-risk over time.  Let's presume a guy was 15 years old when he began his daily love affair with dicks. 15-years+27.5-years makes him almost 43 years old when he gets his 1st HIV-like STD.  How many 43 year-olds are still doing a different dick a day?  Risk drops with age because behaviors change.  Even if he was a sexual Olympian, he'd be (42.5+27.5)=70-years old before he statistically gets his next HIV-like STI from 0ral-Sex. How many 70 year-olds are doing a different dick a day? Even if he was a sexual Olympian, he'd be (70+27.5)=98-years old before he statistically gets his next HIV-like STI from 0ral-Sex.  How many 98 year-olds ...

Compare that with the guys doing .  They'll be spreading STIs throughout their sexually-active adulthood at a rate of 2-3 per year with years sometime passing before an infected guy even knows he's been infecting others!  Even if an AssFucker's dick falls off him, he would have been a very measurable, active force of disease-spreading over the same time that the guys doing OralSex got/spread NOTHING!  Ass-Fuckers destroy entire civilizations with STDs.  History has .. and still IS ... proving this ASSertion true -even now. 

But: What happens if the guy into Oral ONLY does other guys who steer clear of too?  The numbers get vastly better because the starting statistic was 1 in 10,000 acts with an INFECTED partner. When Oral steers clear of ass-fuckers he avoids the great river of disease. Seriously! Do the fucking math:

Oral-Sex - reduced to an annual risk figure, 1 in 10,000 is a 3.6% annual risk that you'll get something at one fellatio-session per day with an infected partner/s.  Avoid the partner/s who are likely to be infected (omit OralSex with AssFuckers) and that infection rate further plummets!

However, - at an annual risk figure, 1 in 200 acts = 182% contagion (365 acts per year) risk! You're a winner, - eh - I mean ... LOSER almost 2x-over every single year!  Consistent, meticulous condom-use reduces this risk to 1 in about 2500 (which is still 400% WORSE than the guys doing unprotected 0ralSex with infected partners)!  And remember that condoms have a 14% failure rate.  is like playing Russian Roulette with all chambers full - butt one.

And these are a few of the reasons (not all) why g0ys are so negative about .  Men who love men don't take risks that spread diseases explosively and hurt (or kill) other men. Sociopaths do that shit! Which brings us to the next topic - below.

In their own Damned Words:

"For by your words you will be justified; -& by your words you will be condemned." - Rabbi Yeshua Ben Adam

Famous "GAY" Activist's Confession of the 'Anally Injected Death Sentence':

The following is an excerpt from a book written by a +70 YO, well known "gay activist" - now DEAD /  HIV+
This excerpt is included because the old fool articulates precisely what g0ys have been saying about those who promote
They're complicit to: miseducation, menticide & ultimately - murder.

"Does it occur to you that we brought this plague of AIDS upon ourselves? I know I am getting into dangerous waters here but it is time. With the cabal breathing even more murderously down our backs it is time. And you are still . You are still murdering each other. Please stop with all the generalizations and avoidance excuses gays have used since the beginning to ditch this responsibility for this fact. From the very first moment we were told in 1981 that the suspected cause was a virus, gay men have refused to accept our responsibility for choosing not to listen, and, starting in 1984, when we were told it definitely was a virus, this behavior turned murderous. Make whatever excuses you can to carry on living in your state of denial but this is the fact of the matter. I wish we could understand and take some responsibility for the fact that for some 30 years we have been murdering each other with great facility and that down deep inside of us, we knew what we were doing. Don't tell me you have never had without thinking down deep that there was more involved in what you were doing than just maintaining a hard-on. I have recently gone through my diaries of the worst of the plague years. I saw day after day a notation of another friend's death. I listed all the ones I'd with. There were a couple hundred. Was it my sperm that killed them, that did the trick? It is no longer possible for me to avoid this question of myself. Have you ever wondered how many men you killed? I know I murdered some of them. I just know. You know how you sometimes know things? I know. Several hundred over a bunch of years, I have to have murdered some of them, planting in him the original seed. " - Larry Kramer

Kramer (inadvertently) makes it quite clear that the "GAY" community has been (& continues to be) its own worst enemy by promoting & performing the ass-fuck! It's called 'callous-disregard' & it's literally a criminal mindset. This ASSociation is why G0YS completely reject involvement with GLITQetc! 

Gabe Kruks, a director of public policy and planning for the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Community Services Center, is quoted on the subject: "boys and straight girls who are having sex for money, shelter, love - they are at risk. And the gay and lesbian community (and I particularly fault gay men here) - has done nothing to try to help our youth. Gay men view these boys as recreational toys to be used. I have heard many stories of HIV-positive men having unprotected with boys. They don’t think it matters." It's because the "gay-male community" is awash with sociopaths.

Isn't it Romantic? - N0T!

Next they'll be a fetish where a person puts a partially loaded gun into their mouth & orgasms as the trigger is squeezed ... or maybe if the gun is inserted into the ass, the scene will become "art imitating life"? 
Here's a number for you: According to the CDC, condoms fail about 2% of the time during analsex.  On a 360 day year, assuming only 1 screw a day, that's 730 buttfucks (365x2 partners).  730x2% ~ 14 condom failures. Since it only takes (1) failure to spread a deadly STD/STI, that's 1300% overkill.  Last time I saw an overkill factor like that it was tied to the nuclear weapons program.  Have 1/14th of a nuclear war & everyone is still dead. Ironic how the penis resembles a missle....

Buttfuck Perils:

The image on the right is a brief synopsis of the problems that are commonly seen in people who are "gay-bottoms" - the recipients of

's play in SH!T. There is an entire fetish group all about literally playing in SH!T. Some people will think I'm exaggerating. I'm NOT!
It's called GAY-SCAT<link>.

The chart to the right illustrates the numerous physical problems that are at epidemic proportions among people who ! ASStonishing! 

It's clear that disease is only part of the , shit-play dilemma. There are a multitude of physical ailments that are a direct result of participating in and those with pre-existing conditions soon find that minor health problems have turned into full-blown nightmares because they decided to take up .

G0YS simply point out the FACTS that the promoters want to hide, ignore or belittle. And they'll call the likes of us names for simply pointing out the truth! We offer no apology.

Because insurance companies are terrified that the AssFuck boys might call them "homophobic bigots"; -- they usually don't list as a high-risk activity that should have it's own high-risk rough-ryder.

Ass a result, everybody gets to pay for completely preventable conditions - now covered by insurance when 's need rectal/anal treatment (& they constitute the #1 such claims group).  Fuck'n Arse-holes!

Soft Personalities:

In psychology, people are sometimes classified based on their willingness to accept a suggestion.  In the minds of susceptible people, a slogan repeated enough times is taken as truth:  "The earth is flat", etc.  Lacking either the willingness or faculty to question blanket statements about reality, these people live in a fantasy world made of gossip, myth & half truth; -- And they cannot understand why the people around them succumb to the likes of HIV.  Mix in some arrogance & a promiscuous mindset & these people have the same effect on society as a plague-infected rat - that lives in the kitchen among the buffet setup.
Every now and then, an e-mail arrives from the likes of these to scold G0YS on our posturing, & extol the so-called 'virtues' of the forms of sexual fetishes we detest.  Often, bold statements are made asserting how some group in the distant past put the likes of
on a social pedestal.  Indeed, there have been groups in history who built monuments to such fetishes -- right before their proclivities wiped them out (a premise being proven in Africa at this very moment). See, 'soft' personalities can't form the essential thoughts to question their preposterous asertions.  I.E: What happens to the society that lacks antibiotics, - that also engages in activities that easily spread the likes of syphilis, gonorrhea & other STD's?  Ask any gay guy who's over 49 where most of his adolescent 'friends' who came out as "gay" after Stonewall are now.  Ask those still alive why they didn't become HIV+ too (the answers will all have 1-thing in common: "ASS-CLOWNS" DROP LIKE FLIES FROM DISEASES that those who DON'T DON'T GET.)  Hmmmm.

The "GAY" male community preaches the pro- message: GAY guys play in SH!T and .  GAYS are pushing the stereotype. GAYS ARE PUSHING IT! Who? Gays are! Would it be the GAYS? Yes! It is!
And society has believed their message & occasionally speaks out against it in no uncertain terms. Notice how the public protest in Latvia in the following image has welded the spectre of with the term "Homosexuality is immoral". But where do you suppose that these Latvians got the notion that =Gay?
Could it be the bulk of "gay media"?  The answer is obvious!

It's a prime example of people failing to isolate the various components of an argument. G0YS rearticulate the argument by saying: " ir amorala".  And if Latvia (& the entire globe) would like to outlaw - even classify it as a capital crime, - G0YS are completely OK with that -as long as such laws are enforced equally on both genders.

Killing the messenger?
(It's a gay thing...)

Organized gay empowerment movements emerged during the 1960s and 1970s in major cities in the USA and Europe. These movements coincided with the heterosexual revolution in most Western countries that were more accepting of greater sexual freedom. However, the sexual revolution and gay empowerment movements also coincided with the introduction of HIV into several gay populations during the 1970s. The development of gay bathhouses where sex contact with many different partners during a single visit was routine created a perfect setting for transmission of sexually transmitted infections. Once HIV was introduced into such a venue, explosive spread occurred. With increasing global mobility (jet travel) that became increasingly available during the 1970s, HIV-infected MSM from major cities such as SF, NY, and London rapidly spread HIV to MSM networks in most other major cities throughout the world during the 1980s. By far, one of the worst affected MSM populations has been and continues to be among MSM in San Francisco. The picture of the SF Gay Men’s Chorus was taken in 1993 - those dressed in black, with their backs turned, represent those who had died. Today, all their backs would be turned because the obituary list is now 47 names longer than the chorus roster. As of mid-2006, only four men are left from the original 1978 Chorus of about 200 members.  SF Chronicle file photo by Eric Muse

    And these untimely deaths are the mere tip of the gay-AnalCentric-porn iceberg...

Unfair Stigma?
Basis of Communication 101:

If you want the world to stop calling you berating names - then stop calling yourself by the same names:  "We're here; -We're "Queer" <What was that?>; Get use to it!"
OK. We're used to it. You made your point. You're Queer. Your words.

We constantly hear from guys who claim to be "gay". They tell us that not ALL "gAy" men are into . We don't deny it. The problem is (pay close attention): That the GAY community in general ASSerts that " is the GAY-WAY". Just like the principle above: If you want society to drop an offensive stereotype - then you'd probably be well suited to reject it first. And "REJECTING IT" doesn't mean "TOLERATING IT".  It means "REJECTING IT". 

Having spent lots of time in the guys' locker room; - I'll confirm that when guys are berating "FAGS" ... what they're really talking about are the social stereotypes (psychological baggage) that the term "GAY" WILLFULLY CARRIES.  And the most offensive stigma the term WILLFULLY CARRIES is an ASSociation with the same form of assault that male rape takes: .  And the overall picture that the term "GAY" promotes from within it's own ranks - is viewed by the majority of men to be a willful debasement of masculinity.  And WHO is it sending these messages in the loudest possible formats? It's the GAY-male community itself!  Pay close attention: If you want the world to cease associating your group with berating imagery; -then stop portraying yourselves with that imagery.

And, of course, the gay-male community won't speak out against self-deprecating imagery because in the name of "tolerance", the gay-community has created a safe-haven for morally-soft people who promote their deviance as an "evolving cultural standard of behavior".  In legal terminology - this is called "being complicit". It is the bedfellow of cowardice & deserving of the shame it has embraced. The folly is obvious - as that same "culture of tolerating anything" has the highest levels of sexually transmitted diseases of any demographic on the planet!  What other culture would tolerate a subculture within its ranks called "Bug Chasers"? 

The "STIGMA" of "GAY" is well deserved because "GAY" embraces it's own demise by "TOLERATING" virtually every decadent act that "gay" people dream up.  Anyone who dissents is labeled "intolerant".  If this was simply the opinion & assertion of g0ys, it would be merely a prejudice. However, anyone who has spent time moderating any of the g0ys group forums know that we receive an astonishingly large amount of "gay-centric" e-mails/messages that themselves push the very decadent " stereotypes" that have been mentioned here. We regularly receive scathing messages from pro-gay supporters that flame g0ys for our utter rejection of & other acts that we see as dangerous, demeaning & damn-unmasculine.  These "pro-gay messengers" continue to confirm that it is the gay-male community itself that is responsible for pushing an agenda of disrespect, disease & death.  If that's what "gay" asserts that "gay is", then so be it. That's them; --Not US!

G0YS ARE PROUDLY INTOLERANT of the -PARADIGM & MASCULINITY-DEBASING, MORAL-DECADENCE extolled from within the GAY MALE COMMUNITY. G0YS are SO INTOLERANT, that we have segregated ourselves by adopting the DISTINCT TERM "G0Y" (spelled with a zer0) that is precisely defined from its 0RIGIN, - & not subject to definition-decay as any slang term [IE: "GAY"] (that comes to mean whatever time & implication might want to eventually ASSert). 

The lie (left) - a supposed depiction of men who luv men,& the stigma it creates - is offensive to g0ys, & the basis for the majority of society's prejudice against M2M relationships.  G0YS denounce such stereotypes without apology!  Whoever creates such advertising does not love men; -- Quite the contrary.

Notice the text at the bottom of the ad that reads: "DECEPTION IS THE KEY". Then notice the text at the top that implies that this is his FIRST GAY SEX

Notice the color images.  This is what the Butt fuck Tyranny promotes as "gAy".  Society, in general, believes it.  Zyclon B anyone? 

It's their own Message! Their Message!

"Truth in advertising" at the 'Pride Parade' in San Francisco.

It's their own Message!

Their Message!

"Here's a thought: If LITERALLY and ACCURATELY describing what you advocate and condone sounds like an INSULT, maybe it's because you're advocating and condoning irrational, immoral crap. The proper solution is not to bitch at the people pointing that out. The proper solution is to STOP advocating and condoning irrational, immoral crap." - Larken Rose

Why Be Nice?

It continues to ASSTONISH me that some people seem the think that g0ys should be "nice" to people who push, support & silently-tolerate this sort of vulgar abuse of humanity.
Damage, disease & death have always been the criteria for criminalizing an activity. So, (ergo), -by it's very nature,
is a CRIMINAL act.  
"Adults consenting" to engage in a criminal act are criminals! 
The act of
has made it clear that the public always pays the price for "private criminal behavior". That's why, when an 'r tears his arse out or gets an STD while "privately consenting", -that the health & life insurance rates rise for the PUBLIC (looks like something wasn't so 'private' after all)

When it's immoral: What starts out as private behind closed doors, -becomes public knowledge on the hospital floors. 
G0YS have made a quality decision not to coddle such vulgar, criminal mindsets!  G0YS don't do it! We don't tolerate it quietly! (Because if you do tolerate such foolishness, -history teaches us that some people will begin to believe it's OK & actually promote the practice! Hello? Sound like any "group" you can think of?)
Not all gAys
. True. But calling yourself "gAy" makes you guilty by association with the culture that has framed itself with criminal practices & routinely perverts public policy to allow what should be outlawed! If "gAys" need to defend as "gAy-sex", then "gAy" is a movement with criminals as its spokesmen.  Supporting criminals is a crime called "aiding & abetting"! That's "gAy"!

G0Y isn't "gAy-light".
G0Y is about men of good conscience who call
what it is & don't tolerate the amoral rhetoric from those who disguise callous indifference as "tolerating diversity". WTF!


Thousands of years of innate social conditioning in many cultures often welds the impressions imposed with predominant traits -to an entire family. Many people have been exposed to the concept of bringing pride or shame upon "the family name".  It is a well understood & accepted principle -especially in Asian cultures.  However, the gay-male community seems oblivious to the principle. They don't understand that "tolerating everyone" brings within their numbers those who live in such ways as straining tolerance, - many unworthy of it because of the results (say "results") of their actions & philosophy's.  And these individuals also call themselves "gay".  If my last name was "Hitler", -I'd change it.  Because, you see - some Nazi named "Adolph" disgraced the Hitler name during the early 1900's.  "Gays" don't seem to understand this well established social principle, -& so they mindlessly tolerate every destructive fetish that knocks on the "gay-door" (simply because there is a gender-nonconformity perceived in it)! We need no longer coddle such willful ignorance. We think; --Therefore we reject "gay" as a self-identifier.  We are the G0YS!

They'll Never "get it" (Because they choose not to)

Malik states in his paper: Born Eunuchs:

Suetonius said of the emperor Titus that "he was suspected of excess; and likewise of lust because of his crowds of catamites (kept boys) and eunuchs."

Apuleius, in the picaresque novel The Golden Ass, tells of a band of "half-men" [semiviri], who call each other "girls" [puellae] and have sex with young men, both as active and as passive partners (tops/bottoms). They also act as cultic priests of the Mother Goddess, a traditional role for eunuchs.

The next piece of evidence is a bit more complex. It consists of some comments by Clement of Alexandria about the followers of Basilides, a Christian Gnostic (cult). Clement said they lived "lewder lives than the most uncontrolled heathen." 

It was that sort of behavior & those abuses against people that Rabbi Saul/Paul was highlighting when he penned this - recorded in Romans chapter 1:

"And just as they did not think it was worthwhile to be having [or, keeping] God in [their] true knowledge [or, consciousness], God gave them over to a reprobate [fig., debased] mind to be doing the [things] not proper, -having been filled with all unrighteousness, sexual sin, wickedness, covetous desire [or, greed], malice; full of envy, murder, bitter conflict, deceit [or, treachery], maliciousness; gossips,  back-biters, God-haters, insolent persons, arrogant boasters, schemers of evil [things], disobedient to parents, foolish, untrustworthy, without natural affection, unforgiving, unmerciful; -Who having known the righteous judgment of God, that the fate of those who do these things is death, not only are doing them, but they are also approving of the ones practicing [them]." - Rom 1:28-32  (How's your insight coming?) [S/P]aul

Now - most members of the AssFuck Club will immediately raise an objection to the above quote because it mentions God ("is religious"). They raise this objection because they cannot raise a valid argument against the actual substance of the passage as it: Describes accurately those who are a mob unto themselves being without a conscience. And, that is the condition of the club: Sociopaths!

"And, according as they did not approve of having God in knowledge". 
Καὶ καθὼς οὐκ ἐδοκίμασαν τὸν Θεὸν ἔχειν ἐν ἐπιγνώσει

And, because the first part is a bull's-eye; - So is that which follows.  Which, is why g0ys.org is N0T an emotional appeal for those people to come to their senses. We consider them a causality of their own indifference.  G0YS.org is an appeal to help stop those currently on the journey there - because of their keeping of bad company.  We're also an alternative viewpoint to the "package deal" that is immediately often ASSumed to be part of the moral constitution of anyone who wears the "gay label". 

In the general view of society, - calling yourself "gay man" is like stepping in dog-shit. There may be a shoe - between it & you, - but when the air settles down -a smell lingers 'round.  It's the stale odor of something rotten (as described in the opening box quote). Need evidence?

It's not the fact there's same gender attraction. G0YS have no problem with that. Neither does the Bible! +60% of the population experiences SGA. The problem is the fact that the gay male culture has welded the icon of into such close proximity with the term "gay" that we do not think it is feasible to try to redeem the term. Metaphysically: GAY is to , what SWASTIKA is to NAZI.  We are fully aware that there are men who currently identify as "gAy" - who reject . They're called "g0ys" these days. It's a word for far better classification. Because any "gay guy" who explains (over & over & over) that he's not "into " - is like a man who whistles during a hurricane: Nobody hears & those in the event don't take the time to listen. On the other hand, g0ys - by our posturing against & gender-fukk, generate an emotional response so fast among those who hear the description - that the boundary sets like psychological concrete.  Lots of men who can't the stand the stench around the term "gAy", readily gravitate to the term "g0y".  Need evidence?  

And the growing "tolerance movement" that accepts "everything gay & male"? That is described in the last sentence of the quote that this box opens with. ("gay" affirming churches - you too).  G0YS aren't against SGA. We're against acts that lead to death/disease/demise (such as ).

It's not a matter of "a little distaste".  We think comprises a legal-tort against humanity. It is immoral because it spreads disease like the plague. We appeal to 3000+ years of legal history on the matter. Them? You?

"If you've ever loved another guy - the last thing you'd want to do is anything that would hurt him. This is the aspect of the g0ys movement that makes it so common-sense. By denouncing , the g0ys movement rejects the single most perilous fetish ever know to man & kicks to the curb a culture of disrespect & disease that is responsible for +98% of the injuries & deaths that has plagued the "Gay Male community" since Stonewall!
G0YS offer no additional apology! Willful ignorance deserves no respect!" - G0YS.ORG