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Before touching base with anyone, you may want to build a web based e-mail account like those at or, etc.  They're free & they can keep your e-mails safe from prying eyes.  It's safest that way & keeps private issues private...

Hey brother. Just discovered and I want to thank you for blowing the fucking lid off the perverse faggot conspiracy to induce men to degrade and demean themselves in another dude's asshole. There is nothing filthier than a man putting his dick where a dude takes a shit." - FD

"I'm thankful to have finally been ready to receive the g0ys message. After devouring the theology section, I truly felt like a great weight that I had grown accustomed to carrying had been lifted. If this is indeed the truth, and I more and more think it is, the greater truth of God's word being revealed has set me free, even in the midst of mindblowing metamorphoses. So, again, thank you!" - PA

I asked a clergy member to check out this G0YS site. His excuse for NOT: He "didn't like the tone". Imagine! Religious vipers have been twisting the Scriptures for generations to falsely condemn a group of people with such severity & guilt that many (even teenagers) killed themselves or were murdered by others because they believed the lies pushed by Satan's seminary spawn! Then, when g0ys take the pains to exhaustively address the huge body of Scriptural evidence (including germane disciplines) against these callous clerics; - The imps try to dodge the double-damnation of accountability by claiming that they "don't like the tone"! They probably won't like God's "tone" when He casts them into hell, either!" -CS

I read a few posts and I am so relieved to know this is NOT a "gay" site. Yes, WAY too much pressure and left feeling "labeled or trapped" by that term. This moment has taken such a weight off my shoulders. I had a buddy once many, many years ago and it was truly the best male-bonding type of friendship that I felt could never be duplicated. Now I find, joyfully, that I could have been wrong." -Nathan

Plain and Simple: The g0y philosophy goes far beyond simply opposing Anal 'sex'. The aspects of Brotherhood, Camaraderie, Trust and Respect, Spiritual and Moral Strength, are all aspects that share an equal, if not greater prominence aside from the issues of Responsible Health and Sexual Practices." -PDennison

I've never heard of this group before. I grew up in a very conservative Christian home, but feel attracted to guys. I don't fit in to the gay scene and so this post answers a ton of questions." - Tony

I enjoy men who are masculine and drama who you have to wonder what their preference is...and what a nice surprise finding out." -HeadHunter

I am a doctor at UC** and recently came to terms with the fact that I am attracted to men but not in the same way most gays are. Joining this group will help me.

You ... are a True Christian! (a term I do not use lightly) God bless you! Seldom is a prophet recognized in his own time ..I recognize you ... you have found the truth in "The Word" - RB

The g0y website brought me back to God... It was a building block that brought me out of the World, in the biblical sense that is." -JustinB

Reading the page totally made years of feelings make sense. I want to be able to discuss with others and network/meet similarly situated guys.

Thanks for the link to the FROT site. Thought I was a complete anomaly - not wanting anal sex. Thank you my friend." - Erik

I am a 53 yo married man who thought he was crazy--I want closeness/intimacy with another guy but do not have any interest in gay sex (anal).

Have you ever noticed how the 'gays' preach about 'tolerance' up until they meet someone who's g0y? Then the truth about their alphabet-soup group comes out. Evil, murderous fucks!  

Always looking to meet more guys like me: masculine, hard working, outdoors oriented who are looking more for a gym partner and a hunting buddy than a hookup.

I have never been part of the "scene" I'm just a dude that's into other dudes.

I'm Nathan T, in Chicago, IL. I'm also a collage student. As a g0y, The reason why I'll join this group is to be free, to be my true self and never have to live a lie again.

I've incredible appreciation for my fellow man and enjoy very close bonding and more with him. I do not "get" the gay thing. I've a military background and very private about what I like.

I'm just a Christian guy who loves another Christian guy and knows that there can be good and decent love between guys.

I have always felt I was bi because that was the only label that was close to describing how I see myself. I am, in fact, very G0Y. It's nice to know that I'm not alone in my attitudes.

For a long time, I thought I was gay. But I've come to realize that I'm actually g0y. I would like to meet others like me, so I'm identifying and joining g0y networking groups.

I am a masculine man that detests and is completely repulsed by the sign of anything effeminate or gender-portraying oppositional chosen behaviors.

I identify with the g0y philosophy rather than the weirdness of gay men, and I live in the Las Vegas area.

I was directed to this group from another site, and I have to say I think it's freaking fantastic that there are guys out there who feel the same way!

I have always felt MM affection should be something easy, profound and delightful w/out being faggy, anal, or in exclusion to healthy MF relationship.

I'm a g0y teen guy who is looking for other g0ys to talk to about everything. I'm really interested in psychology and politics. I've read all the content on and know what g0y means.

I have been looking for this for 25 years. I knew I was not a QUEER! I am married + have had a best buddy all that time. Bless u.

I've have never identified with being "Gay". I despise anal interaction and crave a real respectful connection with anyone I'd want to get intimate with.

I just stumbled across this group today and was hugely relieved when I read the description. That is me to a tee. I think fit guys are hot and I think germs and shit are gross." - Hank

I have to say that I LOVE this group. I had never even heard of the term "g0y" before stumbling onto this group one night! It's amazing." - DaveT

"This group describes me and my feelings." - Butch

Hi I enjoyed because I find your site awesome! Yes I'm bisexual but has to repress those same gender feelings because of the leftist Gay movement why I prefer to be more straight instead." - MikaO

I'm from west Los Angeles. You are right about this website being unique. Long overdue for honoring each other's being. It is like honoring any wildlife animal or plant giving their space. I do feel more relaxed now and will search for friendships." - coati14

Hi guys, When I read about your site I new I had to join, I feel the same way most of you guys feel." - Sean

Dear Friends,
My name is Abb*, and I am very happy to become a new member of this group. I teach psychology and anthropology at the University of *, Brazil." - Abb*

I just learned about this today--I've been trying to find like-minded brothers out there in "gay" groups and I just wasn't finding it. This is an awesome site--thank you a hundred times to its creator." - Rick

I have been very blessed also to have found this group and have made a dear friend in KY. I am a 40 year old happy married man with 4 children from the state of Pa. USA but have felt attracted to the male body as well. Was not able to find what I was looking for until I came across this group." - Jon

I've been attracted to other guys since an early age. I've always backed away from any relationship because I didn't want anything to do with "anal." One day at work, I walked into a guy and almost knocked him down ... I put my arms around and hugged him and asked if he was ok. He was fine. He did not reject the hug and seemed to enjoy it. I know the hug felt right to me." - Al

I am a normal guy, who has a bud who is straight. I would like to hold him and kiss him and massage him and love him but I have no desire to poke my dick in his ass." - Greg

Hi -- I think this is an awesome movement -- totally what I think I might be in to." - John in ND

Sure glad I came across your post. Like what you have to say, and have checked out the g0ys site - all looks & sounds pretty good to me!" - StudP

The first time I stumbled across your site, i was awe-struck, as i read further, i honestly started crying...i no longer felt alone!" - BR

I can't say I agree with everything that the site presents, but I am one of those dudes that is attracted to dudes, but pluggin a butthole is the furthest of my interests. While I like a nice phat booty, the thought of sticking my thing in there isn't appealing. It's nice to know I'm not the only one out there who sees the degradation in that act." - T

I agree with everything you said. I got married to be "cured" and after 27 years of marriage I decided the "cure" did not take. I wish I had the information this site provides prior to thinking the only option I had was to get married and hope the desire to have sex with another man would go away." - DT

I never considered myself gay and after finding what g0y is, I thought that better described myself, although I still throught myself more on the straight side of g0y." - Pytn

Portland Metro area here. New to G0yz group. Delighted to learn of other men who can be trusted in understanding that your male bud is NOT to be used as female." - KKM

I thought i was gay. turns out not so. there is a niche of other gOys just like me." - lj

I thought I was pretty much the only guy I knew that had feelings like this. This is amazing and very cool." - Ray

I am honerd to join you all. my dream to be free was made possible by U!"  rougesboy

All I can say is "incredible". Thanks so much." - PM

Wow, i really enjoyed reading your profile and website, i'm a g0y! Never heard of that til tonight  i live in la and meet almost no goys yet i don't have anal sex. Well, take care." - Bob

Thanks a lot for answering man.  I put the in my profile and I already got like 4 responses!" - J


I really do think guys are bi by nature. I've never had anal sex and never will. I finally read what I've been thinking about for years. Thanks" - Ed

wow.. I just read the website... MAN.. this explains so much in my life! i wish I knew about this when I was 20... Would have saved alot of hell living as a gay man... which.. I hate." -KC

hey m8!!!! i read ur post and what a sigh of relief!!! i finally have a label for how i feel.. i hate everything about what "gay"means because i do not identify with that... im a normal str8 guy whos into being affectionate with others" - Bill974

thanks so much for the site hook up bro! its kind of really awesome to know that im not fuckin queer for just diggin aspects of other guys. i think its important to let others know the same deal!" - Ryan

I am glad i found they g0ys. I have sent the arguments to my old church, and they couldn't refute it!" -RussH

....a site for sore eyes!" - JFV

This is absolutely fascinating to me. I had no idea this movement was in existence. It makes so much sense, and frankly gives me relief to know it. Thank you for introducing me to the philosophy. It makes perfect sense, and it's what I've felt. I agree with all its premises from what I can tell." - Jay

YUP, this is and was me back in the early 70s when I came out. This is why I am still alive today. Never got the.... need to get or fuck a guy in the ass. I LOVE to wrestle, LOVE masculinity, snuggling and touching, being affectionate." - VFG

I have been G0Y aware only about three years. That said, I have always followed G0Y principals without knowing of the classification. Could never stomach the gay Scene or what it stood for. It was difficult for me to come to terms with SGA, especially as it was a sackable offence in the Military (Navy) when I was younger." - NX

I just wanted to say that I totally respect your whole group. We are so afraid to realize that we can be attracted to other handsome, good looking guys and want to share affection with them in ways that take the "romance" into new realms. Why shouldn't we feel that. Everyone does. I believe that words like "brotha," and "dude" are basically ways of showing true affection for other good looking guys. Its the same thing as essentially saying, "you're adorable and good looking" thanks for your group. Im married. Have an attraction towards guys but have no desire for anal sex etc." - Scot L. 

I just wanted to say how awesome I think your site is and how much I appreciate you putting up a site like this to help other g0ys like myself come to terms with what makes them "different" from gays. I had been struggling with that issue for many years, and upon finding this site, I've finally realized who I am." - J Rilling

For 12 years I have been begging God for an answer to this issue that has not gone away, and now I am finding it.  I say "finding" because I'm still learning, still digging, still researching.  But I can tell you right now that from what I have read on in regards to anal sex, in the bible, in history, and in the present today - the g0y thing is RIGHT ON!" - David

As I was reading the intro page to I was stunned. Here is someone putting down in words exactly what I have felt for all these years - giving words to the feelings that I struggled to get a grip on. He described me and immediately I felt "discovered". I am not lost anymore - I am found. I could almost not believe that there are other men in the world who feel what I feel. And as I continued to read the intro again and again and read over the pages of information on the site, I could fell myself being transformed - literally. I experienced a growth/reawakening of my masculinity, a change in the way I view men and myself in relation to other men. Man I became whole again." -

The 1st love of my life was a guy I met as a teen at a Christian camp. He was jaw-droppingly handsome, friendly, a little-bit naive (& I think he must have pissed testosterone). Many years later, he's still in my prayers & periodically, I send him birthday gifts. So glad the apologetics on this site destroy the mantra against same-sex love that so many lax, lazy churches spew; --While making it so clear why AnalSex is what Lev 20:13 & 18:22 specifically forbid. Love is the only "WHY", and it conquers all. - S

Man, thanks for sharing. I too grew up in a church similar to what you talked about, spent my teenage years and early twenties serving as pianist, and doing my best to ignore/deny my own needs which were not going away. I tried so hard to change. Pastors would throw passages at me that told me what an abomination I was, and I was dumb enough to listen. When the change didn't happen, and I finally told them I was sick and tired of trying, the leadership told me they would rather I didn;t serve in the church any more. what got me from the "goodie goodie church pillar" to where I am today is a long and very painful story, but I'm so glad to have discovered this group. I can finally accept who I am, and know that I'm not condemmed to hell for it." - Dave

This organization and your profile SAVED ME. I thought I was entirely alone in the world (not being able to tell anyone how I felt but knowing the way other buds felt about me and them not being able to express it). I thought I was gAy (didn't really know what the buds were) and hated that idea. I realize now I'm not gAy..I'm g0y! Thanks again buddy! What a great I saved me dude!...Literally!" - MP

I finally feel confident enough to say that I know there are men that value my thoughts and I wish to give back to honor those G0YS that helped me; who SAVED my life 7 years ago (tears falling now) after 28 years of being LIED to by gay men that I placed all my affection and trust in. Do you know how powerful that is?" - Matt G

...And, upon discovering a movement led by writers who seem to have a cogent and clear biblical analysis of what is right and wrong on the matter, have found freedom and liberation before God" - Adam O

Just discovered this whole "g0y" thing, and I have to say, it's FRIGGIN' AMAZING! It's like I'm finally home after years of wandering around, wondering why nothing felt right." - Mike

i am here in Bristol, PA.. And tired of being associated with the whole concept of promiscuity, cross dressing, and all other stereotypical labels put upon guys who are real guys that just like real men like themselves. Thanks for your help." -jbb

What are guys saying about g0ys?We get great e-mail. Here's some of the best. Might we add yours?

"I read your post and took a look at the website you listed and I can actually say for the first time that I feel like I have a place bro. Thank you for the, this is huge for me today. I now know where I fit and that my feelings are normal and pure...dude thank you so much. I connected with everything on the list...the idea of a deep friendship with a guy has always been most important to me. And also the physical display of compassion and love for one another in a brotherly, I'm totally stoked." - TL

"It soon became very clear to me the the author of the g0ys site had done his homework, because I couldn't refute anything that he said Biblically." - Dan

"I always knew I was not a straight man.  But I never did fit into the gay scene either. There just had to be another word I thought. I have found it. You renewed my faith. Thank you." -LW


I can barely explain just how important the bible part was for me. Every Sunday in church I used to just read the bible, kinda to pass the time. But the one chapter I read most frequently was Romans 1. Each time I read it, I thought," Here it is, right from the bible's mouth, condemning my existence!" To put it shortly, it was horrible spending about 2 years believing that. But then I found the main g0ys website and the theology completely did it for me. Eternally grateful for finding the site that made it clear that I, myself, am not the abomination; -Just the act of anal sex." -Ryan O

"after seeing how many different men are adhering to this philosophy and seeing that all you really have to do is liking the fact that you are a guy, being an appreciator of true manhood, wanting to create true, deep and meaningful friendships with other guys and most of all, not doing anal, I thought to myself: Well, maybe this is the right thing for me since I was never really a fan of the stereotypes associated with the Alphabet Soup Community, I have always praised true manhood with values such as strength, compassion, honesty, respect and many other values I have always associated with true manhood and most of all, I have always hated anal, just the smallest thought of it makes me sick and it really sickens me and disgusts me how the Alphabet Soup Community is constantly failing to realize how bad that thing is and that's just the tip of the iceberg, that whole community is completely messed up top to bottom." - UnK

Hello, I'm writing to thank you for your website Two years ago, in my early twenties and before, I was an evil legalistic and religious bigot suffering in extreme self-denial of same-sex desire, but about a year ago, the self-denial began to collapse. I sought a place in gay Christian culture, yet as blind as I was, I still couldn't reconcile their theology with logic. I had come across on multiple occasions, but I dismissed the site because it looked like more homosexual lies. Eventually, I read through the content. I didn't understand the theology articles, for I was blind at the time, but the idea that I could experience physical, emotional, and sexual fulfillment together with another guy---without anal penetration---stuck, and that piece of knowledge led to the whole dam failing. Now, a year later, I truly know Christ Jesus and am content and even thankful to have same-sex desire (Kinsey 5), despite the foolishness of my church, so thank you for spreading the truth about same-sex desire. I hope that your message will reach many more guys who are like I was and lead to God changing their hearts for good.
What God gave you to write helped me, so I'm giving you what God gave me to write in hopes that you might find it useful." - Regards,Josh

"The g0y philosophy basically destroyed 4 lies which I had believed for a while, which were:
  1. The scriptures condemn all same-sex stuff between men. (Doubt this? Click HERE)
  2. Most guys are 100% hetero. (Actually, +63% of men are same-gender attracted to some degree!)
  3. You have to choose between either living as a 100% straight man or getting involved in the LGBT world (G0YS happily dispel that myth.)
  4. Two men can't love each other respectfully and as men, [someone has to play the female role]. G0YS happily dispel that sick myth.

Getting all that past me was extremely freeing, it was a lot of information to process at first but then I felt relieved that I could live an authentic life without compromising on my morals or getting more than I bargained for. I now know that I can enjoy an extremely deep relationship with another man without sinning or either of us surrendering our masculinity or having to chose between a false dichotomy that over 50% of men don't fit into.
Thanks for making this happen, whoever that may be!" -CM

It's a big distinction - finding a group of men that love men/too, - who DON'T Ass-Fuck, & as a result - do NOT suffer from the plagues of sexually transmitted diseases that the 'gay-male' community oozes at a rate +4300% higher than the general population! Imagine - guys who don't need PAP smears, nor anal reconstruction surgery & don't care about the growing clusterfuck of alphabet soup letter groups all generally starting with "GLTQetc"!  G0YS! Men who actually enjoy being male & give the flying-finger to the various groups of androgynous puss-pads who want to suppress & deny the natural effects of testosterone! False religion masquerading as "Christianity" almost destroyed me with their corrupted Bibles. The theological take on the website reframed the entire issue & totally made the difference - delivering me from the false guilt so many sects project.  Finally, the FACTS of Scriptural, medical, legal, historical & sexuality-research ALL work together to make a completely, harmonious doctrine!  Anyone who claims this perspective is in error had better be prepared to decouple a mountain of well-established facts! G0YS: The ethical, masculine high-road." - GY  

In my despair during one Sabbath prayer, I wondered aloud again why I //REDACTED\\.  That week, I stumbled across the website and felt something click as I devoured page after page.  I found the arguments well reasoned, the testimonials realistic and empathic, and the convincing medical science matching what I knew about Leviticus and hygiene laws.  I realized I wasn't alone and maybe G-d wasn't as cruel as I had first thought.  I had an epiphany as sixteen years of regret came crashing down." -RP

"Hey g0ys, new guy here. It's great to see that there is a space for men who really love and admire masculinity in other men out of that horrid Top-Bottom bullshit dichotomy imposed by the LGBT+ community, never in my entire life have I ever dreamt of doing such a horrible thing to someone I'd deeply love and care for.
I hope everyone's alright here, take care!" - JT

This definition is definitely the missing link!!!!! A lot has been discussed about gays, soul mates, brothers, etc etc , but the definition of a guy, wanting to have a close friendship with another guy, and yet not to be stamped as gay, because that has always had some sort of a trans-sexual tendency, is now clear!" - S Shah

I had NO IDEA men like this even existed! It's such a profound thought, you know, that men can love men without having to disgrace themselves, their masculinity OR their spirituality. I gotta tell you, it's somewhat like being reborn, you know?" -JABD

What I realized after spending time reading about g0ys is that there is a huge difference between regular guys vs. the androgynous sociopaths that populate the so-called "gay" community. G0YS have a genuine attitude of care & concern regarding other men. The lying blowhorns in the "gay" community clearly care only about themselves & their fetishes - evidenced by the diseases they spread & the body count of their dead! Those stats from the CDC, W.H.O. & ARC make it clear: It's deadly to be "queer"! But that's totally different from a guy who'll take a bullet for his bros or give a kidney to a buddy. Every parent with a same-gender-attracted kid needs to know there is an alternative to the "GLITetc." alphabet soup group. We're called "G0YS"! - GV      

Hey I was just looking around the site for other g0ys and after reading your page was wondering where you attend worship service at, if any, if you don't mind my asking. Also can't thank you enough for your activism on behalf of guys everywhere tired of being labeled gay for loving other guys." -AtredWar

Hey guys! Just found the g0y movement recently and was I ever relieved! I hate the gAy lifestyle, attitudes and stereotypes and do not want to be associated with any of that... As a masculine Christian guy I am excited that there is something m2m that makes sense morally and spiritually and feels totally right." -JoshK

I found out about this site just a few months ago and it's been a God send. For the past few years, I've had an attraction to guys in wanting to find one as a real brother I can love on all levels. But they guys Im into are guys like me, who like their sports, red meet, beer ect, not prancing queens. I am God fearing myself but am put off by how people twist their beloved bibles into whatever makes them feel better, and also by the gay community which I find gross and surface level. I didn't know what to make of myself. Now I do: I am g0y." -Ra2chi

I LOVE this group. I TOTALLY relate... I have a GREAT difficulty understanding gay guys, and just YEARN for a normal guy-guy relationship that could include honest intimacy." - John K

Someone told me about this site on Friday and I've spent the whole weekend on it - I completely had an epiphany. I feel like my salvation depended on me finding this site. I can't thank you enough - YOU NEED TO WRITE A BOOK ON THIS! Granted I bought into the anal sex thing and have been doing that for the past 10 years w/my partner but NO MORE. I always found it gross but I thought that is what you did, geez I didn't know but I do now I always felt awful about myself b/c of it. Again thank you..." - Will

Hi there, at last, what a liberating experience it has been reading through this site, glad to hear that there are so many other guys out there that share the feelings that I thought were exclusive to me, it used to disturb me that so many people were not in touch with this form of love making, I was introduced to Frot a long time ago, by accident, well perhaps not now that I have discovered this site, I had a wonderful experience and relationship with a guy when I was a very young 18 year old and this went on for a year or so, I always have remembered this time of my life with this man as the best physical relationship I had ever had, never have I enjoyed anything as amazing as that again, I know what it was now and will strive to achieve it again now that I know that there are so many others like me and that wonderful man out there. Thanks to my new buddy for introducing me to this site. I live in Zimbabwe." - G

Where were you 20 years ago?  What an amazing discovery for me.  I am so glad to have stumbled upon your site.  I am in my early forties and have always been attracted to men; women have never done it for me.  My attempts to meet other men have always been failures.  I tried the bar scene when I was younger.  The majority of the guys were too feminine acting for my taste (if I wanted someone feminine I would be attracted to women I reasoned).  I 'never fit in'.  If I did strike up a conversation with someone, it always led to the inevitable question 'top or bottom'?  How I hated that question." - Bill

...finally, in the small hours of the morning on 5th September 2005, I stumbled across the “G0YS” site while searching the internet (yet again) for some explanation of my feelings. I read through the theological rebuttal on the site ( I was dumbfounded and then elated. The theological ruminations of the main apologists for the Gay Christian movement are so hollow, that I could never accept them as the basis for my Christian walk. But the explanations on the G0ys site actually open up Scripture and tear away the centuries of cultural Christianity that has nothing to do with what God is actually saying." -Maksim P

I heard about the g0y movement right on time. I was on the verge of having my first same-gender experience & I know it would have led me down the wrong path. I am elated to see this group show up on facebook! We are getting somewhere!" -Leroy T

I'm from Lima, Peru. just joined this page a month ago after finding the g0y ... website. don't remember how I found it, but it was one of the happiest days of my life, just go crazy reading each line. finally I had found people that think exactly like me, in terms of sexual attraction and share love." - GP

As I read the ever-lengthening list of men who, like me, have had an epiphany upon reaching this website/webgroup, I cannot help but experience several rather intense feelings:
RELIEF. I am not alone. After ~40 years of confusion, I am starting to finally recognize who and what I am. I realize that I am not alone, and I am not an aberration. There are others like me;
A LITTLE DISAPPOINTMENT---I lament that this discussion (or concept/opportunity) did not exist when I was younger. I could have saved myself a tremendous amount of heartache, despair, and self-destructive behavior; Ah well, nothing I can do about the past. I need to look forward now;
EXCITEMENT. Let's talk it up! How do we meet? Nothing would please me more than in a short time, have the term g0y mentioned in the same breath as "straight, bisexual and gay";
THANK YOU! You folks who are spear-heading this movement cannot possibly understand how grateful many of us are. This may sound trite, cheezy, or just plain difficult to believe, but you are changing lives. You've help change mine, and I will be eternally grateful."  -Hem

Thank you very much, your site... it's pretty damn amazing. I come from a somewhat religious family comprised of many different religious beliefs although I myself am not religious. least not with modern day mans version of the bible as it has been re-written so many times and "updated with current English" that to me the modern day bible is a forgery and meaningless on all fronts... BUT the examples of original scriptures prior to translation loses... touched me, which is a rare thing to say the least... the essence of theology fascinates me but many times is beyond my understanding or comprehension but still I am hungry to find those answers which SHAZAM! ( ha-ha) there they were on your site! Damn good feeling!" - JaG

Whew....I'm sure you've heard it 1000 times before but thanks! I read your entire website and I can't describe the feelings that rushed through my mind and body. As several of the comments there mentioned, you hit the nail on the head. Then I read the erotic. I was //REDACTED\\ by the end of the first. I am a very masculine, great shape kind of well. I've had these feelings you describe for years but have not had the balls to let them out. What I'd give to find a buddy close to me that felt the same way! How do I find guys near me that share these feelings without blowing "my cover"?  Thanks again" - Dave

Years of religious torture, self denial, self torture, counseling, prayer, fasting, crying, weeping, sobbing before God and the compulsory exorcism - until I totally broke down before God to say "Father, this is me. Please accept me as I am." WOW what incredible peace washed over me and filled me. For the 1st time my turmoil was gone and I was free of the torture. Not long after that I discovered Truly a God-sent." - GG

"Since becoming aware of g0ys, I have reached out and have found more love in the world of men around me than I ever imagined I would. A bit more touch, a bit more feelings, a bit more bonding, more friendship, I notch it up at every reasonable opportunity and it just keeps growing. Even at home, the conversation reflects a new level of male intimacy in my life. Certain parts I share with my wife - the appreciation of masculinity and positive male role models. (Example, we both agree that Adam L****e is hot and exudes male sexuality.) Certain parts I do not. Overall, I feel more love than I ever did. Romantic love. Loving friends. A loving attitude." - LL 

Hi, I am guy from Zagreb, Croatia and agree 100% with your opinion. Haven't known that such "g0ys" are in the world, even that I feel always that kind of love to the guys. Thank you for let me know about this. Take care."
- ZG

Hi, I was just surfing this site after having not been on it for some while, and noticed your comments on one of the discussion boards and then read your profile. I was really interested in your comments - I agree entirely and went into the G0Ys website. I just wanted to say thanks for drawing this to our attention. I live in London and it really is difficult meeting guys who value true friendship, compassion, etc. Most guys I meet just want anal sex for the night, and thats it - which is certainly not what I am into. If you have any suggestions on how I can meet like-minded guys here in London - or even in the UK - it would be great to hear. Take care." - Trev

"Good on you! Do you know how long we've been waiting for this!" - BigW

Hey man- I checked out your site with the link you put in reply to my message. WOW! I really don't know what to say. First of all- your site says everything I have felt...that guys are Bi by nature and have a genuine desire to be close with/to other guys. In fact that is the point I try to make on the - Board. I never had anal sex and I never will.....I'd be interested in helping you out in anyway. I think this is a message that needs to get to all of the "goys" out there who don't feel gay, but suffer in secret because they think they are. This is AWESOME!" -Nnj

Wow... that is one helluva basic message!  I have been a g0y all my life and just never knew there was a name for it!  Thanks a million... I have often thought I was the only person who truly felt that way!  Thanks again... have a great day! Later." - Carlton

Thank you for having this site! I am a Straight guy who loves male companionship! I don't like being identified as "gay" because of how the media has portrayed that life style. I consider myself hard working, - definitely an asset to my community!  I am active in politics, social concerns for the whole community, - not just the "homosexual concerns". I totally consider myself NORMAL! I am all man and will not act any different fro ANYONE! THANKS FOR YOUR TIME! I hope this site grows beyond your wildest dreams!!!" - MIC

Thanks for the email I received from you in, I am so happy and relieved. I am a g0y. I edit my profile in and put there that I am g0y. Now, I want you to help me increase my exposure as a g0y. So I humbly ask your help to me find other g0ys." - George

0h my word! This is what I've wanted all along, to be with another man as a man, to have him close, to be with him naked, to have him hold me, to allow me to cry when I'm hurt or support me when I'm on top of the world. Thanks for taking the initiative in setting this up. I'm shaking a little because of how excited I am, but how many out there are like this? Check out my site now; I've added the g0ys."  -Tim

like your style man in what u said, maybe i am a g0y... for sure. am young dude from alabama, and a jock, i have done frottage, not any fuck and stuff, would like to talk to dudes like u" -WC

Hi I'm in my 30s and have never been able to explain my sexuality to myself never mind anyone else. How could I be gay but abhor the though of anal sex, (giving or taking). Therefore I could not be gay - but then how come I am attracted to men? Puzzled me from when I can remember. Read ur profile and you have it figured, I dont like labels and I am what I am, but there seems to be more like me out there and I am not alone. Thanks for that, going 2 look at ur website." - David

Thank you so much for sharing your site. the information on it is exactly what I've been trying to communicate to people for a few years now, and I felt like i was the only person that had those feelings. At least now there is that feeling of support and that I'm not alone. So, thanks :)" - Brown EB

Hello my friend. Thank you for the website I have been reading it and it has really clarified or put into words what I have been trying to say for a long time. Again thank you and I hope that we become friends." - Lenn

Hey bud, I meant to be studying for my final exam tomorrow but I can't get over how excited I am about this whole idea of frottage and about g0ys.  I've been in the male sauna in the gym locker room twice today to just be surrounded by men. I'm planning on posting something g0ys in a discrete place where guys in the college go" - Tim

Right on bud!!!!! Just went to goys website. Love the website. Im right there with ya! Finally there is a group of guys that represents me too! Previously the closest thing I could relate to or catoragorize myself with was bisexual, which, I prefer to refer to as simply sexual. This follows those lines very closely." - Jon B

Hey man, what's up? I know I live in NY, but I'm writing to ask some questions, if that's alright. I just finished reading the g0ys website and realized that it's exactly what I'm feeling. I had that experience once with a friend of mine and have wanted to do it again. He thinks that it means he's gay so he's opposed to the idea. I know I'm jumping around but I'm so confused right now. Anyway, how do we find guys who are like us? It seems like every guy I meet on these websites only wants anal and/or has no interest in making it a loving experience - basically just hump and leave. No holding, rubbing, touching, nothing. If you could hit me back I'd really appreciate it. Thanks a lot man." - John

I just wanted to say thanks for helping me find this site: I felt "lost" before. I just don't fancy anal whatsoever. I'm not effeminate or promiscuous, and I'm certainly no coward. It's really hard to find someone like myself in the UK. Most guys are after a fuck and that's it. I want a relationship. One with kisses, closeness, and monogamy. Going on the scene doesn't help. It makes me depressed! cheered me up loads. Thanks!" - Anon

I applaud you for this site, well done. I’m 100% G0Y and loving it. I couldn’t agree more with your viewpoint. The time for a change in how men loving other men see themselves is NOW. The BPT is literally killing millions of men and women worldwide. The infection rate of HIV continues to climb, we know that the spread of this scourge (HIV) in the “gay” community is associated with anal sex, it’s a proven FACT.
As men who identify as being G0Y, the road ahead can seem sometimes lonely and daunting. As such, I’ll leave you with this quote from a famous Roman Emperor, Marcus Aurelius Antoninus (121 – 180 AD) and his writings know as his “Meditations”.
Book 4 – 49 “To be like the rock that the waves keep crashing over. It stands unmoved and the raging of the sea falls still around it”  |  Grace and Honor!" - David

hi! i am totally the type of individual you just described! the anal sex part is vile to me and all i like to do is appreciate the man next to me for who he is emotionally, mentally, and physically...i thought i was the only person who felt that way but now i see i am not!" - HandI

I thought I could try and change how people thought about gays, try and show them that just because someone liked another guy doesn't mean he is a flamer. I really tried, but the stereotypes are too deep rooted. I've always found myself disgusted when a guy acts girly, or is in drag, or even the idea of anal sex. I finally understand why." - Jon S

Hi, Just a quick line to let you know that I REALLY enjoyed your web site. What a refreshing breath of fresh air that was. Always thought of myself as gAy but, now realize that I’m really gØy! I feel so much better and just a little less alone in the world knowing there are others who feel like I do. Thank You!" - J.M.

And now there is "Monkey Pox"! And what group is it spreading the fastest in? "GAY" men! WTF! Looking back over posts on this site - I can honestly say that the G0YS warned them! Hey, "Gay men": Want to stop the spread of STI's like monkey pox? Stop ass-fucking each other; -& (Patient zero): Stop ass-fucking monkeys! - Veh

Well dude, I think you’ve saved my slowly withering sanity.  I’ve never come across info about G0YS, and, trust me; I’ve searched, and searched, for something, anything that made sense.    After reading your ad, I checked out the site and have been reading for the past 3 hours.  Awesome, exactly the affirmation I’ve always needed.  I’m so pumped up; I hardly know what to do…….  First off, thanks for putting such a thoughtful and smart message in your post. Take it easy.  If you’d like to talk sometime, please let me know.  I’m in CA" - Dr. G.

I found a link to this morning on guys4men. I am so grateful to the guy in LA who told his story and led me to that site. This is what I have been wanting for so long. I have tried being str8 and that didn't work well...I was married for 8 yrs...I have tried being gay...and that didn't work...never had a good relationship. What I want is what I read about on the website...that male intimacy that strengthens relationships. I like men who are men, but I have no desire to make them my phuck buddy...just my buddy with whom I can share intimacy." - HomeNow

WOW! I read your ad and explored the g0ys web site. Man, finally, somebody "hit it right on the head." In a nutshell, it fits me exactly. While I absolutely no interest in anal sex (the thought of it upsets my stomach), I has always harbored a great desire to touch, cuddle, massage another guy who happens to have a super body with silky, soft skin. You obviously get the picture. Buddy, thanks for leading me to your site. Nice!  Thanks once again." - SAM

This site is so awesome! I can’t remember how I came across it but I have not been able to stop reading. I have printed out every g0y story and have been reading at least one a day. I am so there. The only question is, do you ever hear from older men that are just now finding their place? Most of the stories are of young hotties in school. Thy are awesome but I am 40 years old and want someone my age. I was married for 13 years. I very much enjoy being with women but I greatly enjoy being with a man to be truly free and not have to prove anything to him, not have to worry about doing the right thing with him, just being a man with a man in what ever fashion we want wither it be in the nude, hunting, watching a movie just as long as we can hold and touch each other like a real man needs and wants. I have made myself try the gay thing to try and fit in some where but it did not work. I felt dirty, disgusted and very degraded. It won’t happen again! I am a man, an attractive man, I try to stay in shape and I will be no ones bitch. I can get as many bitches (women) as I want but that isn’t enough for me, I want a man too." - FromKY

WOOO! I've identified myself as a gay man for a long time because I thought if I had feeligs for another guy I must be gay. I didn't fit into the gay scene and never tried. I was just a regular guy who was attracted to other guys. I always knew that is wasn't about the anal thing. It was an affectionate bonding that my soul was thristing for wiht another man. Your site is refreshing and affirming that two men can respect, bond, and love each other faithfully without anal sex. Thanks!" - Curt

This is all amazing to me. I have been bisexual my whole life. I never married as I did not want to lead a double life and cheat on my wife, or ending up in in court. I stopped dating all the woman that I loved , hoping someday to meet the right guy for me..... I am masculine and need to be accepted by society, Effeminate men do not turn me on. I have just turned 33....I still have hope. I am not into a bar scene either...I do have a membership at the gym." - Hwe

My name is Keith. I'm 34 and live in NC. I was told about both the website and this group by some guys. I was floored when I visited the site. It really spoke to me. This was how I had always felt. I never had fit in with the gay community. I didn't consider myself a part of it. When I found out there were guys who were like me and liked to do the things I liked to do, I was really happy." - Keith

hi everybody  i found really the honest male in the g0y group. i have even felt the joy we feel with the sence of touch is really very much than the conventional so called gay s are doing -thanks to g0y group for enlightening me . i call all like minded to share and echange" - Sanjay

I can just say I totally agree with that message. I'm a 'gay' guy, (that is I really LOVE guys) but I could never indulge into sodomy. My love is skin to skin, giving each other joy and pleasure in many ways but never through something degrading and humiliating for my friends. Respect and friendship, cleanliness and discretion (no showing off in the type of so-called gay prides, etc) Thank you for sharing your ideas." - Raphy

I've had these feelings all my life, but knew I wasn't gay. I've been married twice and did very well in the love life department...but something was always missing. ... Thank you for your words and your HELPS to know there are other Men who understand." - Pete

Hey guys, just wanted to say hello from New York.... One day people will get it - that a man can be with a man - and it's just as manly and natural as anything else a man is supposed to do. I been thru the whole ex-gay thing, myself.. ... but at the end of the day, my feelings are my feelings.... so - that's that. been somewhat involved in a g0y type relationship for the last few months, but it's a difficult and complicated situation - - i don't like to label it but yea.... i have no doubt God is blessing me and asking me to wait for his timing..... To all the g0ys out there, you have a bro here who understands. take care" -BoredAsHeck

I'm a 21 year old South African dude, and for the past few years i've been beating myself because of the feelings that i had. (I'm a Christian to so that made it more difficult for me) I thought I was gay, but that couldn't be, i wouldn't believe it. I struggled on, i would never accept it. Then i found your site. The feelings i have is not have analsex with a man, but to be real intimate and close with other men. Today i realized im not gay im g0y. It is a huge relief.." - Vern

So I was in a gay chatroom, always looking for someone like me, someone who enjoys the intimacy of being with another man. But Someone who is not interested in all the gay stereotypes, I met a man in one of those chatrooms who told me about, and from there I made my way here. WOW! I never knew there were so many men like me." - Guy

just wanted to drop a quick line and say hello, been looking for something like this site for a while, i glad to know that my best friend and I, his a jock all the way, we never felt comfortable in the gay part of hollywod, we just wanted to be with others that didn't need to go to gay bars,etc. But we liked to be close with men.....well I'm just glad to be a part of something like this group now.' - Carl

Sigh... Wish I had stumbled across this group earlier, then I wouldn't have "relationships" which never worked out. The emotional waves I'd been riding up & down before this group cleared up everything for me. Before I stumbled upon this group, I used to think of myself as gay, but a "weird" one, in the sense that while gays usually liked anal &/or oral sex, I liked neither, but preferred jerking off, touching, hugging, smelling, showering & sleeping with guys. Of course now I know there's a term for people like me - g0y. So glad that I'm not alone in being the way I am. Had always felt that I would never be a "normal gay" like all the other guys who love guys. I'm so happy to know that there're people who like guys in the way that I do. Stories/anecdotes like this let me know I'm not alone in struggling with my sexual identity. Thanx g0ys!" - F Fire.

I coincidentally found this group when searching for lists to discuss certain movies, such as LATTER DAYS and BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN. At first I was intrigued by the term "g0ys" but when I start reading, I 'recognized' something of myself. Most of my sexually conscious life I have felt slightly misplaced." - DJ

My God! I am an "old fart", and married. I have been confused my whole life, I guess. I felt I was completely "alone & different". THIS (g0ys) is JUST what I am. I have known for a long time that the male does "bond", and one thing leads to another, but (this sounds strange) we are NOT gay." - Vash

I Totally agree with you. I just found out about this group today and couldn't beleive that someone out there feel the way I feel even though I'm totally and completly gAy because I can only imagin myself with another fellow not with another girl but I've always found butt playinbg really disgusting but all that porn all over the Internet made me beleive that's that what gAys do. Now after I found out about this group I don't beleive this lie anymore." - Raz

I've only been "out" for about 6 years now; though, I've always known I am gay. Unfortunately, growing up Southern Baptist and being in the US Air Force for 8 years can postpone many of lifes to-do's. Suffice to say, I met a great guy and we've been together for just over 6 years, but to this day, we have not done anything anal, mostly because...I don't like it! Now, this doesn't make me  straight, I just think the whole act is repulsive and I've never been into that." - JT

i want to thank you for this..., i'm turning 21 in three monts, and i now know that the way i feel is no shame. For too long have i suffered under the burning eyes of condemnation of the church, i never let any guy came close to me, because of the selfhate and disgust i had of myself. I now know beter, your story inspires me not to be afraid any more, im going to take a chance, live and love" - Vern

I can't explain how happy I am to have run across your site (thru a friend's reference). I would be honored to let you use any pics from my website on yours, and even give you a free membership at my website just for helping me out of my misery, because I've been telling people I'm "gay" when I'm actually "g0y"...never knew the difference 'till yesterday, and my friends are already accepting me more than ever since I have a basis for explaination! (i don't hang in the gay community very often anyway - all my friends are straight)." - Paul

I just found this group by chance and joined up. I'm a guy living with another guy, deeply in love and have been together for 21yrs now. When we first found each other we were two lonely 20 yr olds, stayed to ourselves and did not fit any of the so called "gay" stereotypes. Butt-fucking was out of the question and still is, we can't stand being around swishy fem guys and instead found friendship with straight guys/couples who when they found out that we were a couple, blew their minds because we weren't "gay". Well I've come to really hate that word! I love another man, as masculine as I am, we kiss, hold each other, frot, and caress each other - in private. Outside we're just like two other everyday guys you'd meet with careers and lives. I was not aware of the word g0y but sure am glad to find out about other men like us."  - F in TX

Nice to know I'm not alone - I am a "Gay man" in the sense that I am a man who pair-bonds exclusively with other men, but I reject absolutely the Hollywood/Madison Avenue dictum of what I am to be! "Gay" does not describe any individual, it is the name of a collective whose goal is to impose its social and political agenda on the world under the guise of "minority rights" - it demands absolute conformity and abdication of one's own thoughts, tastes, judgment, reason, etc. I for one am glad to stand hi-to-hip with y'all against them!" - JJ

There is a lot to sort out with being g0y, especially when you have the baggage of a conservative church upbringing. I've spent years in both conservative and more liberal churches, and find there to be confusion on both ends. Today I love my wife and my kids, but I also have affection for many of my male friends, and I am trying to be as open as possible within those friendships. How to express that affection is problematic at times, but I have stopped fighting the feelings inside, where I used to think that it was wrong even to feel that affection inside. For some of my male friends I have very strong intense feelings of love and affection. This group has helped me learn to embrace those feelings much more than I ever have." - Jeff

So, finding out about this whole idea of g0ys has been pretty amazing for me. I've not had this message portrayed before of such strength, integrity, and passion. It has always been tainted for me by the gAy community and a model I thought was so sick - even though I loosely identified myself there since I saw no other model. But with this story of g0ys - I have a new story to consider - one that resonates with me. I am especially drawn to g0ys in the military because of what I experienced when I was in the Air Guard for a short time. It was such an amazing bond that was so natural and all male!" - MH

Im new to this g0y thing but thank god I found it! I always new that I had a special appreciation and a sense of wanting intimacy with my close male buddies but I have lived in confusion for so long because I knew I wasn't what society labled as gay." -PR33

I just joined this club today. So glad I found it!! I'm so excited because I 've always had "feelings" for guys but wanted to be more than just "friends", if that makes any sense. I'm a very masculine guy & look forward to making & hopefully meeting some new great friends here." - GW

As a g0y now, I am a extreamly happy person with no-self hate and a lot of respect for myself and my masculinity. I have been able to devolp a relationship with god and know that I will not be going to hell becouse of my same-sex attractions. Through the glory of god, I have been able to find inner peace through finding the g0y website." - Sam

I have always had same sex attractions but never wanted anal sex. It seems gays always want that but I never felt comfortable with it. I didn't know that groups like this existed. I didn't know anyone could respect each other like this. It is great." - Sonny S

This isn't to anyone specific, but I am a 45 year old married guy with kids and have always had this attraction to other dudes that I have always felt guilty about. I ran across the website and it was as if someone was emptying my head onto the screen. I just want to say that, for me, I am now completely relieved." - BMB

I have been dealing with this question since I was a child. I was always in love with my athletic and other brothers, but in the 70s when I was a teen I got mixed up in gay culture and hated it, when I tried to back out, the bitches tried to have me killed and raped in Newark, NJ only it backfired on them, over 30 years later I was still conflicted about this until I read about g0y groups in Yahoo looking for something like this, and GOD bless, I found it, I hope we can have a supportive dialog and I can do whatever I can to help......thanks." - J Campbell

I liked your article ... I feel liberated. I didn't realize that men like us are around. I feel like I've been converted ... I am a "GOY" Thank you ... I've been a clergyman for my entire life and recently retired early so that I could discover the real me. I did today ... because of you. Thanks!" - Bill

I recently learned about what it meant to be g0y. For many years I have been confused about what I felt for guys because i admire other guys and sometimes wished i could cuddle with one of my bros, however i knew that i didn't fit into what is called gay. I have never wanted to have anal sex, or act like a girl or any of those things. Because of all this I tried to not think of guys at all and tried to only think of girls, but it felt like i was fighting a losing battle. honestly there were times when i felt so bad i thought about suicide, however because of my moral values i could never do it. I felt so lost and broken. This battle inside of me has kept me from enjoying a lot of things in life, and has distracted me from actually having a life. However when i first read about g0ys i instantly felt better. All i've ever wanted is to be close to another guy, but in a masculine way." - UnK

Hey bud, saw your post and wanted to say hey. It's an interesting concept with the g0ys movement. I have always felt that as a guy who likes guys, I shouldn't be classified the same as other guys who act like girls, wear makeup, wear women's clothes, or don't act like guys. I was raised on a farm, have played sports my whole life, am masculine, athletic, work out . . . and I just happen to like the feel of a hot guy next to me." - CJ

Thank you for your posting. I have googled g0y and am sitting here stunned. I have felt the way I have since I was in my early teens, and to have it all translated for me is an extreme epiphany. I have always been turned on by masculine looking guys, pictures of guys in their underwear and watching guys in the locker room. I like to get intimate with guys without the anal part of it. I'm a divorced guy who went through all of this because my ex-wife found out about my relationship with my best friend growing up and couldn't deal with it. Funny, she had her own same sex experiences as little as 8 years ago and continually made comments about how hot certain women were. But I guess that's her loss. Thank you again for your enlightening post. I am forever in your debt." - TX

When I stumbled upon this site I was in shock. I couldn't believe it’s real! You’re redefining the concept of male/male bond! I’m 28 years old and would love to experience a true bond with a guy. I don’t believe that male intimacy could be reached by sex only. The greatest thing is to have a friend who appreciates outdoor activities, sports, nice book or a movie as much as you do… a person you feel comfortable with and you can learn new things from. For years, I couldn't understand these feelings I have and now everything make sense and I'm not alone!" - Jay

What really spoke volumes is that I have never, in my life, met a "gay" man who knew the origin of the term "gay". Not one! Yet, they all wanted to promote themselves as experts on "being gay"! Then, you stumble onto  the g0ys - a group of men that tell the "gay male community" to get its disease-spreading head out of its collective ass; -& what can this g0ys thing do that NO gay group has done - but explain the very origin of the word "GAY"! It seems pretty obvious who the real "experts" are!

Greetings, My Bro! I love this site. It took me 40 years of my life struggling between my faith and thinking I was supposed to remain a closeted gay. Thank God I never fell into that lifestyle, and thank God I found your site. Your site helped me figure out I do love the beauty of the male body, and seek the natural affection only a bro can provide, but most importantly that I am NOT gay. Because of my faith I've always sought truth above feelings. That means I scour the scriptures and history to align myself to the truth of my faith." - Chris

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