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Head's Up - Dad!  - an Editorial Contribution

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I would guess that one of the most intense fears that men have for their sons is that some fool would exploit & destroy them. This concern is appropriate because there are people, who - for a moment's pleasure  - routinely destroy other human beings without conscience. G0YS understand. And we're one of the very few groups on the planet issuing the warning. We don't tolerate fools nor their self-serving mantras.

Most men who have grave fears about the sexuality of the children have received those fears in the form of false evidence appearing real. There are (2) groups responsible for this "false evidence". 

  1. "Conservative" fundamentalist-controlled 'reicht'.

  2. Libertine, gay-anti-ethos left.

To be delivered from fear into the peace that is the truth, - is to realize that both groups are heavily composed of liars, and that neither you nor your children need be at the mercy of their biased messages.  Both groups are preoccupied with STD's -like AIDS & their root messages connect diseases like AIDS (etc.) with sexuality.  Once you realize the TRUTH - that certain behaviors (not affixed to sexuality) are perilous links to certain STD's -- then seeing thru their lies becomes much easier.  Generally, g0ys don't get Sexually Transmitted Diseases.  Hello!  That fact is a massive wake-up-call.  G0YS don't get STD's because we avoid the specific behaviors that are most likely to spread them, -& we avoid people who promote those 'behaviors' as being acceptable 'alternative lifestyles" (because they're N0T)!  G0YS don't ass-fuck. AnalSex is a massive +5000% more dangerous than even 0ral! Yeah. It's ALL the difference statistically!

As a parent, you can't control your kid's sexuality nor can you command him to turn his penis off. Seriously - WTF! You can, however ingrain a general sense of ethics that will reject perilous behaviors & fetishes when he's presented with them.  And those values will greatly affect who your kid chooses as his peer group; - Highly important.  

"Bring up a child in the way he should go & when he is older, he will not depart from it." - Solomon (Notice it says the way "HE" should go. This is instruction that acknowledges that the specifics of the path are chosen by the CHILD, but the WAY that path is taken is instruction given by the mentor. I.E: You cannot determine a child's sexuality. However, you can instruct that people are never to be treated with contempt or disrespect. Love works no ill toward his neighbor.) 

What's important to realize is the same thing as said in the "Serenity Prayer".  "To accept the things I can't change. And the wisdom to know the difference".  You can't change your child's sexuality.  It's determined by a complex pattern of neurons shaped by the winds of nature.  You can't change it any more than you can change your kid's hair color with anything more than a superficial dye. It is this point that Conservative fundamentalists commit a gross fraud upon --claiming to "change sexuality" when all they do is "make a red-head look like a brunette", -or force the lefty to use his right hand.  Years of research prove that this sort of "change" isn't any more possible than turning a lion into a leopard by simply painting spots on it & then calling it an "Ex-Lion".   

But, pushing back the lies of the extreme left & reicht; --Just because Jr. likes guys (/too), it doesn't follow that he'll behave in ways stereotyped by "GAY" pride parade spokesmen.  The fact is that most guys who like guys /too have no obvious behavioral manifestations that would hint of it.  The actions that are "camp" (stereotype) or dangerous (reckless sexual behaviors) are generally learned by bad associations with ignorant or unethical peers.  This is why it's important that you not let the lies & threats of either group (left or reicht), -come between you & your kid.  

Because what it really comes down to can be summarized by the following visualizations (with the help of your memory).  Look back at your teenage years -- when you were out with friends - probably driving around or socializing.  Consider your peer group & then ask: What part of my peer group would I want my kid to take on the attributes of?  Because I don't know everything about everyone's peers -- I'll use my own because I had a good peer group.  Mostly athletes & Kenny-Chesney types, -we weren't 'wild', dangerous or what most people would consider reckless.  And me, -I was the guy who watched the big picture & never let down my guard regarding the safety of my friends.  

So think: Who do you want for your kid's peers? 

  1. Self-centered idiots who drink 'n-drive -having  their 'metaphysical passengers at their mindless mercy' -& are constantly in friction with the sober minded; 

  2. -Or, thoughtful guys who generally temper "fun" by doing the responsible thing - overall?

When your kid discovers his own sexuality has an M2M component: who'd you rather see him hanging out with? Guys who get their sexucation from the G00GLE'N "gay sex", -Or, from guys who are g0ys?
See, I've been with a number of guys in my lifetime ,--but never saw any guy as a 'score'. Friendship & the responsibility of it was always at the core of my relationship-needs.  Loving a buddy always involved sharing of myself & resources way beyond what went on in private.  It felt good to have the phone ring & be able to help. As well as a being a "real- buddy" to talk about anything with; - I've also coaxed a number of them through some intense orgasms. And such events & the details are massively personal & never to be spoken of disrespectfully.  I've stood as the "Best man" at a number of my bud's weddings (traditional mixed gender). I've helped provide for buddy's education.  A friend accidentally smashed up my car & I took it in stride.  I've lent a number money & let is slide when getting paid back was incomplete. Love forgives & covers over a multitude of transgressions.  I've driven long distances on several occasions to pick up buddies in the hospital & then given them a place to stay while they recovered.  I've never treated any guy like a bitch & I've never given or gotten an STD from any guy I was tender on.  It is my belief that these friendships constitute the fullness of what being a guy can consist of without anyone surrendering a hint of his masculine ethos. Those of you reading who have had similar experiences (& there are a lot of you) know precisely what I'm talking about.

G0YS have an understanding & empathy with parents who want their kids to be SAFETY-minded.  We understand what it's like NOT to trust your kid's peer group & how the concern feels when you realize that your kid is more of a follower than a leader & may act unwisely if pressured to do so. We know that bad company corrupts good character and we know that in matters of sexuality - bad peer pressure can turn deadly.  As g0ys, we don't repeat lies that are told as part of so-called "safe-sex". We won't say sh!t like: "Use a condom every time." - if that mantra is connected to promoting analsex in any way shape or form! G0YS simply tell it as it is: Ass--Fucking is a Death-Wish; - & is completely disrespectful for anyone involved! Listen to the facts & tell me who makes the superior role model: G0YS or gays! It matters when the mind is still developing on such issues!

You can take steps to help your kid build the right peer groups. It probably doesn't start with "public education" (hint - hint).  I went to a private (secular) school --but I had a very high consciousness of appropriate behavior - due mostly to good friends & neighbors who "walked the good walk."   And, because of the mantra that gay-sex=analsex, -I have always presumed that the real problem with "gays" was with analsex (which made perfect sense to me & didn't cause a check in my conscience simply because I liked guys. I also didn't consider myself to fit in with the "gay" crowd because I considered analsex a completely degrading & emasculating act; -an opinion I formed completely independently & instinctually).  I later learned that many "Christian churches" UNscripturally expanded "gay-sex" as to mean "any same-sex contact" - which seemed absurd considering what I knew was going on between guys in school & church (fuck'n hypocrites)!  Yeah, many of the guys I shared a buddy-cuddle with were church-goers, too!  And they were solid, regular guys who generally wanted to do the right thing & generally only needed a source of encouragement to do it.  I was the only voice that I am aware of who wasn't telling them that they "couldn't eat from any of the trees in the garden", because "physical intimacy between guy was acceptable as long as it wasn't Anal".  I simply recognized a very real masculine need & provide a supportive, accepting atmosphere for guys to empty their nuts in the context of intense friendship-building. And it was the peak of male bonding; -of that I have no doubt.


Generally -- from 14 years old & up -- guys who don't ejaculate regularly began to act like junkies needing a fix; & this is why all those teenage guy problems begin at those ages; -- Especially in "westernized cultures". At a time in development when young-men are normally & naturally bonding with each other sexually (in honest, civil cultures), -westernized cultures stigmatize M2M intimacy by associating the behavior to genderfuck & the tort of analsex; --inferring a lie that male/male intimacy leads to behavior that is grossly immoral ().  Guys who are unable to sort out the lies from these mixed messages often end up in the "Gay Support Group" where the agenda (set by fools) is self-acceptance no matter what the behavior. And simultaneously -a "buffet of gay sex" is offered. The guys who drink this sex-cult kool-aid rapidly extinguish their natural aversions to perilous acts (I.E: playing in sh!t) and, - believing themselves to be enlightened -take on the role of fools.  Such bad influences & brainwashing peer interactions can be devastating to the guy who (/also) likes guys.  Peers who are from the "God rejected me so I reject God" camp, -soon become the voices for a crash course in every form of perilous sexual fetish & act you can imagine (& many you don't want to).  This is why it's so important for fathers to realize that if the decision comes between your "church" & your family; -Then kick your church/synagogue/mosque to the curb (because God would never request that a man abandon his family -- & the Scriptures call the abandonment of family members a rejection of faith itself):

"But if anyone does not provide for his own and especially his household, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever." - I Tim 5:8

It is a well-settled matter in statistics regarding homeless teens that a primary contributing factor is sexuality: "My mother/father found out I wasn't straight so they threw me out.". Let me show you how Lucifer turns Christianity into a mockery & the followers of sects into the opposite of what the Faith itself actually teaches.

Here's the lethal progression:

  1. Same-sex attraction is preached against as a grievous sin (Instead of the actual specific offense of AnalSex {Lev 20:13 HebrewText}). Doing so simultaneously adds & takes away from the content of Scripture & according to the text:
  2. Once the listeners have been adequately duped into believing that God cares about gender-mix (in contradiction to 2Sam1:26 & Gal 3:28), the next "lesson" falsely applied is a principle Paul laid down to Corinth -to excommunicate people who called themselves Christian but lived immorally (1Cor 5:11, 13).
  3. What has occurred is that the innocent have been falsely labeled as "sinners" (simply because of their "feelings" of affection) & end up being put-out on the street (Excommunicated -with Paul cited out of context as the faux "authority" to do so).

As a result, non-affiliated people whom the Scripture notes have the law of God on their consciences [Rom 2:15] -see this great injustice for what it is, & then blaspheme the 'religion' of those who practice such immorality as to put family onto the street over mere matters of affection! [See: Rom 2:24]  Those put out -inevitably share with others WHY. And once again, people who know nothing about Yeshua, -get the absolutely worst impression of what it is to be a "Christian" -- when ironically, the Scriptures themselves condemn the very indiscriminate message of prejudice being preached in so many places against people who happen to simply love (eros) their own gender. 

"How horrible it will be to you: Self-appointed sect leaders! Hypocrites! Because you obstruct the way to Heaven to the people;  You will not enter, - for you divert those on the right path away from entering!" - Mt 23:14 GVT

You have (1) family. Hello.  Scripturally, it is the role of the parents -fathers particularly, -to set the correct guidelines for his family. My suggestion is that you consider very carefully how you speak of other people & what sort of authority you give your "spiritual advisors".  Because to get it wrong - on this matter & those like it - will exact a terrible price that you're not going to want to pay, (-but nevertheless, -you will pay it)!

As one writer explained: "At a very early age, I found out that my father 'hated fags", and to him -a "fag" was anyone who had affection for his own gender. When I hit puberty, I discovered (& kept a secret) that I was part of that "hated group". Although my perspective was clearly "g0y" (I knew of no such term at the time), -I understood that no matter how much approval I was shown -even keeping my grades up and staying out of trouble -- that the fact was: Winning the TRUE approval of my father (& anyone with the same mindset) was out of the question -because I was part of the "hated group". See, even though he didn't know about my private self; --I did. And, he'd indirectly set the terms of acceptance, & I knew (even if he didn't) that I was disqualified for his genuine approval.  However, what I also knew was - that to be honest in my own family would probably cause untold problems for anyone still in the vicinity of my father's prejudices & abusive guilt-projections. So, I shut up the truth & eventually moved several states away to live my life -privately.  Let me be clear: "We didn't appear to be on 'bad-terms'. However, the 'condition' of our relationship was a complete illusion to him because he didn't know me; --because he'd made it clear (indirectly when I was very young) that he didn't want to have anything to do with guys who loved guys. See, in reality - he (& ALL people like him) never cared about ME. What he accepted was an incomplete image I projected (to keep the peace by keeping the truth to myself).  I was never openly disrespectful, but when he finally died of a heart condition - I didn't care (I did not attend the funeral which I believe spoke volumes in itself). My actual words (muttered to myself) upon learning of his death were: "Good fukk'n riddance!". 
Now, my advice to anyone who would like to become a good-example of a 'Bad-Example': Leave your family with an absolute verdict that rejects people who have 'certain feelings'. Make the terms of disclosure so chilling that risking the utterance of the truth is too perilous (-as opposed to living a lie for years).  You will find that whatever 'parental-bonds' you thought existed, -did N0T; -& the only sentiment that accompanies your 'memory' will be contempt - as you slide clueless & despised - into your celebrated grave.    

If you're a guy who is dealing with the theological aspects of same-gender-relationships -- then you need to take a serious look at the down-to-earth theological essays on this site.  If you're a guy not dealing with that -- then what on earth is your big concern; -- That Jr. doesn't take on the mannerisms of a narcissistic, lisping, drag-queen?  Who can say? What we're trying to do is provide a support mechanism so that your kid experiences a sense of genuine male-empathy & ultimately won't succumb to sociopathic suggestions to give/take "it" up the ass! We reject ! We are the G0YS!

If you're a man concerned that you have set a divisive tone in your own household, --there are some strategies you can take to reset the right tone.  The g0ys men's movement (you are here) is a great place to start. When the time is right, you can interject into conversation that you found out that there is a group set apart from the "gay thing" - one that you can respect.  And then you mention g0ys - spelled with a zer0.  

One I like particularly goes like this: "You know ... although I think that is morally-bankrupt; --A guy I've known for years told me there is a group of guys into guys -  that sets itself apart from all that sh!t. They're called g0ys -spelled with a zer0. Lots of former military & athletes - in that camp.  I can respect a group that doesn't disrespect men or advocate that anyone should tolerate dirty, degrading, sh!tplay as a so-called lifestyle."

Good follow up commentary is: "In a series of polls, it turned out than about 70% of the population feels the same way.", -or: "It turns out that lots of GAYS don't like G0YS, --but about 70% of the population polled think the g0ys-thing is a whole lot more respectable.", -or: "Guys into that g0ys-thing claim that almost every guy was a g0y in Greece & Sparta culture about 3000 years ago. Heck - was even illegal!"

Once those who know you come to realize that you're g0y-friendly, while gAy-intolerant; -It will provide the framing for conversation & subtly-directed self-discovery.  The g0y-men's movement takes away the behavioral monopoly the "gAy male community" claims on M2M intimacy.  Suddenly, it's a noble thing to love your buddy from feet to follicles, -while seeing in proper context: as a perilous act of disrespect, violence & dirty-disregard for health & welfare.  Since statistically, +50% of men have had at least 1-g0y experience in their lifetime; -placing the term in your language of respect may deepen the friendships with guys you already know who have had g0y experiences.  Being rightfully respected for who you really are means a tremendous amount to most people. Respecting people who do NOT merit it is the homage paid by fools.

If a g0y in your circle -happens to be a family member, - your casual acceptance will create a bridge in the relationship that will help steer that person in a direction that is fulfilling & part of a noble history, -as opposed to the morally-bankrupt counterfeit called "gay" that implies that the entire world of men who love men is composed of It's on par with asserting that all men who love women are rapists. People who scoff at comparisons like that, -but it's because their moral sense is so clouded that they don't recognize as the capital-offense tort against humanity that it is.  It takes a few more IQ points to understand why the act of the arse-fuck is on the moral-par as rape (often as a component of rape).  Yet in the spreading of disease, the act has no equal: +5000% more pathogenic than even oral-sex!

Rightfully dividing truth is one of man's highest callings & greatest missions.  The g0ys movement is among the very 1st to separate what is demonstrably noble -from the vulgar, & establish affection for the former -while holding in contempt the ignoble, perilous & selfish acts that nonverbally accuse the worth of a man.

You cannot dictate the affections of another person. You can, however, encourage those affections be used in a noble way by setting apart  the right way from the debased (and debased is determined by real world outcomes - not some baseless prejudice or religious-cult kool-aid message that tries to debase what is inherently harmless. God is not petty.

Expressing respect for the g0ys paradigm leaves open an avenue for dialog; -- where as the person who rejects the notion of noble same gender affection, -has essentially cut himself off from any pragmatic conversation with anyone who may experience it (& those who experience it are about +60% of the population).

G0YS assert that it is possible to be naked without shame with other men; -without being compelled to be baptized into the "gAy cesspool". It matters!