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Due to the visual / image-centric theme of this section, I wanted to address some presumptions some people have about beautiful imagery of men - especially nudes:

Nudity does NOT need to equal pornography. As explained elsewhere on this site, imagery that depicts or promotes abuse or objectification of a person is almost always pornographic -& people who imagine the people in revealing images to be objects for abuse - have minds bent toward shame.

Additionally, sexual ideation of a beautiful model does NOT need to equal porn. And this distinction involves how the mind of the individual frames sex overall.

Almost 2000 years ago, a famous Hebrew Rabbi wrote: "If I speak in [all] the languages of men [-even] angels, but do not have love [ἀγάπη], my words are like the noise of a clanging gong or cymbal. If I can predict the future; -can fathom all mysteries & all knowledge; -& if I have a faith that can move mountains, but do not have love: I am empty. If I give all I possess to the poor and give over my body to hardship that I may boast of my deeds but do not have love, I gain nothing. Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not selfish, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails." - Rabbi S/Paul, Bible 1Cor 13:1-8

The text above in green epitomizes a mindset that defines a dimension of love that is also defined as the very core being of God. Reading the text, one realizes that the author says that if a person does not possess this trait - there is nothing that can redeem them nor give them a sense of real fulfillment.

If you use that text as a life-principle, then you'll see people in a much better light -no matter the situation or their state of undress

Being able to truly appreciate beautiful aesthetics is a gift in & of itself. Loving the man inside the shell is the goal. The thing on the inside is timeless. Aim to love that man. And by doing so - you will not be among those who turn a man's beauty into his curse. 

For a better picture of love's definitions, CLICK HERE.




There are a great number of images following. Previews take a few 'moments' -even on fast connections. Please be patient and wait for the images to become available before clicking on any.  Otherwise, you may simply see a blank.

G0YS is a movement about friendship & respect.  We don't see other guys as "meat".  This may be a "revelation" to some people; -But adult imagery does not need to be abusive, exploitative, profane or showcase violations.  In other words: Beautiful nudity & affection does not need to be pornographic.  The two concepts are NOT synonymous.  Mull that concept over for a while. We don't promote images that violate that theme, either.  Having said that; - These images are of a mature subject matter. They may not be suitable for some people or ages. Exercise discretion regarding viewing, archiving & sharing.

Any model that appears in one of our images is simply a model.  The display of his image does not in any way endorse the model's philosophies, -nor disqualify him as deserving continual respect a person;  -Nor does the display of a model suggest anything about that model's sexuality other than explicitly noticed.  We also are aware of the fact that some models in some images also appear in other images elsewhere -that may be explicitly NON-g0y in theme.  Our wish is simply that such men & producers of such material - would come to their good senses.

Also, -keep in mind that these images have been submitted by many people and we have done our best to cull out those that violate g0ys principles. However, -if you stumble across an image that you find contrary to g0y themes or problematic in any other way -- please send us a message with the file name of the offending file included.

Please enjoy the following. We hope that it helps, motivates & increases your empathy & altruism for other men, too.  May you find someone with whom you can be naked & without shame...


To Images

A Message to Models
An Editorial Contribution

It's about YOU - NOT a schmuck who calls himself a "photographer".

Let me cue you in to a fact that will change your life: Photography was, once upon a time, a technical art & science which required that the photographer had an intimate understanding of how light interacted with photographic film. During that time frame, a photographer needed to know his sh!t or his images would be incorrectly focused, exposed & his work would generally suck.

Then technology happened and the SLR camera was created. Suddenly, with the most fundamental skills, anyone could take decent photographs because the computer in the camera did all of the technical work making sure the best aspects of the image was recorded at the settings chosen. 

And suddenly, every loser who failed at fast-food prep wanted to be a "photographer". And many did. You can usually spot their work because it lacks any semblance of good composition. These hacks literally throw a bunch of paid models up against the wall of odd-poses & see what sticks. You know, - the schmoes who'll bring a box of donuts to the shoot & then get the "idea" to have you stick your d!ck thru one for a picture (because they didn't prepare a real shooting or posing plan). And you'd be astonished at how many complete wastes-of-skin do this. And do you know how they pull it off? How are they knocking down the paychecks to afford the cars, equipment & the travel while you lose the weight & cut up because the fridge is empty? Their "skill" is not the reason for their success; - guys like YOU ARE! You need to realize that MOST of the guys waving cameras around are hacks who are trying to build their self-centered kingdoms of fraud on the back of your hard work. Please stop letting them!

Brothers, you are the ones taking raw genetic potential, & applying a level of discipline worthy of an award! With work, work, work, diet, diet & more work - YOU are shaping your body into a literal piece of living, breathing art. You are the masterpiece. And you need to protect your image from the many schmucks who are more than willing to ruthlessly exploit all of your hard work for their own selfish interests. Pick your professional associates carefully. Those who broadcast arrogance due to their position, profession or associations are to be avoided as you would any narcissist or sociopath! 

So, here's the strategy you should consider: Don't sell your image. Syndicate it. Every actor knows this. Now it's your turn. What does this imply? You get PAID - every time your image gets commercial use. Your photographer should be your business PARTNER, NOT your EMPLOYER. By insisting on such an arrangement - you'll eliminate most of the assholes who want your ball-busting work to finance their laziness. If you have good self-esteem - you can kick them to the curb in good conscience.

So, what does a "deal" look like? If you're getting started into the business, -you may be able to do your own photography. You do need to know a few things about cameras & lighting. An intro photography class may be your easy ticket into self promotion. However, if you want a photographer who can remove the odd blemishes, correct color, edit out the cat in the background & other post-production feats of image improvisation - then find someone who has a balanced sense of win/win & is willing to give as much back to you for the privilege of photographing you. I am a model photographer and I only work win/win deals with the people I work with. One of the arrangements is whenever I get paid for the use of a model's image, the model gets paid. Every time. Forever. My model releases contain ongoing royalty language. Do you think my models like that? It's about THEM. I'm just the photographer.

This type of arrangement may come with a trade-off. If you enter into a royalty agreement - expect less money paid up front for the shoot. However, if you're just breaking into the profession - a decent human being who happens to be a photographer will want to see you make it professionally & will work with you expending their own TIME to get your portfolio off the ground. This is exactly what happened to actor Chris Pratt. A decent person who was a photographer did a gratis photo-shoot & built him a head-shot portfolio with no strings attached. The love & kindness of God does shine through people who value such attributes themselves & having such people in your life is priceless.

This should go without saying: Do NOT violate your conscience or your principles in order to enter the scene. Some priceless parts of you are intangible & should never be compromised. DO NOT REWARD UNETHICAL PEOPLE by providing them with your image in some shady deal. Those types of arrangements NEVER work out for your good. Your ethical core is too high a price to pay for commercial "success".