Soft Personalities & the Butt Phuck Tyranny:
The Self-Righteous within the BPT

The post on the left is actual feedback from a 19 year old, posted to a g0y who uses this site.  Below, I will excerpt the text & reply in red where compelled:

ok lets refer to the geocities site first. Oh my god
Notice the small "g".

how can you relate nazism to homosexuality (gay).
It's quite simple.  The Nazi's took a good symbol (the swastika) & destroyed its meaning by associating it with millions of slaughtered men.  Human life wasn't sacred to them; -- Just the party was.  Likewise, 'butt-phuckers' have taken the word "GAY" & destroyed its meaning by ASSociating it with millions of man-slaughters.  Human life isn't sacred to them; -- Just the "party".  It's so obvious that a blind man can see it. 

How bout i give you an example, when feminism first came out the word ment irrational women, burning of bras, violence. Now we think of quite simply women as equal...
 LINK.  Looks like some people don't share your shiny view of feminism either.  Not surprising.  It didn't take feminists to convince me to treat women as equals.  It took a loving mother that I wanted to see enjoy all the benefits life had to offer without being interfered with because of her gender.  St. Paul gave voice to the "women's movement" some 2000 years ago when he penned that "In Christ there is no male & female".  Jesus taught WOMEN (absolutely unheard of in his day).  His attitude made it clear that he did not see women as chattel.  It's a pity that so many people who have worn His name over time have not had the intestinal fortitude to simply accept the very message in their own Bibles -- instead of twisting those Scriptures to form a basis for the same old evil.

surely that change isnt a bad thing.
See previous link.

Ther are hundreds of instances were a word changes its you think its one great big connspiracy?! Hmmmm?
No, a good conspiracy is one like the income tax.  What's happening in the "gAy" movement is mostly the result of underpowered intellects who don't know that playing in feces is a health hazard.  It resembles the feminist movement in many ways, only more arrogant & promiscuous.  Failing to think outside the box, - among others reasons are why g0ys want little to do with Analists.

And if im not mistaken you dont actualy have to be gay to have aids.
Let me quote from another page on this site: "Today's lesson: Being gay does not spread AIDS.  Anal "sex" does. ".  Now, what part of that don't you understand?

Oh my lordy
Small "l".

what would happen if we saw a gay man sneeze in public...that the gays started the comon cold.
Considering that the 'common cold' has killed more people than AIDS, and that AIDS victims are often among the first it kills; -- I'd say that if gAys had been responsible for it, -- that society would be much less tolerant of them then current levels of homophobia represent.  However, this is not the question.  The REAL rhetorical would be better stated: "What if gAys never covered their mouths when they sneezed; -- & as a result, spread the common cold 4400% more often than 'non-gAy sneezers'?".  What would result?  HOMOPHOBIA: A general belief by the public that gAy people were disease spreaders because of the way they behave. Hello!?   

Aids is a new desease, new in comparison to how long men have been having anal sex.
Yes...and to date, it seems nearly 100% lethal & about 100 Million people are estimated to be HIV+.  With modern drugs, many of these people will "linger" for years ... but what would have happened if HIV had entered the population about 100 years ago?  Trick question.  For all we know, it was.  It wasn't until the 1970's that "gay sex" began to become equated with "anal-sex".  Once that dynamic was in place, it allowed HIV to emerge explosively.  However, because "anal-sex"<oxymoron> is so good at spreading other diseases, those who practiced it quickly joined the ranks of those sickened with STD's prior to the antibiotic discoveries of the 20th century.  Yes, some people in every generation have indulged in anal sex ... and it spread among them all the incurable STD's of their day.   

Ofcourse i dont agree with fisting but thas a minority and Hello ive seen hetro porn were they do the same and worse.
Here's your hypocrisy: Sticking your penis up an arse full of bacteria-laden-shit is 'OK' by you; But putting a hand up there is not?  I think you've made obvious your double-standard.  Now, how would YOU feel, if fisting became so prevalent in the "gAy" community that when you mentioned that you were "gAy", people automatically assumed that you were into fisting; -- And the prejudice was so ingrained, that when the media printed articles about "gAy sex", they used the term interchangeably with "fisting"?  Imagine, you go to a party to meet guys and when you get into the bedroom, they immediately expect you to put an arm up your arse?  G0YS don't put anything up anyone's arse, & we find the concept completely detestable. Likewise, we detest being ASSociated with those who do; -- Just as you'd probably be offended if the majority of people thought that "gay" WAS "fisting".  Indiscriminate anal penetration is wrong and the fact that the practice spreads disease so readily is absolute proof that it is immoral behavior.  However, it's clear that you're not interested in facts, -- just farts. 

 in the man2man site. Who ever wrote it is very good at properganda.
Propaganda?  I suppose that the truth can also be turned into that.  As such, you misspelling of the term is ironically, accurate.  PROPERganda. 

 they gay the gay srteight, homo hetra didnt occur till 20th century....the TERM didnt but men were having anal sex waaaaaaaay before that.
Yes...they were having anal-"sex" all the way back to where Moses took the dictation of God (penned the Torah) & put a death sentence on it.  However, today -- people who have declared themselves "wise" & have abandoned that prohibition have managed to spread plagues like AIDS all over the globe. 

What he doesnt mention is that most of them dont show anal penetration because it was a sacred act,
I'm so glad you typed the word: "SACRED".  Because in my previous response, I was going to add that in those ancient cultures, anal-"sex" was often part of fertility cult practices...most often performed by male prostitutes.  Considering that it was religious in nature (as a tribute to foreign god/s) was another reason Moses forbid it; -- And considering the fact it routinely spreads disease & death is a hint as to which "god" this so-called "sacred" act is actually worship of ... (Hint: "Beelzebub" - translates as "Lord of the Flies").   

like making love to a woman
Not even close.  A vagina is specially designed to operate in sexual intercourse.  It even has an anti microbial system.  Furthermore, it is made of genital structures which are designed for sex & wired into the woman's nervous system -- capable of having an orgasm & when used at the right time, can produce children.  A woman's arse, is NOT made that way (perhaps you are confused as to which hole you emerged from?).  The anus is a shit pipe with a valve on the end of it.  Ask most women how they want their sex -- front door or rear door; -- & they'll not need grasp for their answer because the sensations are like night & day.  Women who acquiesce to men for anal sex do it because it pleases the man -- not because they derive any physical pleasure from it.  Likewise, the male anus is designed as the female's (that's as close as you're gonna get to being a bitch, boy).  It is not a sex organ and no amount of wishful thinking will make it genital.  You obviously don't know what "sex" is.  Sex is about GENITALS, not ARSES. 

, they didnt place it on vases because it wasnt the done thing.
Correct.  It (anal-sex) wasn't the done thing.  For the most part, it was against the Law.  Why?  Because it spread disease & killed people. Greek culture had no problems with male/male intimacy as their artifacts clearly show.  And in their culture, men who penetrated men were seen as immoral...because it was dangerous & bereft of mutual passion ... unnatural affection.

But ther are writing about it. Afraid i have to go now but ill carry on this research later.
You've presented absolutely no research ... just a buffet of lies to back an opinion that clearly defines your character as pathological (in soooo many ways).  Instead, keep track of the number of STD's you contract, and in 10 years (if you're still alive), write back with the list... and a count of the people you've infected.

So far i have found nothing but propaganda and judgement on fellow human beings.
Judgment under natural law comes as the result of violating it.  I would say that millions of sick & dead arse-phuckers is ample evidence as to who the outlaws against nature are.  The fact that they've taken so many innocent with them is testimony to the severity of their penalty.  Propaganda & judgment?  It's all coming from those like you.

The following was a forum post by a person claiming to represent the views of someone else (how convenient). 

As above, the responses will be color coded.  Their post is in 'shit-brown'.

Please don't be so narrow minded
"Narrow Minded" was how the Fundamentalists & society around me hoped I'd turn out.  The fact that G0YS.ORG exists is a testament that I think so far outside the box that people are still trying to find a box to put this into. Like you ... most don't 'get it'.

 to assume that if a person does not share your opinions, that they are by default for the things you are against.
That depends on the "THINGS" in question.  After all, if I say that I'm against putting poison in children's lunches & someone tells me that they don't support my views, then we can assume that they promote putting poison in children's lunches ( -- as that point was a primary platform of mine).

 Joe Phillips does a tremendous amount of safe sex campaign work, and addresses the the topic of that and stereotyping in his work with Xodus Magazine.
Saying "Safe-sex" & "Anal" in the same campaign is a little like promoting "Safe Russian Roulette".  The statistics are very clear on this issue: Take up the habit of playing in arses & you're going get disease & you're going to spread disease.  Even worse: Depicting arse play with cute cartoon characters is right up the same alley as big tobacco using Joe Camel ads to attract kids:  Remember this stuff?

I found very little on your site to suggest that you are commited to stopping STD's or promoting good health at all.
So the truth comes out about you: You either did not read the site or you're illiterate.  The fact that g0ys are N0T into anal means that we have an STD rate far less than 20% of those who are.  Beyond that fact, most g0ys are into PhROT, which has an STD rate so low it slips into statistical background noise.  Perhaps only lesbians have a lower STD level.  Your statement is so provably false that I wonder if the same careless critique style characterizes your entire analysis. 

Ouite the opposite you seem to promote closeted homosexuality and a fear of anal sex.
What we promote is sexual discretion; And g0ys do not "fear" anal"sex" ... We DETEST IT.  Why do we detest it?  I think it's because we're men who were not willing to compromise - what amounts to having good instincts. While we live; --  Butt Phucker's die & spread lots of disease.  Something in the ethical center of the mind of a g0y just doesn't allow us to 'go there'.  Not fear.  Healthy disgust.  Pity you don't seem to know the difference.

You message; "You probably look forward to weekends with your buds -- especially those times when you can horse around, wrestle & even be a little tender -- like when you've had a few beers" and other statements that take homo/bisexuality and masks it in fear, are what he is opposed.
Spoken like a person who doesn't understand what 'g0ys' are all about.  Most g0ys would take offense to being indiscriminately touched or groped in a sexual manner by another guy.  This is not because we are ashamed to be affectionate to other men.  We just don't want to be perceived as members of the BPT.  The fact that the media uses the terms "gay-sex" & "anal-sex" interchangeably illustrates the complete anal-stigmatization of same-sex stereotypes.  Knowing what the swastika originally meant, perhaps you should put one on your arm & walk around proudly displaying it, & see how much "good luck" it brings you.  It is for the same reason that g0ys shun things 'gAy'.  See NO APOLOGY.  

The being homosexual/gay does not directly correspond to being effeminate.
Agreed ... but ANAL SEX is feminizing.  It's the very reason that men who rape men use that form.  A "prison bitch" is a "bottom" in the "gAy" community.  So then: Anal "sex" is debasing as well as dirty.

What’s another horrible stereotype promoted by your sight, where beer and wrestling around are needed as excuses to touch other men.
"Needed"?  No.   Sure make good staging, though.

For the record, I’m straight, and I take great pride in the fact that my brother Joe is openly gay and unashamed to be himself.
If he's part of the BPT then his lack of "shame" is a moral fault, - not a pillar that any society will be founded on in the future.

Being black and born and raised in the Georgia it was quite a sign of strength.
I doubt that he chose either.  However, I don't care what color people are nor where they were "raised".  What any of that has to do with choosing to support the BPT is irrelevant.  I find the thought sad because JP's art is absolutely adorable (where he's not depicting the activities of the BPT)...   

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