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G0YS  is an advocate & strong supporter of:
 Compassion  International
 - where you can change the world for a child one sponsorship at a time via an organization that has decades of experience improving the lives of children living in poverty without causing damage to developing local economies.

"In everything, show yourself to be an example by doing good works. In your teaching show integrity, dignity, and wholesome speech that is above reproach, so that anyone who opposes us will be ashamed to have nothing bad to say about us."

- Titus 2:7-8 

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Although many of the links below go to sites that are fairly decent resources, G0YS do not offer unconditional endorsement of any N0N-G0Y website.  Why?  Well, we're terribly insecure ;-)
Actually, - even though some of these sites are gay-positive; ... some still don't take a firm stand against anal sex (the door for death, disease & disrespect), so they are likely to remain a haven for HIV positive people, large percentages of which got the disease via anal & continue to spread it the same way (Human psychology being what it is: We don't think they want to hear our 'anti-anal message', -- any more than 'Typhoid Mary' was willing to stop working in the food industry!) -- although occasionally we do hear from guys saying, "You know, I've always felt unfulfilled with that.  Now I know why.  Thanks"!  However, the butt-fuck-tyranny (a/k/a "Arse-Clowns") does lots of slick marketing & brainwashing to sell guys on the concept of qwik-phucking the kitchen garbage disposal, (Oh, I mean putting the very locus of their masculinity up some other guys' shit-bin).  The head-job is so complete that many of them are often unable to consider that particular act to be what it is: dangerous & ultimately immoral.  Instead, they self-justify by hurling unsupported accusations at G0YS.  Ignorance can kill; & "PRIDE" -- specifically the type that disregards common sense backed by solid research, is what assisted half a million gay men in the US (now dead) to put the proverbial loaded gun up their, eh, - you know.  Know your source & then consider thoughtfully!
Most G0YS don't suffer fools; -& the willfully-ignorant no better. 

So, please look over the following links, & if/when
someone "steps on it", refer back here to what you know as 'G0Y'!
Please report any links that are dead.

Got Essential Respect?

Have you been injured by bad advice given by EITHER "Pro-GAY" or so-called "Ex-GAY" mouthpieces?
Have you considered suing them? Can't afford a lawyer?
Consider being your own council instead!

Here's how!

Once you understand the PROCESS - this knowledge can be applied to many types of legal issues!
You can't afford to be pulled into the "Litigation Vortex". Here's how to recognize it!

America: From Freedom to Fascism!

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  EVIL - Fine Tuned:

Can people change their Sexuality? Nope. But am-BIsexual scammers driven by the vehicle of lies & self-denial, (with a "Jesus-bumper sticker" attached) have devised ways for people to waste lots of time, money & ultimately -their lives, -- all in an attempt to "change their orientation".  Gentle sounding words, half truths, & partial facts are given (knowing that +70% of the panicking victims are too terrorized to check behind the hopeful claims for the full story that exposes the lies).  Jesus said to the leaders of groups like 'Ex-gays': "You go over land & sea in search of a single convert; -- & when you find one -- you make him twice as much a son of hell as you are!". 
Glimpse an "Ex-Gay" EVIL!  See how attractive they'll make the river of lies sound? Scripture said about such at these: "
For such men are false Apostles, workers of deceit, making themselves seem like Apostles of Christ. And it is no wonder; for even Satan himself is able to take the form of an angel of light. So it is no great thing if his servants make themselves seem to be servants of righteousness; whose end will be the reward of their works." - 2 Cor 11:13-15  About such Jesus said: "A great number will say to me on that day, Lord, Lord, were we not prophets in your name, and did we not by your name dispatch evil spirits, and by your name display great power? And then will I say to them, I never knew you! Away from me, false workers!" - Matt 7:22-23

The irony is that G0YS is the genuine "Ex-Gay" movement; - & we don't deny human sexuality. However, G0YS do reject the cultural "thingus" called the "Gay-male-community" and instead we promote a life of health, integrity and honesty within a person's innate sexuality.  And as far as Scriptural backing goes -- we know of no better information resource on the internet as within the g0ys apologetics "God-Hates" section;- Answers that make sense! As one reader put it: "I can barely explain just how important the Bible part was for me. Every Sunday in church I used to just read the Bible, kinda to pass the time. But the one chapter I read most frequently was Romans 1. Each time I read it, I thought," Here it is, right from the Bible's mouth, condemning my existence!" To put it shortly, it was horrible spending about 2 years believing that. But then I found the main g0ys website and the theology completely did it for me. Eternally grateful for finding the site that made it clear that I, myself, am not the abomination; -Just the act of anal sex." - RyanO

G0YS aren't threatened by the "less-than-popular" message. Hear. Think for yourself.

A NOTE about "gAy" affirming churches: 

While G0YS believe that no person should suffer unjust discrimination; - We also find a bizarre dynamic at work in the "Christian community".  The pendulum seems to swing from the extremes of "God Hates Fags", to: "God Loves HIV".  We believe that the church has the RESPONSIBILITY to RIGHTFULLY divide the Word of Truth if it is to hold itself out as an authority.  Sadly, we find little "rightfully dividing"; & in it's place, a whole lot of emotional opinion airing.  We hope this site has been a wake-up call to some (& an outright glove across the face to others).

If you're "g0y", & in a church that is anti-gAy (like Catholic, Southern Baptist, JW, LDS, etc): Don't you think it's time to take a stand?  If you're an elder or teacher ... you probably know that you're going to be judged more sternly than a non-teacher.  The seriousness of that should sober any drunk instantly.  Do you work with teenagers?  Here's your chance to make an impact: David & Jonathan / Ruth & Naomi (Those two 'same-sex-friendships' will blow you away').  Be ready for 'it' to hit the fan once people begin to talk (& they will).  Evil uses the lies around sexuality to control people.  Knowledge of g0ys removes those controls; & evil does not like it.  Jesus said: "If any man follow me, let him first count the cost".  Cost? "Blessed are you when men hate you, when they exclude you and insult you and reject your name as evil, because of the Son of Man. Rejoice in that day and leap for joy, because great is your reward in heaven. For that is how their fathers treated the prophets." - LK 6

Deep Thought:

As a child I learned that in the rules of Chess -- that a Pawn could become a Queen once reaching the enemy line.  Years later I learned that the exact opposite happens in so-called: "ExGay Ministries"...

Finding Like Minded G0YS?
G0YS is spelled with a zer0

G0YS (spelled w. a ZER0) are normal guys who often deal with extremely intense feelings of emotional, and even physical affection for other men; -But, we don't relate to mainstream "gAy-male" culture; -finding many "gAy" stigmas/practices completely at odds with our values. In general: We completely shun degrading fetishes such as AnalSex or men playing the 'female role'.

If you knew how many guys felt this way, -you'd be astonished! Athletes, military, blue/white collar, "Bi"-guys, - even dudes who formerly thought of themselves as "gAy"; -- Now all say "g0y"! The list of guys discovering grows! Many are also deeply spiritual men who have discovered how wrong traditional religion can be (I.E: Romans 1 speaks against 'AnalSex', -not 'samesex intimacy')! G0YS are about strong male bonding, health, affection, empathy and intimacy between men of conscience who esteem respect, dignity and privacy - as integral to the inner man. We place friendship first and welcome its intense deepening in an aura of trust. If you decide that 0ur's are your feelings too, then you�re a g0y! Welcome to the great male epiphany!

Potential Meeting Sites

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How do you find G0YS on these sites/apps?
Note: Very few of these dating sites actually hold to g0y principles. Stand up!

Post a personal ad there.
Within that ad, be sure to mention that you're a 'G0Y' - seeking G0YS
Include a LINK or URL pointing at (spelled w. a zer0)
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