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Here's a question you never seem to hear asked: "What if the act of luv-mak'n is supposed to be natural - gentle & uninterrupted - until way after climax?" - AND:
 "What sense does it make to enjoy the most intense personal moment with another person, & then moments after that incredible feeling - get up to throw a condom away - or - Because you're in such an unequal position - change position to accommodate cuddling / or - (more likely) - not cuddle at all because your partner wants to dump his load into your (now disinterested) arse?

Know what the best thing is about cuddling after cock2cock?  Because in 20-45 minutes, your dicks will prepare for round 2 or 3 or 4 ... (you get the idea).  Other than the occasional piss break, you'll get to make luv with N0 interruptions.  The seamlessness of the process is part of what makes it so wonderful. 

Arse-'sex' is devoid of physical contact & nothing but interruptions; -- plus all the condoms & lube can cost you a small fortune!  What idiot thought that up, anyhow? 

Ever wonder why is it so many guys do need to piss after emptying their balls?  It's a form of protection.  See the acidity inside the penis is high enough that germs can't easily get a foothold.  However, semen has an acid neutralizer in it because the sperm can't tolerate the acidity.  The urge to urinate after sex is the body's way of pushing the acid level inside the penis back up.  That way, the man is not vulnerable to infection for any longer than a few minutes.  It's unlikely that a germ would have enough time to crawl into a guys cock & take root. 
HOWEVER: The arse (anus) is under positive pressure almost all the time.  IF an unprotected penis (or one in a condom that ruptures) is inside the anus (which has over 1 billion germs per ml!), at the moment the guy ejaculates, the acid in his penis gets neutralized.  In the positive pressure of the anus, germ laden backwash is driven up into the penis between orgasms & very often - millions of germs find themselves INSIDE the penis at the precise time it's most vulnerable to infection.  The margin of safety of minutes to hours is instantly gone.  This mechanism is the reason why anal sex is the leading spreader (by far) of sexually transmitted disease.  If that condom breaks - may as well buy your headstone (& they do break - about 2% of the time during anal-sex).  This is the warning they won't teach you in health  class!  Deadly ignorance... 

Those pushing so-called "safe-sex" never mention these issues.  Do you think the condom manufactures (who fund the safe sex programs with grants) are going to tell you this - if they can 'train' you to do things their way -- a way that makes them a dime every time you scream & tighten your arse (x2).  Who's the sucker?  You decide.


Hey Peeps:

Know what a desert is?  It's not what you eat after dinner.  It's a place where there's not enough to sustain you.  Some have little water.  Some have little food.  Neither is a great place to live.

For young guys who are into guys - almost all of life is a desert.  Problem is - when you're stuck there, almost anything that comes along looks appetizing.  Some things you can eat.  Other can be drank.  Some are good.  Some will kill ya.  None have labels telling you which is the case.  Some you can figure out.  Some you can't. 

It's like those publications for "young gay guys" that target all the way into schools.  Just like a desert:  Got some good stuff.  Some will kill ya.  No labels or worse: bad labels.

I.E: Look at the "SEX" category to the left.  Who writes that stuff?   Do they know what the hell they're talking about?  Maybe, sometimes.  But, I want to draw your attention to titles on 51, 53 & 54, 93, 94 & 96.  There's some deadly poison out there in the form of gross misinformation.

Do you want to give your peeps a disease? Do you want to catch one?  If you DO, then simply follow the advice in lots of "GAY" publications.  They advocate dangerous shit while telling the lie that it's "safer" sex! Certain forms of sexual contact are inherently perilous and CANNOT be made "SAFE". AnalSex is one such form of dangerous contact! Watch out for people who glamorize it! they're liars - always. Playing is sh!t is infantile & perilous - always!

They use slogans like: "Use a condom every time", but the fact is that the best sex between buds doesn't require a condom because it never involves one guy penetrating the other!  Ancient Greeks were more open minded about same-sex relationships than many cultures are - even today.  One thing those Greek guys were not doing - was AnalSex!  It was against the law! Why? It spreads diseases like crazy. 

So let's look at the message/s:

  • A few thousand years ago, there were lots of male/male relationships in Greece. TRUE

  • Knowing that is like reclaiming our history: TRUE

  • You don't need to feel shame about loving on other guys. TRUE

  • The Greek Guys must have practiced "Safer Sex": Hmmm (no condoms existed)

  • The Greek Guys did anal-sex: LIE (It was illegal)!

  • The Greek Guys ignored guilt: LIE

While it's true that there was a whole lot of luv'n going on in ancient Greece between guys; -- These guys needed their health to defend their homes & country.  There were NO ANTI[BIOTICS/VIRALS].  None.  None. A disease as simple as Chlamydia could be fatal & would almost certainly be passed onto any female sexual partners (in addition to making every single day of your life suck).  Most sexually transmitted diseases were passed when men had sex with women.  When men had "sex" with men - there was almost no disease passed & nobody was using a condom.  How?  It's because a man never penetrated another man.  Anal sex was seen as a degrading act that turned the passive partner into a proxy (stand in) for a woman.  It was seen the same as rape; - & men who were violent toward other men might occasionally rape them using that form.  It was usually illegal. And it was/is always perilous because it spreads diseases so readily. This fact has never changed!

Men made love with men - usually face to face, - slowly with their arms around each other & legs intertwined as the passionately caressed each other's skin with their hands & penis's slow rubbed together.  Sometimes it would be rough & vocal as these dudes involved their muscular bods & enjoyed the feel of each as arms, legs & torso's rubbed together in passionate coupling.  Each dude got to watch the expressions on the face of his buddy & feel his responses all over the body.  Each man made love as a man & nobody was unequal in the act.  Eventually, the mating penis of each dude will become so hard & sensitive that it throbs hard against the other guy's.  Since this is something that is difficult to control, each guy knows that his buddy was getting closer to having his climax - & each guy  knows that he was getting his buddy closer to the best feeling a man can have with another person.  It feels good to know that just being with you, the other guy is going to experience such a good feeling.  It's kind of like the ultimate compliment.  

Eventually, neither dude can stop the build up of these feelings & when it's time to ejaculate, the body loads several glands at the base of the penis with a mix of fluids.  At that time, a man cannot stop what happens next - even if he had to.  A very strong feeling - described as a "fullness that demands to be let free" in the base of the penis radiates up the entire shaft making it get very, very hard & as big as it can get.  At the same time, the same feeling spreads over the man's body causing all of his attention to focus on that intense, incredible feeling.  Often, his hug will tighten & his muscles will stiffen - especially his back & buttocks.  Feeling this happen to the dude in your embrace is amazing - knowing that you're making him experience the very best feeling a guy can have is a high in itself.  Most men say that feeling their buddy get right to the edge like that - pushes them there almost instantly.. 

Beyond that point, the experience varies somewhat.  What is common is that full feeling in the base of the balls becomes so intense that strong muscles along the penis squeeze hard - propelling the fluid (semen) forward along the length of the penis where it comes out the end - often in strong gushes & spurts.  To say this feels "good" is an understatement.  Many guys completely lose their composure & gasp, groan, cry or even yell.  Some experience muscle contractions so hard that their joints crack or they get a head-rush while they cum. The way the penis is made, the man can feel the intense feelings of emptying this fullness as the spunk moves the length of his hardened shaft & this feeling completely grabs the mind & responses of the man who is having his orgasm.  The muscles that ejaculate the semen from the man's body contract hard & relax about once every second - usually 7-15 times before the feeling of ejaculating (cumming) begins to diminish.  Those 7-15 seconds are the ultimate high & helping your bro feel loved & needed while he has the experience builds powerful friendship bonds.  Beyond that intense time frame, - different men & situations cause the penis to stiffen & relax - slowing down over a minute or so.  If the man hasn't cum (ejaculated) for a while, his orgasm is usually more intense & most men report the feeling of ejaculating more semen to be more psychologically fulfilling.  (The body makes extra fluids that get stored until pumped out - so a man who hasn't had sex in a while feels a greater need (pressure) to do so & he feels a more intense sensation ejaculating the extra semen.)  Also, making love slowly has a similar effect because the body goes into high-gear to make semen.  Most men note that if they know they're going to have sex later on in the day - & they think a lot about it -- then when they finally ejaculate, they have more fluid volume & the feeling is very intense.  Virtually all men say that the feel of their partner in their arms enjoying an intense orgasm is in itself - a major sexual turn-on.  The highest form of luv-making is when a partner shares empathy with his other & has his sense of enjoyment somewhat connected to the reaction of his buddy.  That almost never happens during 'anal-sex'.  However, during face to face 'frottage', it's very common.  It's common sense that having a sexy dude in your embrace while he stiffens, groans & cries out during a very pleasurable experience for him is more than enough catalyst to get his buddy doing the same - almost instantly. 

What you'll notice we didn't need to mess with was the need for a condom or taking the time to put it on - or adding lube (hey, how  romantic is any of that krap)!  Frottage (dick to dick) is extremely low risk because there is no back-flow into either penis & unbroken skin is a safe to orgasm onto (Not to mention the experience of feeling your buddy's warm semen hit your belly is a big turn on that I hardly ever hear mentioned. ).  If you have cuts or open wounds on your torso - you may want to use a barrier like Clearshield or slide a sock around your docking dicks.

After, you can relax into your buddy & give him an all-night back rub or a good gentle scratch'n on the head.  You can cuddle like that all night if you want.  The stuff on your abs will eventually melt away & you'll dry out. 

Let's look at the difference 'frot' (cock2cock) vs. 'Anal': 

  • The dudes into frot (cock2cock) hooked up without needing rubbers - nor did they need to interrupt their luv'n to don them, nor did they need to interrupt their afterglow to dispose of them.  The sex was natural, equal, uninterrupted, & their concentration was on making the other guy feel really good - not on the mechanics of using a condom, lube, etc.  The dudes into frottage get to slide uninterrupted in the sensations of cuddling in the afterglow.

  • The dudes into butt-sex need to 'dispose of properly'; -- & after wrecking the mood (why reestablish it) - after all - if you're hooked on the use of a condom, there's no need to get frisky without another one handy.  Endless interruptions.  Guys into arses totally miss out on the feelings of intimacy because they're too busy screwing with the mechanics of condom & lube use.  And if they don't use a condom for the arse stuff - they're 500-700% (+5000% total) more likely to give or catch something.  Maybe if more guys penis's simply fell off from disease - they'd get the hint.

Desert survival is a course that's taught in a serious forum - by those who've SURVIVED INTACT (Who wants to be the student of the guy found dead next week?)!  It's not in the form of a brochure for light reading.  Likewise: It's tough being a young dude & having feelings for dudes in a world full of so much prejudice. It's tougher to be lied to about something so personal. has the answers that really piss off those who have a financial stake in you 'getting it wrong'.  Lov'n on a bro can be a wonderful thing that forges deep friendships that last a lifetime.  Luv'em enough to never want to hurt them - & have the self esteem to know that not every friendly educated-sounding voice has your interests at heart...

The wrong message:

The above image was pulled from a YAH00 group that somebody set up for "gay" teenagers. Despite the image, YAH00 didn't classify it as "ADULT". Perhaps "ADULT SMUT" would be more appropriate -if YAH00 knew the differences. Since Bart & Milhouse are both drawn as clearly under "age" (of consent or even puberty) then the legalities continue to "mount". The low-res version of the image is showcased here as an example of what types of obscenity the "gay" community is pushing at teens.  

Ultimately, it's the implied message that matters. And the message that is implied here is: If Bart & Milhouse were "gay", then this is what Marge might catch them doing. The most dangerous sexual "act" (some +5000% more dangerous than everything else combined) is showcased in the humor of a cartoon. And people scratch their heads & wonder why teen STD's like AIDS, etc. are on the rise & why "gay" teens have so few positive role models.  The irony is: It's the farthest thing from funny -because it mixes humor with a deadly stereotype - and this was done from WITHIN the gay community as a group set up for teens!

I remember being a teen and I never did anything like the butt-nasty with any of my friends. And I was a Kinsey-6 guy. We knew what truly shameful & disgusting behavior was: AnalSex. And we avoided it like the plague <pun>.

Any guy who would even consider the shenanigans showcased in the "cartoon" above, wasn't invited to be part of our group. AssFuckers were left out as was anyone who "tolerated" it in their conversations. Some shit shouldn't be tolerated. It's damn dangerous (50x more dangerous than even oral)!

Men who loved men (w. respect, intimacy & discretion) were fine. Arse-pounding IS NOT OK.

And the long term difference has become apparent in the years that followed: All of 0ur "core group" is still here. We see each other at reunions.  Nobody caught any STD's from their buddies.

Several of the Arse-pounding advocates, however, are now pushing up daisies (AIDS is the rumor), and one activist had the reputation around town of smelling like sh!t (literally) all the time; --& it's well known that he uses tampons to control his "anal leakage" (tore his arse out during analsex).  Great role models, eh? (It's why we still call them "FAGS". A dirty term for dirty people. And sh!t on the dick is generally considered the ultimate in "dirty"!

Here's an idea: How about N0T being "tolerant" of every bizarre fetish & dangerous act under the sun! How about N0T turning a blind eye to the shenanigans of arseholes that maim & kill others with pervert-ass-sex in the name of "fun"!  And how about N0T laughing at images that try to hide deadly suggestions & innuendos within familiar, humorous cartoon characters! How about getting a fuck!ng clue!