AnalSex: According to every major health organization on Earth is: An act so dangerous (by several magnitudes); -
Its degree of peril has no close second!


anal sex: Stupidity's Peak!
Not really "sex", but actually a fetish: An unnatural attraction to a non-genital object. Because it vaguely resembles the mechanics of M/F sex - The act often appeals to low-IQ individuals that lack informed discernment. A similar thing occasionally happens in nature -threatening an entire species:


Pictured is a beetle that was endangered because the males were preoccupied with trying to mate with certain discarded dark colored bottles that the beetle thinks resemble females.  Just because you think that a thing or act resembles something else, doesn't mean it is the same. Differences can be deadly! Are you smarter than a beetle?

So ... in addition to causing physical injury resulting in incontinence at best or requiring reconstructive surgery (if it doesn't kill you from other complications resulting from herniation, blood-clots, etc.); - AnalSex has the distinction of being the most dangerous fetish that humanity has ever invented!

So, wise the fuck up!

Just say "NO!"

G0YS is a movement for men who love men/too & in good conscience reject the perilous fetishes promoted by a cadre of old fools who died as a direct result of their self-inflicted follies - covered with bloody sh!t...

Stupid IS as Stupid DOES. And just like those who use tobacco (or crack) - facts will not sway the users any more than millions who joined destructive politicos could have been talked out of doing so! Fools are hell-bent on making hell on earth.  Odds are you're one! No?

Seriously: A person would need to be a narcissistic sociopath to do anything that would hurt, sicken or kill the other guy in the bed! And yet, +100-Million corpses made dead by "gay" men over the last few decades proves that the driving voices within the gay community have been narcissistic sociopaths! And when AIDS was discovered to be a virus - what did these man-fails do? They blamed society for not having a cure! Rather than stop ass-fucking; - Society "owed" gays a "cure" for the plague/s gays have predominantly spread at a rate +4300% greater than the general population! Stop ass-fucking & the plagues will fade away! G0YS told you so, & as men who love men, we offer NO APOLOGY

Every so often, someone gets an astonishingly asinine idea that becomes a faD.
It's like
a wave of "unstoppable stupidity" comes upon a subculture of foolS!


& even when you shout "NO!" & yell "DANGER!" & show a mountain of corpses ...
... Fools will assert that "There's nothing perilous about Ass-Fuck!ng the Grim-Reaper"!

According to the Centers for Disease Control, AnalSex is a whopping +5000% more perilous at spreading sexually transmitted diseases than even OralSex! So when you run the numbers, it is estimated that +90% of every sexually transmitted disease spread within humanity has been done so via AnalSex! Among those maimed or killed as a result of sexually transmitted diseases - AnalSex has likely caused +95% of it all!

So, instead of using an ENDLESS (& I mean without end) number of slurs, insults & associated derogatory terms to describe the act & those who would foist the plagues it brings upon their follow man; - I have decided to create this page (you are here), linked to the animation above where it or a smaller version of it may stand in for appropriately derogatory text throughout the g0ys website. You'll notice that the smaller version also resembles text that has been blacked out - such as when an expletive is covered up.

Upon clicking the link, the curious will be transported here - where the explanation for the odd symbol is given & hopefully, the visitor will comprehend how detestable g0ys consider the act of AnalSex to be; - The act that has been the primary vector for maiming and killing millions of people globally, & the single reason why the gay-male community continues to be the butt of jokes whispered behind the backs of those ignorant enough to believe that political correctness can transmute the absurd into the rational any more than repeating a lie enough times can turn it into the truth.

Many people don't realize that AnalSex was extremely UNpopular early on in the "gay" sexual liberation movement. People who did the act were referred to as "brownie-queens". It was the right-wing media that promoted the idea that "anal-sex" was what being "gay" was all about & the lowbrow elements of porn production capitalized on the shock-value of the fetish for marketing purposes. And lots of people believed the twisted marketing. So, anal-sex came to the forefront of the sexuality revolution as "gay-sex" - being promoted by a media controlled by the very people who were enemies of the "same-gender sexuality revolution" (by exploiting the perilous fetishes of a bunch of men who, are ALL mostly - old sickly geezers (or long dead) from the diseases that analsex caused to explode into the "gay-male" population)! Following the behavioral models promoted by people who hate you merely for existing or the actions of a group of ill, dead, old fools, - is not the template of a wise or desirable social movement. Isn't it about time that you stop letting pornographers provide intimacy instruction from an old manual written by a long dead & disgraced minority of bug-chasers & lying religious clerics? For those particularly curious about the many, many good reasons why men of sound mind & good conscience reject AnalSex - simply click the animated image above and you will be enlightened.  
For starts, you can listen to a very brief, but brutal summary of the CDC's statement by clicking this chart:

The chart to the left models STD infection rates based on CDC statistics & presumes a virtually unlimited starting population with (1) infected individual at Year/0.
What should shock you is the fact a logarithmic scale is needed to compare the contagion graphs! This is because the contagion rate of AnalSex grows so explosively that a logarithmic chart was the only way to illustrate that growth without completely obscuring the other (2) comparisons! So remember that each vertical block represents a 10x increase over the last & so on (on the logarithmic chart)! Mouse over for a linear version. This chart says all!
BTW: The only thing that slows down the deadly progress of this virus is the fact it eventually MAIMS & KILLS those it infects - slowing contagion!

Hypothesis: There is a Deadly, Insanity Inducing Pathogen spread via AnalSex!

In nature there is a disease spread by cats called ToxoPlasMosis that affects the brains of animals it infects so that the smell of cat-urine becomes unoffensive. Rats - who by nature are repelled by the smell of cat-urine (for obvious reasons), oddly find the smell to be sexually arousing - once infected. These rats are more often caught & eaten by cats & the cycle of the pathogen's lifecycle begins again.
Based on observation & Occam's razor; - I hypothesize that there is a similar pathogen found in the feces of infected people that causes people who are infected to fetishize shit - instead of being naturally repulsed by it. In ancient Egypt, both cats & scarabs were worshipped. This understanding may explain why. I believe that this unrecognized pathogen is infecting society at epidemic levels & explains WHY people lose all semblance of common-sense & critical thinking in, what has become, a growing societal interest in the "Joys of Anal--Sex" (as several authors ASSert). Considering that major health organizations such as the CDC have identified to be some +5000% better at spreading diseases than even OralSex, - That statistic alone constitutes the "Show-cause" basis to see the act declared illegal in the name of public health as well as creating the medical initiative to actively look for such a pathogen! This hypothesis gains further credibility when you consider that another STI called "syphilis" is already known to alter the brains of people who have been infected to increase libido (& thereby facilitate the spread of the disease.) Syphilis is a devastating, long term disease that can remain hidden for years in some people while it causes mounting damage in the infected person, & via contagion. So, to postulate that there may be a similar STI or a mere variant of an existing one that causes the sociopathy I've described is not a difficult stretch! BTW: Syphilis is also making a covert resurgence.

Critics often say to me: "You need to be 'nicer' in your presentation."
My response is: "I stopped being 'nice' the day a lifelong friend put a gun to his head & pulled the trigger because he'd been suffering in silence his entire short adult life due to the hellatious lies pushed by & religious fundamentalists!"

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