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Not Interested, Dude:

It constantly amazes me in a sadly disappointing kinda way, the mindfield of filth that assaults guys in & around the scene.  G0YS simply aren't interested is seeing guys bitched out or treated with disrespect. "No Bro, -I don't want to watch a 'gay porno', because 99.999% of them eventually involve putting things up a guy's arse that don't belong there -ever!". G0YS aren't prudes. I have megabytes of guy pictures on my PC in many states of clothing partialities.  However, I don't have any pics (that I'm aware of) -of guys being abused, humiliated, bitched, beaten, etc.  Yeah -I even have guy-couples pics. Same deal. And the guys I show my collection to -usually respond with the same admiration for the affection, friendship & love shown between buds in the images.  

'When people began to use the term "GAY", it primarily meant "Same-Sex-Attracted". G0YS have no issue with that original, simple meaning. However, over time, -the term has taken on lots of ASSociated-baggage as a result of stigmas from stereotypes - many aggressively & shamelessly promoted by the "GAY MALE COMMUNITY" itself 

It is one thing to be slurred by "outsiders"; -- However, the bulk of Gay-male stigmas are promoted as "gay-culture" from within the "gay-male demographic". When a group declares itself "anathema", what appeal to "tolerance" remains? None!

The current use of the term now brings a series of images to people's minds that generally have nothing to do with simple attractions (but are inseparably welded to the word in the public psyche). The use has become so distorted - that saying "gay-sex" is now generally presumed synonymous w. "anal-sex" - so much so that mass-media regularly interchanges the two. Not only does the "GAY COMMUNITY" seem "ok" with that stereotype, but actively promotes it -& many others.  
As a result, G0YS find the current use of the term "GAY" to be vulgar, & acutely repugnant to our ethos. Our disrespect of the term reflects our feelings about the contemporary implications (implied stigmas/stereotypes); -not a disdain for the original (simplistic) use. Please bear this in mind whenever you see any g0y commentary critical of "GAY".' 
 - Site Founder

Man the Fuck up! Go G0Y!

The 'Scene'...

Most g0ys, because of our innate natures & predispositions, -are uncomfortable with 'the Scene'. It's also worthwhile to note that 'the Scene' is different depending on where you live. Setting ASSide the 'human-flotsam' component for the moment, -we also realize that within the scene are:

  1. Other g0ys - just as put-off by the drama & decadence components as the next g0y
  2. "gAys" who would rather not phuck or be phuck'd in an arse-plugg'n sense (butt who have been deceived by 'the Scene')
  3. Guys who are coming into 'the Scene' who don't know what they want or who to role-model (either singly or collectively)
  4. STD carrying members of the Butt-Phuck Dicktatorship who don't know the difference between their arse & a hole in the ground; -Don't care (& ass a result, -the former usually leads to the latter -- & anyone they can bury with them).
  5. ...various other UNg0y elements all in various levels of self indulgences...

It's primarily for the first 3 groups that g0ys may be interested to do 'the Scene', -& let's face it: Despite the hard line approach taken on this website discussing the non compromise of personal g0y-principles; --The fact remains that most of us know some guys who do 'the Scene' who seem to be really great guys. And, despite the fact that g0ys do not expect guys doing the butt-phuck to 'convert' to g0y values; -We do acknowledge that lots of guys do have life changing epiphanies when told about us - including those who have previously been deceived by 'the Scene'.

Of course, there will be lots of g0ys who previously did the scene before finding us, --who are more relaxed in 'the Scene' because of personality traits & familiarity.  It's likely that such g0ys may very well want to find great future g0y relationship/s in 'the Scene".  There is a valid mindset that says: "I'm in it, butt not of it...".

In the world, butt not of it:

A g0y in 'the Scene' is kind of like a designated driver. Sure, he's with a room full of imbibers, --but he's ultimately there for the sake of others & his mindset keeps him separate from the excesses of the 'crowd-followers' all around him.  In any sufficiently large party, there is usually more than 1 designated driver. The same is true with the g0ys among a group of 'gAys'.

The easiest way to find other g0ys is to set yourself apart - usually by a link on your internet profile, website or by wearing clothing that contains a g0y-centric image in the real-world.
I.E: (Image Left Link)

The reasoning is obvious: People will ask, "What's that?". The 'gAys' from groups (4&5) above will murmur, hiss & gossip about the "homophobic intolerant group you so shamelessly promote". The guys who are predisposed to the g0y philosophy; --& those who just can't stand groups (4&5) above -- will gravitate to you.  The key is being confident in who you are & what your value set is (Just remind the queens & hissers that they must "be tolerant" ;-).  Anyone who has spent time in 'the Scene' knows that it is not one big happy family anyhow, -but is already fractured with various sub-groups.  Because of who the g0ys are, -we'll naturally appeal to members of many of those various sub-groups.  The thing to remember is that the movement itself will do the marketing for you. No need exists to be confrontational with gAys.  You have a fundamental right to your life & to choose who you make part of your group of friends. A brief explanation might be: "G0YS -spelled w. a ZER0, -are guys who are all about masculine respect, pride & integrity; & we believe it's disrespectful for a guy to play the role of a b1tch."  That statement will resonate longer & louder than the reverberations from the sound system, -- guaranteed...

Once your presence in a group has been established for a month or three, (more or less) - more people will begin to "come out" as "g0y" as the "OMG! - What will the ArsePluggerz do!?" factor subsides .  As this happens, it will form a deep psychological division between gAy & g0y, because currently, -the 2 mindsets are separated by a giant philosophical chasm (which is all about behavior & consequences; --with attractions being coincidental). At the same time, your stance will also be a source of distinction, encouragement & masculine pride among those it resonates with (& there are more guys like that outside of 'the Scene' than within)!  You'll likely begin to hear from some of them -- because you're going to have answers many have been long seeking. BIsexual is the MAJORITY. And who IS, will probably shock you when you begin to find it out 1st hand. 

Sexuality doesn't need to be cheap, sleazy or abusive.  Why don't people realize that? Do pornographers really control the space between people's ears so that they can't filter "love" from "lascivious"?  I actually feel sorry for a number of so-called "gay" porn stars because they engage in so much unattractive, unnatural behavior as part of the scripts -that they must suffer permanent confusion as what constitutes "natural intimate sexuality".  I met one guy who made the mistake of doing "M2M for pay" on a popular "straight-gone-gay" website. In our conversation, he admitted that he did indeed think some guys were hott, but he had crossed the line when he violated his conscience with a top/bottom scene.  In retrospect, he saw clearly that the money offered was to coerce him in doing that scene. Used & discarded -- now his image is displayed to promote a set of behaviors he feels personally repulsed by: anal.  I explained the g0ys concept to the dude & you could see his demeanor change as he realized that massive difference between crossing & not crossing the anal-line meant.  You could literally see the feelings of relief come over him as he realized that loving a buddy didn't need to be mixed with actions that violated the conscience, - & that historically -- analsex had specifically been considered a criminal offense for millennia in civilized cultures.  ButtSex isn't part of loving a buddy! I wonder how many guys have been totally screwed up because they believed the gay-lie that asserts M2M intimacy involves playing in arseholes.

In contrast:  I've photographed a number of my friends & I don't have a hardon shot in the lot.  That sort of thing is far too difficult to capture tastefully without looking like cheap exploitation. It can be done. But I'm not going to gamble with my buds.  I do shoot nudity -but it's never done in way to suggest sleaze.  In my opinion, photographers who need their models to stroke up before frontal shoots are shallow & desperate.  And I mention these things because the mindsets seem to be common: G0YS -- interested in beauty, discretion, modesty, self-control & respect; --While "gAy" accepts -even pushes - everything as 'equally acceptable'. Well, it's not.  So no, Bro - I don't want to check your dick out at the urinal. I don't use glory-holes. I have no interest in the crack of your arse; --& if you contort your body into another effeminate pose or bat your fake-pouty-lashes at me, - I'm gonna see if my drink will make your mascara run. 
Those of you guys who feel the same way now know that you're not a prude to avoid being rude! 

Depending on the composition of 'Da Scene' you're in -- expect that eventually that those who will call you the likes of "a judgmental bigot", - will prove by their actions that it is they who are the intolerant bigots.  Make g0y friends. Get names & numbers. And if it gets to the point where 'Dame Edna' is trying to stir the sh!t-pot too much, --then leave & let your friends know. Removing your business (& money) from the establishment may back-fire on the 'Tyranny of the Butt--Phuck'.

G0YS -spelled w. a ZER0, -are guys who are all about masculine respect, health & integrity; & we believe it's disrespectful for a guy to play the role of a b!tch.