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 I gave some long & hard thought to the name of this section.  I wanted to illustrate verbally how destructive social behaviors get started, & once rolling, - people get involved because they venerate the marketing icons - not necessarily because they find the ultimate fulfillment in the acts surrounding veneration of the icons.  Finally, I considered the real reason that the Butt-Fuck-Tyranny has sold it's behavior: LIARS
There is an interesting parallel. Did you know that the term "fags" is still occasionally used in the UK as slang for cigarettes. Where do tobacco execs go when they die professionally?  I suspect it's back up the arse that spawned them.    See, it dawned on me that it took the skilled lying mind of a tobacco marketer to duplicate the trail of death & destruction that tobacco use has spawned - & make it an example of a new movement we call the "Butt-Fuck-Tyranny" (BFT). 
The primary deception is identical.

Know your enemy -
I.E: Tobacco marketing works like this:

  1. Generates an appeal to someone who, previously has no innate desire whatsoever to smoke: This is done thru slick marketing that ties tobacco to social niceties - usually sex (& have they spent considerable money to send that message on numerous levels)!  Other general impressions are broadcast - like masculinity (cowboys) for men & a nice figure (Virgina slims) for women, etc.  The message: "If you smoke, you'll be loved..."

  2. Create a habit of the act.  Tobacco does this by continuing to push the concept above, and manipulating nicotine levels in the product.  Studies have found that nicotine is 250-400% more addictive than heroin!  This is why drug-addiction is called a habit.  Smoking becomes a "habit".  See any parallels?   

  3. Human psychology becomes the 3rd factor in this formula.  Once hooked, it's easier for the mind to justify the act & cling to the false expectations promoted in the marketing, - than to admit that the user was duped & now is being robbed (of life & wealth) by a large corporation that wants his money & has taken great steps to addict him in order to continue getting it.  The mind that succumbed to the marketing in step 1, -- has now become the "justifying" voice of peer-pressure.  And misery loves company.  Spirit gives birth to spirit.

    1. "Hey, you're gonna die anyway." (True ... but does dying years ahead of schedule with some chronic disease sound that appealing)

    2. "Everybody does it." (This 'everybody' doesn't & neither do my 'everybody' close friends.)

    3. "Lie, lie, lie, lie, lie" - becoming a fool for the company that has pimped them to a cleverly packaged addictive agent....

Did you know that smoking was the leading cause of airline disasters before being banned on flights!  Ask most smokers about second-hand smoke (now scientifically linked to countless deaths), & they won't care - for the most-part.  This is why it became necessary to pass laws to forbid smoking in public places -- because these ADDICTS didn't have the decency to consider their fellow man.  Passive smoking kills & is a leading cause of disease.   Studies done in families where an adult smokes show the children are several times more susceptible to colds, flu & other serious - chronic diseases like asthma.  This has all been clearly establishedArgument over.  But large numbers of smokers still want to argue about their "rights", - & tobacco companies -- like the unconcerned addicts they produce -- design their advertising to coincidentally appeal to younger people -- despite laws prohibiting it.  "Sidestream advertising" -- possible due to the complexity of human psychology & the disinterested ignorance of whoring lawmakers.

Tobacco companies who pay their marketing researchers big bucks, are well aware of the above principles.  In feigned compliance with recent court rulings, they have launched a "campaign" to "help" parents "talk to their kids about not smoking".  Several times in the "public service message", the phrase "about not smoking" is used.  This wording is INTENTIONAL.  The way the phrase is worded sets up a psychological suggestion that there is some invisible pressure to "smoke" that must be overcome.  This is powerful psychology -- right out of the arsenal of the hypnotist.   For sin, seizing the opportunity afforded by the commandment, deceived me, and through the commandment put me to death - Bible. What idiot really believes that a company that peddles death & addiction cares jak-squat about your kids?  What lawmakers should do is make 1 out of every 2 packs carry the warning "Leading Cause of Sexual Dysfunction" in the surgeon-general's box.  Undo step #1 in the addiction chain!

Tobacco kills about 425,000+ people in the US - every year (& remember -- these deaths are the result of lingering long-term illness for the most part).  And have you considered the amount of money that moves thru related businesses as smoking takes it's toll?  Most people who die from tobacco use linger in a chronic state of worsening disease for years.  The amount of money that greases the palms of pharmaceutical companies, medical specialists, hospitals, hospice, mortuaries & more is absolutely staggering. 
Consider Congress: Why would they want to ban nicotine when the sale of the delivery system (tobacco) removes 425,000+ people from Social Security rolls annually.  Had these people not smoked, they would have lived an estimated average of 10-20+ years longer - in better health & collected payouts from Social Security (you know .... payouts on money they paid in).  However, the so-called "SS trust fund" is empty - full of government  IOU's (to be paid as needed by taxpayers - again!).  425,000 annual, premature deaths of smokers persons greatly helps to keep the bankrupted scam of "social security" from being uncovered by a largely ignorant & disinterested public. You see, if there was no Social Security, retirement would need to be privatized.  This would allow people to: Retire when they wanted & leave their unspent retirement fund to their heirs as part of their estate at death.   Social security robs people of both (talk about raping a nation of its wealth)!  Government loves big-tobacco.  They talk tough -- but the
WHORE gets paid well to write laws favorable to the trend continuing.

Big Buck$ in Butt Phuck$:

As I have yet to meet a person who suddenly awoke one day with a penchant for tobacco; -- Neither have I ever met a man who suddenly awoke one day with a penchant for playing in the arses of other people.  These are un-natural habits by the mere definition of the word.  Additionally, most people find the smell of feces emotionally disturbing - just as most nonsmokers don't like the smell of tobacco smoke.  Nature intended it that way.  Exposure is a bio-hazard!
Like tobacco, - sex is used to sell the new behavior. Understand: Butt phucking is technically - NOT sex.  By definition, sex is genital, butt the anus <pun> is NOT a genital organ & no amount of wishful thinking will make it one.  However, pornography (marketing for the BPT) portrays "anal" is if it was on par with genital sex.  Say: "Massive Lie".

  • This Lie is easily pushed because anal-"sex" involves penetration; -- It "resembles" penile/vaginal sex to the indiscriminate onlooker.  Most people are ignorant of the extreme differences in biology between the anus & the vagina.  Most people are also unaware of the extreme differences within the environments of the two.

  • The Lie is also reinforced by the ACTING done in scenes involving Anal-"sex" in porn (deceptive marketing).  You see, the actor with the dick up his/her arse with that look of "rapture" on their face is LYING.  In "straight" sex, such a "look" implies an orgasm -- which is a result of actual biology within the female's genital anatomy.  The anus lacks any such biology.  Therefore, a man feigning the look of orgasmic rapture is nothing other than a female impersonator who barely knows the form -- & none of the substance.  Say "LIAR".  This is usually easy to discern -- because in most porn involving the "orgasmic-anal look", the actor being penetrated usually has something less than a "full-mast erection".  See, if he really was feeling what his face implies -- he'd be having his orgasm -- because this is what is happening to women during "vaginal" sex while she has the "look".  Oh, - women do fake the "look" too (been faking it since time began); -- & do fake it during porn involving anal sex at the command of the director (After all - the studio is paying the bills).  The fact is: The arse is NOT a genital organ capable of feeling anything remotely like an "orgasm".  Anyone who insists differently is talking out of their's...

  1. Why do men override their natural instincts - & BF?  Since there are several hypothesis's, I wanted to briefly address them: 

    1. Men who have low self-esteem & feel less than 'men'; -- Who want to be accepted by so-called "real" men will disregard their consciences - & boof.

    2. Men who desire to feel powerful & controlling of other men will often be willing to "top" them.  Male/male rape is driven by this psychology.

    3. Men as the above who rape/have been &/ abused by other men; -- & now believe that this is how providence dictates they are to "relate" with "men".

    4. Men who hate their gender & desire to be women - choose to boof because they pretend it is penile/vaginal sex (they're proxy khunts).

    5. Men who have bought the lie that anal-"sex" is what men affectionately do with men (affiliations with any of the above; - & consuming "gay" porn).

Examples of Flame'n Faggot Propaganda:

The ads shown to the right are not really ads at all, -but represent the forms of faux-advertising that pay-per-use "gay" dating services use to attract men to join.
Notice how the 1st ad caters to "older" men -who statistically are men who have aged out of the dating scene.  It's easy to see some old pervert getting all 'hopeful' about finding a guy who'll do 'whatever daddy wants'. It's textbook stink-bait advertising.
The 2nd ad is more of the same -offering the appearance of some naive guy -dumb enough to let some "top" teach him a lesson. 
Both are examples of marketing to sick-fukks; -& notice how AnalSex is the presumed common denominator. Want to die in misery: Early, ill & lonely? There's the formula to get you there!

  1. Who benefits from the lies:

    1. Condom manufacturers make a fiscal killing <pun>.  Anyone who has purchased a box knows that they're not "free".  How much investment do you think the manufacturer has in a few grams of rubber?  The profit on millions is ASStronomical.  Some schools & clinics may offer "free" condoms, but they indeed - have to pay for them -- usually by raising baseline costs in other areas.  Government "subsidies" may pay for some ... but hey: Where do those subsidy dollars originate from in the first place? 

    2. Many condom manufacturers are subsidiary companies of larger conglomerates.  These parent conglomerates contribute big money to political campaigns.  Every time the government chants the slogan "use a condom every time", the manufacturers orgasm money into their campaign funds. Part of the reason that sections of government are against "gay marriage" is because such a thing encourages monogamy & once that happens, condom (& other 'safe-sex' product) sales will fall sharply in those demographics. Also, billions of dollars are at stake for pharmaceutical companies selling drugs to slow the effects of HIV & other diseases that are spread primarily via multi-partner-chain anal-sex.  Billions of annual dollars are at stake to keep "gay sex" dangerous; - & illegitimate in the eyes of the populace.  If you don't think people could be this cold & calculating -- you simply haven't met enough lawyer-politicians yet.

    3. According to studies, condoms fail about 2% of the time during anal sex (but have you ever seen a successful lawsuit litigated against a condom manufacturer?).  Risks of catching a disease are almost 5000% higher when this happens - than with even 0ral-sex!  Also, people who have gotten into the habit of "anal", may forego the condom when it's not available or convenient (or neither party can't afford a pack at the moment).  These people constitute a part of the population that ultimately funnels billions of dollars into the health-care industry for treatment of STD's.  Some STD's are incurable (AIDS, Herpes, Hepatitis A,B,C, etc).  Most hospitals are FOR PROFIT businesses too (just try running one at a loss & see how long it's around).  The pharmaceutical industry is making a fortune on death & disease.  Do you know what it costs to treat HIV - long term?  Insurers simply pass these expenses into their premiums & use them as excuses to raise premiums higher than what it costs to cover the diseases -- burying the truth in actuarial & administration 'projections'.

    4. The "safe-sex" guru's all benefit -- especially those that suck the tit of government money to preach their "safe-sex / use a condom every time" message.  Does your school have a "sex-ed" program?  They teach condom use in general & butt-phucking if you're "gay".  And they get paid well to teach your kids how to kill themselves with their 'message'.  Public MISeducation...

    5. Other industries - all about anal-sex (I.E "Lube, latex & arse-toys") depend on people doing the unnatural nasty & needing products to facilitate the act.  Don't underestimate the aggregate dollars these corporate-whores make - or the lengths they'll go to in order to underpin their niche.  The love of money is the root of all evil.

Even though it's expensive & emotionally detached; -- And destroying lives ...As with tobacco use ... once people have gone off in this direction, human psychology becomes a voice for peer-pressure & 'contortionist-mentality-justification'.  Addicts never have a "problem".  They insist: "They're in control..."; - Just ask 'em.  In this case, - the "addiction" is a sexual fetish based on arse-play.  Because it involves the anus, it is - by definition: A perversion; & quite arguably a crime against nature, - because of the obvious dangers & often deadly results.  It should be a misdemeanor...with all the penalty (if caught engaging in) of spitting on the sidewalk.  Making it such isn't intended to punish individuals for bad choices -- as virtually nobody would be prosecuted under such a low-priority, public lewdness law.  However, in the US, there is a principle in law that is germane:  "Conspiracy to commit a misdemeanor" is a felony.  That would seriously bite into marketing -- when you consider the porn script itself would be that conspiracy (if the script calls for the act between 2 people, then it's a conspiracy to commit).  Making the act illegal at the federal level would also give the FCC the teeth to restrict broadcasting, & give local ordinances the codes to prohibit marketing materials promoting the act.  Sex ed would not be able to promote the act as "gay" sex.  "This act" is "against the law".  Owners of businesses that cater to the fetish could be charged criminally for knowingly providing a place & means to promote illegal acts (conspiring to commit).  Those participating in the act might get a legal "handslap"; -- Butt those promoting the act & providing for it would get "handcuffs".  Understand the dynamics?  We're not talking about the semantics of rubbing noses vs. rubbing cheeks.  We're talking about a fetish that routinely maims, kills & results in long-term social burdens.   Why this is treated differently than other "public safety" issues, is beyond me!   The act is obscene - whether male/male or male/female.  Imagery promoting it in a 'positive light' should be banned - & such a concise ban on commercial speech would not violate the 1st amendment.  Tobacco has already been used to establish such case law. 

Ignorance & other enemies of the facts:

In my experience, ignorance is the ultimate foe. From people ignorant of legal process - who will erroneously ASSert that the suggestion above limiting "anal" marketing is somehow abridging free speech; -- to those who simply cannot see the insanity of a fetish that treats the anus as a genital organ. 

I constantly hear from ignoramuses who ASSume that the urinary tract is a similar environment to the colon; -- when the fact is that the urinary tract is a sterile, germ free environment until infected by some disease; -- while the colon normally contains close to a billion bacteria per ML & cannot be made sterile without killing the person!  These facts explain the "exit only" nature of excretion (& the constant process of vaginal flushing) - as the internal environment is susceptible to certain pathogens taking hold if the outside environment had general access. 

Having a genius IQ & a thorough understanding of these processes - as well as other related branches of science, I am constantly amazed at how uninformed & intellectually lax most of the population is on the very issues that can kill them or make their lives so miserable that each day is a decision not to end it.

Greed adds a dishonest dimension to the "argument" because it seeks to protect its profits no matter what the truth or social consequences actually are.  Avarice - a disinterest in any moral restraint that would interfere with the perception of "pleasure" adds its dishonest arguments "for" acts that lead to death.  Metaphysically, - it's like the "pros" side of a biological warfare argument! Of course, these traits are most visible in the porn industry. When whores are showcased - you can be sure that you'll find many more in management.  Butt, seriously: The festering foreskins, -the fools who push porn (especially so-called 'gay-porn') will ultimately be called to the carpet of quantum justice; --& then cast onto a bed of suffering for their role of exploiting naive actors & audiences with dollars in one hand & dildo's in the other:  Directors who turn M2M affection into bait & an excuse to plunge arses to showcase their excesses. Worthy of death? Abso-phukk'n-lootly! What they produce sends a message that warrants a sufficient deterrent of a response. 

Those who blur the issue - who imply that "anal-sex" is on par with "gay-sex" - are formidable lying enemies -who have been quite successful in planting that very notion in the minds of the public. From the religious reicht, to the lawless-left: the assertion that Gay=AnalSex - is repeated too often to track (most often by the gay-male-community itself). Even many government agencies & newspapers interchange the two terms "gay-sex" & "anal-sex" routinely (I wonder how lesbians feel about this)!  Being a Kinsey-6 "g0y guy", -- I can tell you 1st hand that so-called "anal-sex" is no more innately "gay" than it is "straight".  Every civilized nation in history has outlawed it; -- & those that didn't - suffered the extreme consequences of disease & death.  25-50% of Africa's adults (in some regions) are HIV+ at the present.  Why? The dynamic is easy to understand: In that part of the world, many people lack the resources to purchase barrier birth control.  Once accepted into the social psyche as an "acceptable practice", -Anal-sex becomes a more common method of "birth control".  Add prostitution, + marital infidelity & mix in "gay" boofing; -- & the statistical truth of the nature of anal sex shows geometric progression to be the trend.  Over 20 years -- half the continent is "suddenly" terminally ill. Who's to blame? That answer is self-evident: Those promoting the "arse-fukk mentality".          

Cowardice is another enemy; -- The trait of those who know the facts, but choose not to express them because there might be a backlash from the "Greed & Avarice" crowd (most politicians).  [This is particularly true in churches that have been confronted with the truth but refuse to change their traditional posturing of ignorance/bigotry because they fear backlash from the hypocrites within their own sects - &/ the possible loss of their office.  They fear mere men - more than they do the God they claim to "fear" (I suspect that hell shall open it's maw for the likes of them)!  Having been victimized by these hypocrites myself; -- I hold them in the highest contempt -  ("But to the cowardly and unbelieving and sinners and [ones] having been corrupted and murderers and sexual sinners and sorcerers and idolaters and all the liars: Their part [will be] in the lake, the one being burnt with fire and sulfur [or, brimstone], which is the second death." - Rev 21:8)  Why damned? Because the message they carry about same-sex relationships is a lie; And while they spread it (& sidestream messages that destroy lives) -- they overlook the real prohibition - which is against anal sex, & prostitution (Romans 1).  They literally have lost the good faith to promote causality & why law is written.  This trend is precisely as Jesus predicted; -- & Paul - then Peter later reaffirmed:  Antichristos in the sects; & hate accepted as "theology"? The gigantic irony is that -according to the Scriptures -most sects/denominations are positioned as enemies of God Himself! It's time to 'come out from among them' ... don't ya think?]

Fix'n it: 

Dealing with this issue is not going to be easy.  One of the biggest tasks is to remove the distortions that still surround the perceptions of most male/male intimate friendships. Ironically, this means that most of the guys in the "gay scene" do not represent the men we are discussing. Yes, there are exceptions -- but if you hang out with smokers, you're gonna smell like them. Likewise: If you hang out with flamers ...  Besides -- if the "gay scene" was so full of deep thinkers, then why is it that the few anti-anal websites on the internet are authored by people who, for the most part, have shunned & are shunned by the "scene"?  Many guys in the "scene" have accepted "anal-play" as "just another sexual expression".  Sorry, it's n0t.  Butt-play belongs w. sex as much as cyanide belongs on the spice rack.  (Mmmm ... tastes like almonds...)

Most g0ys are "Bi" because most men are amBisexual.  Bold statement ... but those darn statistics don't seem to budge for opinions -- only facts.  Therefore - that popular guy who gets the babes & has a ton of friends -- more likely than not, has some same-sex affections that he carefully conceals because he doesn't want "gay germs" all over him & his reputation.  He's totally normal, quite g0y & in the majority (a majority that denies itself because it does not know who the g0ys are!)