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So, - you've seen the MAIN G0YS website? Maybe you're interested in forming a g0ys group of your own. Some guys do this to serve local interests of g0ys in their area, & others do it because they feel pulled to serve a particular demographic of the population - sometimes with some minor ideological distinctions to the primary g0ys group. A method has been designed to allow the motivated g0y to run his own g0y group - while getting a listing-link from the MAIN G0Y's group! Whatever your "slice of G0YDOM", we want you to feel included, but not constrained by the feel of the hard-line'd brand of g0y ideology that some think exists on the main g0y's site located at -or the direct group links.  However - it takes some effort if you want to make your own group that will meet our 'x-ref standards'.

G0YS into cars; -G0YS who are Kinsey-3's; -G0YS into computers; -G0YS who are agnostic; -G0YS who are ticklers; -G0YS who dig wrestling; -G0YS who are Latino; -G0YS who are
Libertarian or Tea-Party
Supporters, etc...

This is how we intend to accomplish this:

This document contains a page of links - recognized from the Main G0YS site. These links are to g0ys sites that conform to the basic minimum philosophy of and have done the following:

1) Submitted their URL to the Main G0YS site for consideration for list inclusion.
2) Have a RECIPROCAL LINK on their "site" back to; -clearly identified as a "GR0UND ZER0 link to G0YS 0rigin"
3) Contains a LINK to this URL - available for browsing by members.
4) The group MUST BE MODERATED if it allows member postings.
5) Take some time to flesh out your opening page with a good picture
(Borrow one of these if you lack an image library of your own) & a full allotment of text. If you're not ambitious enough to make your group's 1st impression attention-grabbing, -then reconsider starting one to begin with. After all: People only join what catches their interest. If you form a YAH00 group, here are some configuration criteria.

If your group meets the criteria for inclusion in this list, those visiting the g0ys group will be able to locate you on this list (hub-spoke) approach ... and those visiting any other g0ys group will be able to find other groups - including the main g0ys site. 


G0YS Affiliated Groups
If you find a group in this list that clearly is no longer adhering to g0y principles,
drop us an e-mail to inform us of the defunct URL.

G0YS Group/s:

You may be here because you feel completely alone in your situation. After all, you're basically a regular guy who behaves like any other regular guy. You may even date women or be married. But, deep inside, you deal with strong feelings of real warmth + genuine affection for other guys too. You've seen the media's take on the "gay" community; & not only do you N0T relate to that image, but you find many of the practices repulsive to your basic value system. The truth is, you're a guy who really loves masculinity & appreciates those traits in other men, while simultaneously finding actions that effeminize masculine men to be grossly distasteful We are the g0ys! Join us!

Supplemental, Satellite & Special Interest Groups below: ARCHIVES

Note: Over a decade ago, Yahoo ran a large number of groups. G0YS grew explosively thru these often rising to the tops of categories formerly dominated with "gay" groups in a mere fraction of the time!  However, due to lax internal security at Yahoo, a number of the g0ys groups were tampered with & defaced from WITHIN Yahoo itself. One day - over 30 g0ys groups simply vanished affecting thousands of members! Vandals within Yahoo reset database flags to hide groups from primary search listings - rendering them invisible. Groups were sometimes reclassified without authorization and almost all group opening page graphics were modified without authorization into completely unrelated theme matter.  I warned Yahoo over a decade ago that their lax internal security was going to cost them and several years later a gigantic class action lawsuit against Yahoo proved my predictions to have been very accurate. So, g0ys has left the Yahoo platform. Yahoo is shutting all groups down. It's a testament to Yahoo's internal half-assery & how a technological giant made itself into a laughing stock of the Internet community via mismanagement.

Africa(S) G0YS
on FaceBook!

G0YS is growing internationally! See what's happening in Africa!

Brazil G0YS
& Beyond

G0YS is growing internationally! See what's happening in South America!

Delphi G0YS Forum

For men who use Delphi Forums. 
One of the Internet's Oldest!
Visit us!


Мы стартуем с нашим порталом для мужчин. Далеко не всё сейчас работает, как задумано, но в ближайшее время заработает непременно. Нет предела совершенству, а сильно задерживаться с запуском нам не хочется � столько важного и интересного намечено! Тем более, что сегодня � День влюбленных, а любовь в жизни г0ев играет основополагающую роль.

We start with our portal for men. Greatly delayed the launch of us  - so many important and interesting things planned!


Tanto en M�xico como en diferentes pa�ses de Latino am�rica ha habido un crecimiento en la pr�ctica del ser g0y en nuestro pa�s. Con tantas variantes como adecuaciones culturales que ha habido que hacer, pero algo que define claramente �sta pr�ctica, es la no-penetraci�n anal en la relaci�n sexual de la pareja.


Get started right.
Find out about the: g 0 y s.

Potential Meeting Sites

Remember, G0YS can use any of the Dating Phone-Apps available!

How do you find G0YS on these sites/apps?
Note: Very few of these dating sites actually hold to g0y principles. Stand up!

Post a personal ad there.
Within that ad, be sure to mention that you're a 'G0Y' - seeking G0YS
Include a LINK or URL pointing at (spelled w. a zer0)
        Besides being a great way to plug, that link also lets guys know what you're about
      before they waste your time or theirs!

Many systems don't allow URLs in ads - so write something like "G00GLE G0YS" 2learn more.
Picture ads get lots more hits.

Let your Personal ad do the work!

Besides being a great way to plug, it also lets guys know what you're about before they waste your time or theirs!

Some systems don't allow URLs in ads - so write something like "G00GLE G0YS" to learn more.
Picture ads get lots more hits.