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0n even closer inspection:  

From a Christian perspective, the followers of Islam are to be treated no differently than any other group of non-Christian people: With love. While the sword of law has provisions to prosecute men who engage in actions that harm others, -the other sword - that of the Spirit of God - commends the true followers of God to extend the love & grace of God to those who do not yet see.  If you read the writings of Islam, the "penalty" of NOT embracing Islam is to be relegated to 2nd-class citizenship & pay a tax levied on non-Islamic people.  Anyone who understands the concept of a constitutional republic may ask themselves if such a philosophy is already secretly at work in US government controlled areas -& all such jurisdictions where supposedly "free" people are subjected to the clearly documented, unlawful application of a direct unapportioned tax on labor!  Would being a Christian in an Islamic regime be treated any differently? 

I believe that showing compassion to people is the greatest overcoming method of them all. It is the hallmark of being Christian -especially when that compassion is extended to those who are hurtful to us because they have been deceived.  And as a Christian who follows a 1st-century model of this faith; --I know 1st hand that God still proves Himself with life-changing power that exceeds the ability of any man to emulate!  Islam has no such power, & neither does the gigantic false-church -that, like all other false religions, -teaches that Godliness is merely a theological belief-system.  Those of us who have experienced this power, know better!

Because when I see Islamic men ... I see that they are men 1st, -& I have deep compassion.  I detest the philosophy of false clerics that drives so many to violent, desperate self-destruction; & I despise actions that would punish the innocent as the guilty.  When I see images of dead children as the result of "war", I do not try to rationalize by saying, "but these are the children of my enemy". Instead, I see only the abomination of murdered innocence and I realize that who my real enemy is often hides behind great swelling words that appeal to prejudices like "national sovereignty" or "collateral damage".  I believe that the "great Satan" does indeed have his seat in the governments of the earth --but that is not the limit of where he grasps for influence.  So as a Christian, what do I care if some "state" says I am 2nd class & makes me "pay the tax" or "walk a mile"?  With love & power derived from the God of love --those I touch will call me "friend" and the influence I have will not suffer from the label of the state --but instead, will expose the true source of the label!  If my hope was in this life or this present world, it would be a different matter, perhaps; --But my hope is in the next phase of existence --when God declares, "Behold - I am making all things new!".  And it is toward that end that I desperately seek to sway all men (Islamic & otherwise) by the soundness of my arguments & the compassion within my life called for.  While I am a hard, vocal opponent of men who promote evil, -I am also a proponent of repentance from acts that lead to death & an extension of the same self-sacrificing Grace that saved me from myself -to others.

Since went on line, we've proudly been making enemies. When people connected to the ex-gay movement discover us - it's like a glove across the face - so hard that Jezebel's (image right) mascara runs. deprograms Ex-gays as fast as most can read.  You've seen some of the mail on the site & some of you experienced the epiphany first-hand.  Despite numerous challenges - not one single ex-gay program has dared tackle our theology section to date! Why? Because g0ys expose them as the lying frauds they are.  They'd simply rather pretend we don't exist & hope their members don't discover us faster than their checks clear the bank.

Then there are the militant gAys on the political left-out. These are the people the term "fags" was customized for in the first place. They are the ones who call everyone else "Nazis" & "Fascists" while doing their best to illustrate the meaning of the terms by their own behaviors.  It's a failed social experiment of butt-fuckers that have spread their acts & arses around the globe celebrating "pride" in non-discernment of lethal actions.  These are the ranks of the "energizers" & "bug-chasers". This is this perverse social club that promotes actions that kill millions of people; & wants special rights to do it. Typhoid Mary wished she was so lucky! Moses Law instructed to kill them - not because of their sexual orientation - but because they are plague-spreading ass fuckers! Paul wrote that they willingly received the death penalty for their perversion (bug-chasing: 2000+ years old)  & from there fall under God's judgment.  Paul went on to write to the Church at Corinth (a charismatic church from what I can discern) that those who were living in such a way as to disease & kill other people ate & drank damnation on themselves at the communion table! People who indiscriminately spread injury, diseases & death are EVIL (DUH)!
But, of course - the political leftists have no place for God in their thinking & so their thinking has become completely reprobate.  Now they want government to bless them with state recognized marriage. I say - let the reprobate fucks have it! If they want to live like Sodom's legacy; - let's make it official. It will be good company for the 'sodomite religious right' who formalized the sin of Sodom in their own lives when they themselves accepted the state issued marriage license!

Then there are the FRINGE self-professed followers of Mo-ham-id.  I wonder if Freud would find irony in the last syllable of the name? Satanic Verses & the Koran scrutinized together; --  this self-enslaving philosophy that calls itself a 'religion' is less than 1000 years old. 0ne wonders where 'Allah' was during the previous 6 millennia (while the Hebrew God YHVH was well documented in Hebrew writings as being about His work).
See the ARTWORK on the right? That's good literature! But hey - having seen the truth; - Let's riot!  A long while or so ago, when the Endowment for the Arts in the US was being criticized for funding art-garbage; - I commented then that a crucifix immersed in a bottle of urine was questionable as to it's artistic merit; --But a cloth Mo-ham-id doll stuffing the neck of a Molotov-cocktail is undeniably a photo-Pulitzer in the making. Of course - because many don't choose to worship the image of 'ol bomb-head, -those who do - have declared that we should all be put to death. Hey, now that does sound familiar:  "...and should cause that as many as should not do homage to the image of the beast should be killed." - Revelation 13:15 in reference to the antichrist.   Oh, and just because Revelation 20:4 reads: "And I saw thrones; and they sat upon them, and judgment was given to them; and the souls of those beheaded on account of the testimony of Jesus, and on account of the word of God; and those who had not done homage to the beast nor to his image..."...just because BEHEADING was named as the method used against those who didn't worship the IMAGE of the antichrist ... and just because there is only one group on the planet today who uses beheading as a terrorism tool...we shouldn't jump to any conclusions as to where this all ends! After all: Who am I!  Of course - g0ys have a real issue with old-bomb-head's gangrene of pseudo-Muslims. They string teenagers up (hang) as punishment for acts like mutual masturbation. Oh - and just because many of the computer viruses that come our way have "(Abdullah-d)" listed as a server in the propagation path -- well, that's probably just a coincidence. After all: Isn't "ABDULLAH" one of the most used words in westernized languages? I'm sure IBM corporate has some blades set up with names based on variations on those very phonemes.
Recently, I heard that old-bomb-head's gangrene of pseudo-Muslims were pissed off at Garfield. At first I thought to myself, "Isn't President Garfield dead?". It was only later that it came to my attention that I had slightly overestimated the stature of "which Garfield" it would take to inflame such a group of well-controlled religious clerics.  I don't know about the rest of you - but the irony of cartoon-intolerants once again rings true.  It just seems to me that old-bomb-head & his gangrene of pseudo- Muslims simply hate having their foolishness answered according to it's folly.  It seems to me (& a previous Supreme Court Ruling) - that such media depictions are among the highest forms of protected free speech.  And when those who are depicted by such publications, - act in ways that destroy property & take lives -- then the TRUTH behind the depictions becomes all the more clear.  If people in that part of the world want to light themselves on fire over a few images that evoke critical thinking; - Then I ask: Why be codependent? They have ample oil. Perhaps we can sell them the matches? Let's nominate them for numerous Darwin Awards!  However - I want to hear no more foolishness from talking political heads about 'censorship'. If a philosophy cannot withstand scrutiny - then it is not the scrutinizers who must be called to account -- but the philosophy!  After all, - I consider myself a proponent of Christian Philosophy. However, I also realize that there are a lot of nut-cases who make the same claim: So
ATTACK US in your publications! As long as criticism is not UNTRUE - then the critics have given the thoughtful a stage for apologetics.  And the fools? All they can do is rage!  And who has been raging over cartoons? Hmm.  Islam seems a philosophy of the violent & the socially challenged. LAWLESS.  It threatens to plunge the planet into an age so dark that we have no historical comparison. I suggest that we publish MORE cartoons & let it take care of itself from the inside.  Those who come to their senses will likely escape the implosion.
Like most fundamentalist whack'os - these people don't listen to reason (which is a primary hint as to why their own belief system is so violent).  With the string of hate e-mails & spam we see from this group of CAMEL JOCKIES; -- We suggest that Old Bomb Head's brainwashed, flag-burning, bomb-toting followers - join the ranks of Hitler & other similar violent political leaders - in HELL. Perhaps, in the West, government may con
sider using the same body of laws against such fundamentalists as was used in the 19th century against another group that spread terror in the name of a religious ideology: The KKK. [As for us; - we're going to look into starting a cartoon strip.]
Are you Muslim? Am I mischaracterizing Islam? Prove me wrong. I'd be elated to be consistently proven wrong in such matters! 

So g0ys - the message here is that there are dangers on the planet.  Lots - like computer viruses & spam are fairly easy to deal with.  Be prepared. Others - like rabid fundamentalists are always ready to slander "infidels" & stir up violence against those who'd draw cartoons & make similar expressions of free speech.  I live in a country that recognizes the fundamental RIGHT to be armed. Be prepared.
I suggest that those of you g0ys who have been downtrodden your entire lives take a similar posturing. As far as I'm concerned -
the only thing missing from the illustrations of the fundamentalist rag-heads on this page -  is the red dot from a laser sight - right between their eyes.   
0'sama isn't nearly responsible for the death & misery as the pea-brained self-righteous bigots [left] are. Yet if he is a wanted criminal -charged with the deaths of thousands in NY & DC because of the actions of his followers (allegations that I doubt) - then what of the loud voices of hate that have come from the religious right for years? Does anyone think that they (& their
FOLLOWERS) are responsible for any LESS misery? No! Many times more!  And their message? "Two men holding hands are abominations in the land"! That's well thought out legal principle -- (N0T)! They'll argue: "The Bible says so!". Nope, it doesn't. Not even close!
You'd think with a PhD or two near their names that they'd be able to figure that obvious distinction out for themselves! Nope.  The rag heads to the left are just as evil as any 'bomb-head'.  The difference is merely a matter of subtleness. They're all obviously "AntiChrist" philosophically. Some - because Yeshua's true person is supposedly supplanted by Muhammad's teachings; -- And those shown to the left because they (& their likes) exchange the message of Yeshua for their own perverse, power hungry counterfeit - allegedly done in His name!  I find the hypocrisy completely ironic & intellectually insulting.

So: Let's cartoon away & write editorials! Be prepared - because if the followers of either group would like to turn their theology into action against a us: Be prepared to respond by painting the scenery behind them -with their brains -using a 'lead'-brush.  The force of the law is for the law-breaker & the wages of sin is death. Their beliefs quoted: Be on the defensive; --Glock & load... 

"The tree of liberty must occasionally be watered with the blood of tyrants & patriots." - Jefferson  

Of course:

The only thing topping the image of a bunch of religious zealots using violence while chanting sacred mantra's in response to the desecration of their "holy icons" is to find another group of ignoramuses doing the exact same thing (as they point at the 1st group & make jest of their beliefs).  I have found such an example!  Here it is:

"The Congress shall have power to prohibit the physical desecration of the flag of the United States." - Proposed Amendment to US Constitution

You know - it's AMAZING to watch the same idiocy occur in the US Congress that has been criticized in relationship to Islam.  If that abomination becomes an amendment -- can you IMAGINE the how the same bastards who promoted it - will use it to foister war all over the globe?  Now all the US will 'need' to invade a country is evidence that citizens of that country "desecrate" the US Flag somehow! 

The hypocrisy is astonishing! Such an amendment would make the Constitution schizophrenic - as the first amendment (which guarantees freedom of speech) has not been repealed.  And it is no doubt that people who choose to desecrate (burn, for example) the US Flag are sending a very loud message about their feelings!  Looks like speech to me!
Of course - this is the same Congress that tried to enact unconstitutional "Free Speech Zones" (implying what about other "zones"...) on their own soil in order to keep protesters away from the "Sacred Political Gatherings".  The day that amendment is passes will be the day I introduce "PATRIOT PAPER": The soft paper on a roll that contains sheet after sheet of little US Flag prints - that is advertised 'for decorative purposes'  -but will be the same consistency as toilet paper and on a roll that is physically identical.    

Am I overreacting? Is this proposed amendment really done in the same lawless mindset as Islamic extremists chasing cartoon characters?  Well, consider the term "DESECRATION".  While I've read responses from those who point out the obvious free speech violation of the proposal, -- there is a second:

"Desecration is the act of depriving something of its sacred character. Desecration generally may be considered from the perspective of a particular religion or spiritual activity." - Wikipedia


"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

 "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion"! It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see the connection between the principle of DESECRATION & the violation of the ESTABLISHMENT CLAUSE of the 1st Amendment!  After all -- if SACRED & SPIRITUAL things are those that can be DESECRATED in the first place; --Then where is Congress asserting the "Sacred & Spiritual" properties of the flag originate from?  Is a colored piece of cloth the handkerchief of gods?  The flag desecration amendment is not only a trampling of free speech - but a creation of a state religion complete with sacred objects!  A true, two-fold child of hell!

While various politicians are running over land & sea to garner converts for the vote, -- I suspect that the lawyers who have a semblance of conscience left (a minority) will be able to block it.  Astonishingly - polls have seemed to indicate that over 70% of those polled are in favor of an amendment to ban the desecration of the Prophet Mohammad ... Oh, -- I mean -- the US Flag. The WHORE ... Eh, I mean H.O.R. (House Of Representatives) has already bowed to dumbocratic principles & forsaken unalienable rights with it's vote to amend!  With civic ignorance at an all time high, - the days of the US Republic States are clearly numbered.

I have a better idea: How about a constitutional amendment that forbids the desecration of the US Constitution's principles.  It would read something like this:

"The People shall have the power to enjoin & strip government officials of title, office & all benefits, -- who have been determined to have made motions, given affirmations or committed acts that are deemed to be violations of the letter, principles & original intent of the US Constitution."