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"GAY"? Where did the term come from?



Sadly, GENUINE MORAL behavior (which is predicated on the outcomes of actions) was never at odds w. same-gender attracted people. A gigantic prejudice falsely calling itself "Morality" was. Nietzsche himself would have recognized that minister of Satan -that the writers of the Bible warned against! The biggest mistake the "Gay revolutionaries" made was in NOT questioning the accuracy of their accuser's words & not looking into the so-called "basis" for those accusations.  Had they done so, - they would have uncovered a very old plot started by the Roman Catholic Church to villainize same-sex attracted people (falsely in the name of God)! The Bible itself shows us that the first words ever uttered by Satan were those that falsely put words in God's mouth! What those in the "Gay lib" movement failed to recognize was that their opposition consisted of counterfeit religious frauds - proverbial ministers of Satan (& lots of them)! has gone to great lengths to expose that colossal fraud!

April 2022

"He who walks with the wise will become wise, but the companion of fools will be destroyed." - Solomon

Some observations are in order. Despite the term "Homo" in the title, Nietzsche's work was NOT about what is called: "Homosexuality". The fact that Sigmund Freud has used the term "Homo-sexualities" in parts of his writings about human sexualities was a mere coincidence. That, however, may have provided a psychological "hook" to anyone familiar with Freud's writings, the Greek term "Homo" & the sentiments expressed by Nietzsche.

Since I've NEVER met a "GAY" identified person who knew the origin of the word "GAY" as used in the vernacular related to human sexuality; - I thought the G0YS should explain it for them. You'd think that the "experts" about a subject would know where the term was derived! Remember, you read this at!

How, exactly the term got into the vernacular is beyond the scope of this explanation. WHERE it came from is simpler.

The brilliant philosopher / psychologist - Friedrich Nietzsche - is the source, although not intentionally. In his book titled: "Ecce Homo" (Latin: "Behold the Man"), he made a reference to the poetry he wrote in another publication. About his last poem he wrote: "an exuberant dancing song in which, if I may say so, one dances right over morality". That book of poetry was translated into English in 1960 & given the name: "The Gay Science" instead of the more accurate: "Art of Poetry" or former "Joyful Wisdom".

This translation was roughly a decade before the Stonewall riots. Because one of the main points Nietzsche made in Ecce Homo was: "You shall become the person you are"; - That sentiment fit perfectly as a basic theme among a group of people who had been told by so much of society to NOT BE who they were.  Combined with Nietzsche's commentary on the poem "To the Mistral" about dancing right over morality; - Well, that sentiment became an instant hit among a group of people who had been falsely oppressed in the name of morality.

Hence, this connection in academia to a publication by one of the most brilliant minds in philosophy (who himself had been mislabeled, misunderstood & persecuted for a time), - became the reference to the philosophy of the Stonewall group (& all similar) eventually shortened to the single term "GAY" - an entomological reference to "The Gay Science".

Another great irony is the fact that if members of the "gay" community and now "GLITQetc" alphabet-soup movement were to read Nietzsche's writings, - many would immediately realize that the very "GLITQetc" conglomeration is the exact thing Nietsche warned about: A mass of luke-warm people who extol the average vulgar comforts of life as their ultimate life's goal - without appeal to excellence nor higher morality. This is why the GLITQetc "thingus" advocates tolerance of everything except healthy scrutiny. Of the latter, it is extremely intolerant of such mindsets.

BTW: In practice - the philosophy of discarding "morality" resulted in a cult-like mass-psychotic-mindset that led to behaviors resulting in the deaths of millions of people due to Sexually Transmitted Infections (via the acceptance & promotion of AnalSex)!  Larry Kramer (one of the gay communities best known writers) admitted this & pained over it in writing.

THAT is the origin of the term "GAY". Now you know.