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  How long did you feel alone before discovering g0ys?

It's a fair question - a brutally fair question. See, some of our members hurt secretly for decades -without any substantive answers.  Read our mail & you'll see that some guys were suicidal before finding the g0ys site/s.  Outside of the "G0Y paradigm", -many guys are simply at a loss to find peace-giving resolution.  And the G0YS movement was made to open the eyes of men to many other paradigms & the caveats of socially-promoted deceptions as well.  We are quite unlike any other movement to hit the planet within the last 800 years!  Got gratitude?

Helping out can be as simple as Free

The FREE & easiest way -- is to form your own g0ys group on any number of free services on the Internet -- from social networks to video production channels.  Spreading the word and creating a buzz is a huge help! Seriously! This is especially true if you are introducing G0YS into a part of the world where the term is new.  We need people who are multi-lingual to take the g0ys message into other languages.  You can help save lives by doing so and make life better for men who have questions & concerns that only the g0ys can answer! This is what happened in South Africa and Brazil - as a couple of great examples! Thanks! 

- And / Or -

G0YS does NOT take contributions in any government issued currency!
- BUT: You can send PIVX crypto to G0YS:
PIVX wallet: D7gakQcQDQd2twgkeVn1oiUnKU3zR6VDkZ


...And, if you've never heard about PIVX, -here's an opportunity to get involved with something based on a new technology that has one of the highest profit potentials of any tech-product to hit the planet since BiTCoin!  Whatever amount you decide to donate to g0ys in PIVX, -hold back 10-20% for yourself!  Although purely speculative, -when you do the math, -PIVX has a ASTRONOMICAL possible peak value growth as a global currency over the next few years!  This is possible because the PIVX project was a fork from the awesome, DASH (Digital-cASH) project - with added management & cryptography features - such as true PRIVACY.  This added functionality could send the value of early PIVX purchases toward the sky!  G0YS would be elated to have been the source of your PIVX epiphany.  Here's the amazing PIVX info!

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Simply copy/paste the following image/link wherever you see, or post a g0ys related article, link or media item:

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Purchase some awesome stuff from our g0y-friendly-vendor! The manufacturing quality is very high -so the prices often reflect it.  However, -some sales let you save over 60% too!  Lots of variety: Some obviously g0y, --other's not so.  And there is a section for high quality fractal art -- lots of prints & even on clothing.  Be sure to order from our preferred vendor --because there are many others that are NOT g0y friendly.  Click the image above. 

G0YS is a Common-Law, Free-Speech organization with a Religious component to accommodate certain members.  Even so, -G0YS has not petitioned any government to be included as a special-status "tax-exempt" entity.  As a result, contributions to G0YS may or may not be a deductible line item depending on your jurisdiction.  G0YS cannot give advice in these matters.
Please consult with a professional.