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To Quote Radio Personality
Steve Yuhas:

'As your streets are closed off this summer to make way for men in dresses and dykes on bikes along with the men in thongs contorting themselves into odd poses on floats � keep in mind that gays are doing this on their own and painting their own community with the stereotypes that they are demanding so many pretend are just slander by religious people and those �out of the mainstream.� Remind them that you saw it in their parade, at their rally and during the time when they were in the spotlight in a festival that they created and generated for themselves and the world to see. That won�t shut them up or stop them from complaining, but it may give them cause to think a little bit about the consequences of their behavior.

What an interesting world we live in � gays keep the stereotypes of gayness going and normal people get disciplined for endorsing them. Typically parades and protests are meant to change minds: marches against abortion are used to stop abortion, marches against taxes are used to stop the increase of taxes, but only in the world of fags, dykes and queers are marches used to put on display the stereotypes of being gay demanding legislation against exactly the same thing: Political Science 101 � if you want someone to stop calling you a fag � stop calling yourself one first.

�Watch my parade, endorse the political positions on my signs, but forget what I�m actually doing or what I look like because if you don�t � you�re an intolerant bigot.� Only gays could get away with that and luckily, since they�ve been doing the same thing for 30 years without success in their cause, most people in the real world understand the hypocrisy and ignore it.'

- Steve Yuhas is a columnist and radio talk show host on KOGO AM 600 based in San Diego. He may be reached at [email protected] or

"Gay" - as a weapon...

This g0y thing: It's been a long time coming.  I discovered in my early teens that lots of guys are Bi/g0y. You discover this if you're masculine, good-looking, friendly, & DO NOT wear the "Gay" label.  I believe that it's only about 1 out of every 3 guys who are firmly "straight".  The other 66% like handsome, masculine guys to some degree.  That was the 80's and, despite rumors in the news to the contrary - guys are still the same.  And NOT wearing the "Gay" label is still a wise idea if you find AnalSex & GenderFuck starkly contrary to your ethos.

I attended a university in New-England as an engineering student in the mid 80's. I was in a dorm. The roommate assigned to me was a fat, spoiled rich kid from Connecticut who was a business major.  He was a "Third" ... like Thurston Howell.  I'll refer to him simply as "Bobbels".

I was & still am an easy going guy who tends to make friends easily & get along with people -- even when they're being douchebags.  I learned young in life that it's better to think a problem out & deal covertly with dickheads rather than confront them directly & get your bike tires slashed. My mannerisms don't get me pigeonholed into the "gay" category -not back then nor now. Which is fine because I now identify as a g0y.

"Bobbels" made it clear to me that he was a douchebag in need of flushing several weeks into the 1st semester of college. At the end of the hall was a guy from the Middle East (or was it Middle Earth?) named Goonbahm. One evening on the day I finally decided that Bobbels must go ... Goonbahm thought it would be a good idea to get drunk and then wander into my dorm room (that Bobbels constantly left the door open to).  In his state of cocky intoxication, Goonbahm decided that I was a "curly haired motherfucker" & wanted to get Bobbels's agreement with the assertion. Rather than show that he had a spine (which I suppose is difficult when you don't) - Bobbels simply agreed with Goonbahm by saying ... and I quote ... "I know".  Yeah: Bobbels was a spineless douchebag.

Although some guys may have opened (2) cans of whoopass, I decided to take a calculated approach to douche management & keep on studying for an upcoming exam - as I replied with a disinterested "whatever" & turned back to the book I was reading.  Unable to bait me into the drunk fight he wanted, Goonbahm left the room and I began to plan how I was going to get rid of Bobbels the spineless, disloyal douchebag.

Opportunity presented itself near the end of the semester. Bobbels invited (2) of his friends to visit him at the dorm. Their plan was to stay a day/night (in our room) & then head back to Connecticut.  Bobbels the douche didn't seem to care that it was final-exam time and his engineering roommate may need to study for finals.  I presumed that this was because business finals were child's-play compared to engineering. I still hold that opinion after seeing the 1st semester post-final attrition in engineering vs. business. But I digress.

That evening while Bobbels and his 2 "guests" were trying to figure sleeping arrangements I seized my opportunity & offered to share my bunk if the floor seemed unappealing.  My offer was declined.  Till this day, I suspect their open discussion about sleeping arrangements had merely been a ploy to get me to offer up my bed completely.  That wasn't going to happen on final exam night.  Now let me be clear that I had done nothing that semester that would clue anyone into my sexuality - up to that point.  But now I was going to leverage Bobbels's prejudice - and if done correctly - I'd be rid of him by next semester. Bobbels's friends "decided" to camp out on the floor in light of the fact that beds weren't magically appearing.

That was fine - but I had one more tactic I was going to use in order to get Bobbels to be gone.  That night at about 1-2 AM, I turned around in my bed facing the other direction - which was about half a meter away from the feet of one of Bobbels's "guests".  As he slept - I leaned off my bed and reached under his covers just far enough to begin to lightly scratch the soles of his bare sleeping feet.  At 1st his toes simply curled reflexively but about 2-3 minutes into the treatment he came to his senses just barely enough to realize was was happening & withdrew his feet higher up into his blanket out of my reach from my bed. A few minutes passed & I repeated with the other "guest". I reasoned that the worst that could happen was that either might object to which I'd feign being offended with his unreasonableness because, after all, - I was only "being friendly & horsing around"... 

The next day I aced my primary final (highest score in the class as it would turn out).  I packed and left the campus for semester break.  When I returned at the beginning of the 2nd semester - all Bobbels's things were gone.  He had moved down the hall into a room with 2 other guys. Yeah! I kept a straight (pun) face because now the spineless douche was gone and I'd be enjoying a single room to myself while Bobbels lived in a room the same size with (2) other guys!

Not my actual room, but quite similar!

That situation ended up working out better than I could have imagined. Several times during the 2nd semester I was notified that I'd be getting a "new" roommate.  On the day each was supposed to move in -- it would be a no-show. Why?  Because the guys on my wing of the floor who hung out with Bobbels were "warning" potential roommates of mine that I might be "gay".  And the gay-stigma during the 80's was so negative that instead of moving in -- they'd go elsewhere. So I was a freshman with a single room on a floor where at least (2) of the rooms had 3 guys in occupancy. Think about that: Even guys stuffed 3 to a room didn't want to leave those situations because the HATE towards guys who (had merely been RUMORED) like guys was so prevalent!  

Meanwhile - most of my friends were guys from other dorms - or off campus and they didn't come in contact with the phobes from my dorm other than very briefly.  And the phobes in my dorm would not approach any guy who might be with me to "warn" them (& spread the rumor further) because they did not know what the relationship between me and a guy-friend may actually be.  The cowards didn't want it to get back to me that they were spreading rumors. That being the fact - they would not risk telling someone their dirt if they thought it might get back to me.  After all, I wasn't "out"; & even in their own minds - the "rumors" they spread were speculation based on Bobbels's story which involved nothing more scandalous than "he tickled my friend's feet once".  And that's some pretty circumstantial sh!t; - & since the Goonbahm incident had already established that Bobbels was a spineless douchebag; -- the uncertainty of my situation in their eyes made direct confrontation & accusation too risky.  The fact is that University life isn't like high-school.  It's difficult to get rumors to cross peer groups; - Especially when the subject of a rumor doesn't fit the stereotype the rumor suggests.

Since I already knew what they (Bobbels's little peer group) were up to; - I let some of my friends know how I had "convinced" Bobbels to leave without even needing to ask! And I didn't feel compelled to disclose the facts of my sexuality to the people that I told the tale to.  Everything about my persona screamed, "straight" when contrasted to the stereotypes that the term "gay" carried in that time frame.    All that my peers knew is that I found a way to use someone's own prejudice to get rid of a douchebag of a roommate by planting the suggestion that I might be "gay".  This was during the time frame that the show "3's Company" was in the top 10 television programming ratings.  And my prank's parallel to the TV show's plotlines were hilarious. 

See, to this day - Bobbels probably doesn't realize that it was he that was the butt of the joke - that it was on him!  Despite whatever rudeness had existed in rumor against me from his club of bigots; -  I would often close my dorm door and behind it double over in squelched laughter as I considered my total privacy, w. twice the floor-space, 2 closets, twice the desktop space and the ability to have any company I wanted over day or night. And all I had needed to do was covertly convince a spineless bigot douchebag (& his friends) that I might, possibly like guys (which, ironically, I did)!

We are the g0ys.  Join us.

 It seemed prudent to put together a blog or essay on the concept of prejudice & how the GAY community is both causation & victim due to the spokespeople it chooses to represent "who is gay".  To help me illustrate my point: I'll tell you that the African American in the photo to the left earns over $200,000 per year!  Can you pick out the African-American from the image on the left? 
Really?  If you said,  "the woman", you'd be absolutely wrong.  The picture was taken in Haiti and the man is a doctor who was born in South Africa & also has his Canadian Citizenship.  He's AFRICAN-AMERICAN in the truest, lawful, sense of the term.  The woman is Haitian. 
But how many people instantly associate dark skin with the term "African" and the term "American" with "USA" (Canada is in North America)!  Those labels are forms of prejudice; --& subtly promoted by mass media without a single thought or concern for the truth.
Whereas the image to the right is a man who is the definition of "African American"! That's right! Elon Musk IS African American by virtue of the same facts explained previously!

Stoopid Questions:

"Is he gay?", or "Is he a homosexual?". 

How many times in your life have you heard those questions asked?  Excuse my vernacular - but what the FUCK do those questions mean?

  • Does he like men?

  • Does he EXCLUSIVELY like men?

  • Does he butt-fuck men?

  • Does he date women but like men too (maybe more than women)?

Those detail-seeking-questions are valid because people tend to be so imprecise with their language -- ESPECIALLY with the use of the term "GAY" - that you can't tell by a person's commentary what actually is the truth about a guy's basic sexuality.  "GAY" is a term of slang because it seems to be used -even when a much more precise term may be available.  Dogs may have a more precise vocabulary!

I.E: Why was "BrokeBack mountain" called a "gay" movie? Both main characters have wives & kids. Isn't it a "BIsexual" movie about 2 guys with wives - who also loved each other (& had an odd fetish for ass-sex)? Since this is so obvious; - why is it called a "gay themed" movie? Does the act of the Ass-Fuck make it "gay"?  G0YS believe it sadly does - and for good reasons! 

For those who have spent any real time on this website, - the terms "STRAIGHT, BI & GAY" are words often used by people who can't think, won't think, or are simply unaware of the fact that sexual attraction is a CONTINUUM; -- & the minority of people are at the end points of either extreme in orientation while the MAJORITY of people are somewhere in between. 

Based on a poll of over 50,000 people:

0ver 60% admitted some degree of same gender affection (K1-K6 on chart). [K0-K5] can all "EMULATE K0" in the bedroom! But K6 can fake K0 only in words (been there, done that).
So then, the question, "Is he gay?", seems to have some prejudices attached to it that are supported by the facts 10% or less of the time.  If one was to look at the FACTS, the PRESUMPTION would be that "He" is probably attracted in some degree to members of his own gender. 
This statistically is the MAJORITY!

The better question would be: "Is he on a Kinsey-endpoint?".  But - in light of current prejudices - & lax use of language - we know that most people are too intellectually shallow to use precise terminology! Bark! Bark! Growl!

It took the most brilliant minds of his day, about 5-years to contemplate the implications of Einstein's E=MC2. And even then, his theory didn't have an "ass-fuck stigma" attached to it. In light of that, expect society to cling to the outmoded thinking of 2 "sexuality-checkboxes" until, say - 2025 - (until grasping the implications of the chart to the right)! It will probably be 2050 until everyone looks back on the prejudices around human sexuality of the 20th & mid 21st century for what they were.  Perhaps I'm being an optimist?     

Can you:

Locate the "gay men" in the "pride parade" composite picture on the right?  You find the task a little bit easier?  Are these NOT the stereotyped images many people visualize when the term "gay" comes up?  And you'll notice that it's men who self-identify as "GAY" who are pushing the "Fairies, freaks & gender-fuck" messages connected to the term "GAY". It's THEIR message!

In the image at the page top, it's clearly obvious that it is the mass-media that is primarily responsible for people associating "dark" with "African" when the fact is that there are millions of white Africans and many of those have American (whatever American country) citizenship (making them TRUE African Americans).  Elon Musk is an example of this very thing. But the media promotes a giant prejudice tying color with geography and the term "American" with the USA-alone (Canada is also part of America - as is Mexico and the other nations of Central and South AMERICA. And all of these prejudices are fueled by the small IQ's in media & "political correctness".  You too?  Prove me wrong!

The prejudices associated with the images to the RIGHT are likewise media driven -- but with one key exception: It is the GAY COMMUNITY ITSELF that drives the message that "GAY-MEN are gender bending oddities".  Other images that come into the public mind when the topic is gay-men are like these (Left/Below):

Such images - created by the gay-pride & gay-porn -- give a shocking view into the minds of the gay-male paradigm.  The image on the left is not some fringe publication.  It is an ad that arrived uninvited - in an e-mail box.  It is a site on the Internet that will sell streaming video, etc. 

Men - who are by nature sexual & many who have bad habits like watching M/F porn-fantasies --  see advertising like that on the left - to represent a real threat.  "How wide is the dividing line between fantasy & reality?", they ask themselves on a subconscious level.  It is a fact that men who are raped by other men have an extremely low rate of reporting the act.  What man wants to be at a party & accidentally drink too much around a group of men who extol the title of "gay" in light of material like that on the left (& knowing what male sex drive is like).  For comparison: How many parents would approve of their daughters passing out drunk around a bunch of drunk college Frat boys?  Do you understand the subconscious threat? AnalSex by its very nature is a TORTThe "Gay' male community advertises that TORT as it's hallmark It is this precise subconscious visceral connection that is the root-reason for most of what is labeled "homo-phobia".  And if you don't understand how dangerous that TORT is -- then you need to do the fucking math

The image of the gay-pride event above is quite surreal.  Anyone watching has to ask themselves: "Is this what the gay-male community is all about?"  The same question rings true of the image on the left.  Critics may argue that there are lots of "nice gay people".  Perhaps.  But if you're locked in a cage with a bunch of snakes -- how many need to be venomous to make you prejudge them all?

Of course -- the primary act that the gay-male community holds up as their "defining sex" is actually a fetish involving a non-genital organ: AnalSex.  Seen by civilized society for thousands of years as a crime against nature (because it IS) -- the majority of people find the act repulsive and many societies have labeled it criminal (because it should be criminalized). 

Despite the fact that research has shown that this act is the key for  the explosive spread of sexually transmitted diseases (+5000% more frequently than even oral-sex/per-contact), the gay male community has so defined itself (defined itself) in terms of this fetish that the media now routinely substitutes the term "gay-sex" when they mean "anal-sex".  Although practiced among mixed gender couples, -- it previously represented a mere minority of sexual contacts -- but is slowly gaining social acceptance because of the message for "tolerance" pushed by the gay community regarding "their sex act" is being hammered into the public psyche.  This gradual acceptance of what was once considered a form of moral decadence parallels (interestingly enough) the explosive spread of sexually transmitted diseases into Africa & Asia -- populations that often lack antibiotics & other medicines -because of poverty.  The result is a self-inflicted death toll unparalleled in human history - with an origin that can be clearly linked to the unrepentant "gay male" community & the explosion of pornography depicting "anal-sex" as an acceptable act.  It has been estimated that anal-sex is depicted in over +95% of gay-male pornography - especially obvious in "GAY" advertising of "gay-porn".  This is precisely the reason that "GAY-SEX" is used interchangeably with the term "ANAL-SEX"!  The bias is set so concretely in the public psyche that the prejudice generally goes unrecognized; --For the same reason that people think "BLACK U.S. CITIZEN" when they hear the term "African American" -- despite the fact that "African Americans" can be of ANY COLOR and live in North, Central or South America!   

Because of human nature being what it is; -- Once people adopt a form of behavior as acceptable to their own consciences, they seldom change or modify it -- despite information that paints it in the actual negative light it deserves.  Instead, people tend to justify their behavior - rationalizing it.  This is why drunks keep driving & drug abusers keep abusing, - long after they've destroyed their own lives & negatively impacted all around them.  This is why the smoker keeps smoking despite the mountain of evidence as to where it leads & who it effects.  Once people's consciences have been hardened, our prison statistics show that they rarely change.   That fact is true of all behaviors -- even those not statutorily labeled as "crimes" -- even when they perhaps - should be.  Likewise, -few people ever take serious steps to clean up their sloppy thought patterns & correct their misuse of language -- even when those who have a skilled ear hear them as offensive, uneducated & vulgar.

The gay male community extols anal-sex as if the human body was built to accommodate the act (when it clearly was not).  The gay male community marginalizes the devastating effects of anal-sex as a conduit for pathogenesis.  Instead, they sloppily attempt to justify their vulgarity by claiming that many sexual activities can spread disease.  Such a half-assed-claim is like saying that, "Because many people get hit by lightning every year;  --Holding a long metal pole in your hand while playing golf during an electrical storm is of no real consequence..." - as if such extremely perilous acts bear the same risks as those more benign! Consider this fact: If anal-sex was not acceptable in the "gay" community -- then STD's - like AIDS - that ravage it - would have never made a statistical dent!  In other words: It is the very act of anal-sex that made ALL of the "gay-plagues" happen!  But rather than weigh the EVIDENCE & embrace reason; -- The gay male community will continue to navigate the same mindless course & criticize anyone who draws a distinction - as being "homophobic" (as if & gender bending have anything to do with same gender affection anyhow)!
Unlike any other group I can think of: The prejudices & stereotypes that society has of the gay community are actively reinforced by the gay community itself! It's UNredeemable!

As I have noted before: I often hear from "GAY" men who claim that "Not all gay men are into analsex".  They're correct!  They also inform me that "Not all GAY MEN are into x-gender activity." Again: They are correct! Men who love men/too & who are not involved in anal-fetishes nor x-gender activity are called: G0YS! Among men who call themselves "GAY", -g0ys are far, far under 50%.  Although, when you cross-section the general male population, --g0ys are well OVER 50%!   Kinsey pegged it in 1948!

Labels DO Matter...

Men who self-identify as "gay" constantly ask the same dismissive question: "Why does the g0y label truly matter? If you're a guy who likes guys - it means you're "gay", right?" Wrong. As Kinsey the researcher discovered - the majority of men are amBIsexual. +53% like guys too - to some degree. And the majority of those men and even guys who exclusively like guys - find the notion of AnalSex to be absolutely repulsive - wanting nothing to do with any association that might suggest otherwise!  

The "Gay-Sex" stereotype has been (& still is) the act of the Ass-Fuck .  So why should a guy who happens to like guys/too label himself with a term that falsely implies something about him, - something that he absolutely detests?   

So, the term G0Y is most important to the men who label themselves with it. It is a term that tells every ass-fucker: "Go fuck yourself" (quite literally). And because the term g0y is also (by definition) testosterone heavy - it sends the message that the guy wearing the term isn't interested in girly-men, nor chicks with dicks nor any other guy who wants to dismiss the effect of testosterone on the male body & psyche. 

And, since every major health organization on the planet has confirmed that the act of the ass-fuck is +5000% (real figure - not an exaggeration) more perilous than even oral-sex; -Men who wear the g0y label & shun ass-fuckers immediately gain the advantage that comes from eliminating the single most dangerous peril among men who love men.  Statistically - that position lowers the risk of catching ANY STD (STI) by +4300% (Source: American Red Cross).  And only a certified FuckTard ignores that sort of safety advantage.

So, the importance of wearing the g0y label is most important to the men who label themselves with it and secondly, - men who are looking for likeminded men and need to quickly filter out the FuckTards (who believe that having no standards for healthy human behavior somehow constitutes a "virtue" that they mislabel as "tolerance").

G0YS know that a man who puts the rabid dog in the same kennel as the family pet is a FuckTard.  "Gays" label such discernment as "discrimination" & "dogophobic".  Dear reader: You decide.

Color: It Comes in a Can:

And if you really want to piss off people who think their's is better than someone-else's (such as racists, & olde-Mormons, etc.); -Get the theology from the g0ys-website in front of their reading-glasses!  It'll wreck their entire decade -or so.

Studs 'n Hunks come in all colors and the same is true of decent & indecent people.  Skin-color like all other external traits is morally-neutral.  It truly adds variety -the spice of life.  If you went to the buffet & white-rice was the only dish, -I suspect you -like most people - would be disappointed.

Race adds differences -from appearance - to innate behaviors resulting from nuances in brain-circuitry - also wired by genetics.  Like any trait: it simply just IS...

But I thought that it still may be necessary to add this subsection because there are people "out there" who assert that g0ys is some sort of shallow "prejudice club".  Well, we do "judge" ourselves, prospective members & those who stand against our core values.  However, -that discernment is not based on any mere "trait" like race or nationality.  Simply, -our hard-line-stance is based on behavior and we oppose those promoting philosophies that: maim, spread disease & kill.  And we're easily UNimpressed with people who aren't thoughtful enough to consider the results of their actions & the philosophies they promote. 

People are impressionable.  If you run off at the mouth & spew a mantra that convinces others to debase masculinity, men or humanity in general -by promoting perilous or harmful behavior/s; --Then you're no friend of anyone "g0y".  And we'll tell you so.  It should be clear in light of those principles that g0ys do not support the current state of the "GAY MALE PARADIGM", - whatsoever.

Some people assert that our posturing makes us a "hate" group.  Well, -I'd have to say that "HATE" may be under-rated if it's aimed at the irredeemable scoundrels & sick-tickets of society. No apology is offered for the fact that g0ys loudly exercise healthy discernment & denounce people who push perils that end in pall-bearing! 

But, -that guy I'm wrapped up with in bed who has an arm & leg across me as he sleeps soundly in my gentle half-hug ... THAT guy knows that I'd never do nor promote anything to hurt him or give him a disease.  If he got back late from overdoing it at a party, --he knows that he'll NOT wake up with a sore, blood-encrusted arsehole - nor discover a "mysterious STD" a month or so from now.  He knows that the color on the outside means nothing to me, --but I value greatly the shape of the man beneath the skin.  G0YS are all about character, friendship & respect of masculinity.  Love works no ill. And that's the hard-line g0ys expect men to toe.

And most men know that it's morally-wrong to hurt other people in the name of pleasure.  And most men care ... except for sociopaths.

FACT: The Vast Majority of Same-Gender-Attracted Men are
 Never Sexually Attracted to prepubescent children

This fact should be self evident - but there is a prejudice based on nothing but a gigantic lie that asserts that men who like men are threats to children on a sexual level. The men who molest children are most often considered "straight". Why these FACTS simply are - becomes obvious to anyone with a brain.

Men who are attracted sexually to men are attracted to the post-secondary effects of testosterone. Namely: larger muscles, facial/body hair, deeper voice, larger penis, larger skeletal proportions resulting in bigger hands, feet, prominent facial bone structure & a mannerism steered by a nervous system guided by testosterone's influences: Aggression, competitive behavior,  & temperament more prone to physical engagement. THESE are the things that men who love masculinity are sexually attracted to (see image).


This shouldn't surprise anyone. The term "sides" comes from the group of people who have so little ability to think outside of top / bottom dichotomy (which is "gay"); - That when they needed a word to describe men who liked men but did not engage in AnalSex, they chose the term "SIDE". This term (unlike the others) has NOTHING to do with a sexual position but seems to be the only term left in the top/bottom dichotomy box. It's a "leftover". And it's a fitting term because it tells you about those who use it. It's a movement populated by idiots as its spokespeople.

You can almost visualize someone in the "D" English-class trying to reason it out. "Hmmm. They're not a "Top". And they're not a "Bottom". Golly what's left to choose from that's like "Top" & "Bottom"? Hmmm... There musssst be a word I can come up with. Not a "Top". Not a "Bottom". Not a "Top". Not a "Bottom". Not a "Top". Hmmmm. Not a "Bottom". Not a "Top". Not a "Bottom". Not a "Top". Not a "Bottom". Hmmmm.  OMG! I'm some sort of a genius! "Side" it is!"...

Let me cue you into a better term: It's called "G0Y" - spelled with a zer0. You see, G0YS tore the "A" out of "GAY". And we let the hole remain unfilled. This has been the G0Y position for decades! The term "G0YS" has meaning on several levels! But "SIDES"? WTF! If there ever was a term thought up by someone who failed the verbal part of the SATs - it's "SIDE"!

However, is there a difference between "Sides" & "G0YS" other than the term? Yes!

G0YS NEVER ASSFUCK! NEVER. And we shun those who do! Why? For the same reason we don't hang out with career criminals!

But, none of the writings I have read published by "sides" seems to take a firm moral stance on the top/bottom position. G0YS applaud the personal preference of "SIDES". We question their resolve to maintain it when pressured by the buttfuck crowd. Contrast that uncertainty with that of G0YS. The difference is obvious. Without a firm resolve, - "SIDES" are simply another version of "Gay-light". NOT G0Y.

These facts are simply acknowledged for what they ARE -- because there was a social need & moral imperative for the formation of a group of men who were affectionate toward other men -- but completely repulsed by the imagery, stereotypes & stigmas promoted (-not only by mass media - but by the gay-male community itself).  To us, the "gay spectre" is so reprehensible & gilded in filth -- that something needed to be created as an alternative for the majority of men who genuinely love & respect masculinity (& reject acts that deride it).  Simultaneously -  recently developed apologetics needed to be made available to same-gender-attracted people who have been devastated by the widespread misreading of the Hebrew & Christian Scriptures.  As it turns out - those Scriptures NEVER condemned same-sex intimacy!  The SPECIFIC CONDEMNATION was against anal-sex (for extremely good reasons)!  Because of these giant issues affecting untold numbers of men ... was created.

"GAY" is a term that society sees as part of a "package deal".  It may have started out as a term that meant "same gender affection", but it has morphed into a thing that carries lots of social baggage in the wearing of it.  Each person determines for themselves if they want to don that term.  Since "g0ys" was coined -- many men who once applied the term "gay" to themselves (for lack of a better word) -- now say "g0y"; -- & as important: They have a resource they can point anyone to in order to understand the differences at: (spelled w. a zer0).  Rarely in history has such transformative power been bestowed upon a single term so quickly & globally; -- A term that impacts many more men then the "gay community" could ever hope to influence.