'"P-h-D" is not pronounced "G-0-D"' - Dr. G0Y

In the West, we live in a culture where people esteem Doctors & Lawyers as Gods.  Finding a man with ether label who is willing to share some simple facts, - & by doing do - forsake the all-mighty dollar, - is becoming more of a rarity.  Well, I want to share some rare advice with you - the reader. 

Nature contains the largest pharmacy with the fewest side-effects. This statement sounds almost like common sense. Consider: Penicillin comes from a mold.  Digitalis comes from a deadly plant.  Almost all vaccines are derived from the very virus families they help defend against.  This has all been true - right up until the last decade of the 20th century.

The "Frankenstein Experience" - as I call it has resulted from advances in chemistry.  No longer content to seek treatments to disease from nature's pharmacy, - drug companies have embarked on elaborate projects to create a chemical solution to the problems that arise in life.  Perhaps on of the best examples of the Frankenstein Experience comes from a class of drugs called "benzodiazepines".  These are drugs like XANAX &  Halcion.  Although these drugs are widely prescribed, - long term use is beginning to disclose the Frankenstein Effect.  In 1992, Consumer Reports printed an article that put the spotlight on this class of drug.  XANAX - for example, was shown to have a fascinating side effect: Dementia! That, by any stretch of the imagination is nothing less than creating a niche & then filling it!  Grandpa is acting demented!  Time to increase his XANAX dosage!  Had Consumer Reports not printed this expose', the TRUE CAUSE of my own father's mental illness would have remained undetected by the family.  See, dad had a prescription for XANAX - & his behavior was slowly becoming less social over time.  Once we pulled the XANAX, he showed remarkable improvement.  Yet, that was in 1993;  -- but today ... XANAX sales are at an all time high.  Why?  People don't read the list of side effects & doctors do not take time to explain the potential complications.  After all: Who would suspect a drug given to help people to not be crazy - of causing insanity itself?! 

Prozac & suicide? Yeah ... there's a connection. Furthermore ... they knew.  It caused "psychotic depression" in some patients too?  Yup.  They knew.  And ... it's still prescribed.  Got Paxil
Think the 'government' will protect us?  Nope.  Consider the massive evidence now compiled about a mercury based additive allowed into vaccines.  Do you know anyone with a child that has been diagnosed with autism or similar symptoms within the last decade?  Is your head bolted on tightly?

The newest stuff: SSRI, SNUI & the list goes on.  See the lawsuit story list yet?  So, while these companies continue to produce, patent & profit from these man made molecules - the public, overwhelmed by the marketing & power of which the Doctor's wield their prescription-writing pens - are not only oblivious to alternatives -- but actually skeptical that effective natural alternatives exist! "What is this snake-oil that just anyone can buy without a prescription!", they ask incredulously.  I am targeting the antidepressant market because I'm about to make a point & needed to contrast of a multi-billion dollar marketplace that is held out to the public as "treatment" while for most people, a better, proven & safer treatment exists that your doctor will not write a prescription for & your insurance will probably not pay for. 

Remembering Jack: Do you remember the story about the guy named Jack who sold the family cow for a handful of beans - that grew a stalk up to the sky - to a castle of the man-eating giant?  Well, despite the fact the story was written out of time & suffers some temporal distortion as a result; -- It is, quite true.  Jack actually traded the cow for (2) different "beans". 

  1. One was called "soy" & the giant that bean got Jack an audience with was named "Monsanto".  Monsanto had been busy brewing recipes named "Agent Orange", "DDT" & "PCB's" to name a few.  Monsanto's latest was called "rBGH" & it currently is threatening the quality of milk worldwide (So much for Jack's cow).  However ... soymilk (from the soybean) is a quickly growing commodity with huge potentials.  That said - I'll leave any follow up to you. 
  2. My primary focus is on a "bean" that even Jack questioned the value of for some time.  It actually grew a tree that spread out & sent limbs to a large number of castles with Giants with names like "Pfizer", & "Eli-Lilly".  These giants were too busy competing with each other to notice Jack at first.  It was his "beanstalk" they eyed suspiciously - a tree. Even though they spoke a language too complex for Jack to understand -- he gathered from their actions that they collectively chose to downplay any significance the tree might have.

Let me show you what our pseudo-friend "Jack" discovered:  It's called 5-HTP; -- & as an antidepressant & mood stabilizer - there is evidence going back several decades or more!  "Dr. W. Poldinger of the Psychiatrische Universitatsklinik in Basel, Switzerland (A functional-dimensional approach to depression: serotonin deficiency as a target syndrome in a comparison of 5-hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP) and fluvoxamine. Psychopathology. 1991,24:53-81) in a double blind, multi-center controlled study using patients diagnosed with depression found that after week 6, both the patients taking 100 mg. 5-HTP 3 times per day and those taking 150 mg. fluvoxamine (Prozac -an SSRI) 3 times per day, had equal numbers showing about 50% improvement with 5-HTP proving to be better tolerated than the SSRI and having about a 11% lower failure rate than the SSRI group."

So, got depression, anxiety or any number of other conditions that doctors want to write prescriptions for?  Before you hop in bed with "Frankenstein" - consider natural 5-HTP.   Do the research for yourself & draw your own conclusions.  It's your life.

BTW: I know of people who have effectively used 5-HTP to arrest the effects of herpes simplex virus. The hypothesis is that the virus activates when serotonin dips low (caused by stress, etc).  5-HTP is thought to interfere with the virus by increasing serotonin levels in the nerves where the virus hides.

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Turning back the biological clock...

More men are discovering that they can turn back the biological clock & buff out better than ever. The most natural way to do this is with a group of substances called "SECRETAGOGUES".  They are chemical precursors that stimulate the body to produce more growth hormone.  More Human Growth Hormone (HGH) has been PROVEN to reverse many of the effects of aging.  Too much & you'll become "Andre the Giant" & perhaps just as dead.

Of course, some guys skip the precursors & get a doctor to put them on actual HGH.  Expensive. Very.

A more affordable approach is to get a doctor to prescribe synthetic thyroxin (the hormone made by the thyroid).  Again, the key to success is PROPER USE. 

Anabolic steroids are a controversial topic, but the fact is: If you use them under the advice of a good mentor -- the positive potentials far outweigh the negative.  Statistically: Using them responsibly is safer than driving.

I'll leave the research to you, but I did want to comment that there are some ESSENTIAL SUPPLEMENTS that you will want to use as you age & especially if you are taking any of the steps outlines above:

  1. Antioxidants - specifically, OPC's are absolutely essential as we age.  The body makes it's own antioxidants, but makes less as the years tick by. As levels drop, all sorts of maladies set in.  Hmmm. Think there might be a link between cataracts & cancer?  Oligo Merrick Proanthocyanidins (OPC's) are what Lance Armstrong was using when he won 1st place immediately after having had cancer surgery.  If he'd known about them earlier ... he may have avoided the cancer!  They act systemically & the benefits are too numerous & noticeable to mistake for the placebo effect.  Chronic pain, cataracts, precancerous conditions, fatigue, digestive maladies, nerve disease, arthritis, etc; have all garnered fantastic anecdotal evidence as more people use OPCs. Furthermore, double blind studies leave absolutely no doubt as to their general effectiveness.
  2. Collagen is absolutely essential. It is a widespread observation that many guys who are "on the juice" seem to age rapidly in the face (& their skin suffers generally). Also, one of the widest reported steroid related maladies is catastrophic blood vessel failure resulting in bruising, stroke & death.  Roids & hemorrhoids seem to be related.  This is because they ARE.  It comes down to COLLAGEN.  As the body grows muscle mass, it needs collagen to make connective tissue in the fibers stronger.  Because of the growth rate, many men don't get enough in their diet. The body is literally collagen-starved on thousands of calories a day! What does it do? Like any starvation scenario - it feeds on itself - robbing from one area to build another.  Without supplementation -- the face begins to wrinkle & blood vessels weaken!  Collagen is found sold as gelatin products. 
  3. Vitamin C. It's like an "old wive's tale" that turned out to be true! L-Ascorbic Acid helps strengthen the connections in connective tissue.  It will help make the disks in your back act like firm rubber & regain their shape!  I know first hand how effective this can be after having a back injury & living in misery for months -- to have the pain gone in 3 days using Vitamin-C mega dosing.  It's benefits are systemic & completely underestimated by the public (including physicians).  Additionally -- OPC's enhance this effect 5-20 fold!  This is why scurvy (a nutrition deficiency related degeneration of connective tissue) is effectively treated by Vitamin C and OPC's.
  4. Colloidal Minerals: These are derived from shale & contain all essential minerals including the trace.  Many problems -- especially age related are mineral-deficiency related.  EFFECTIVE Supplementation is accomplished by colloidal suspensions - preferable in an isotonic form.  Again - this is an area where the public & physicians are woefully under informed - resulting in untold misery.

The 4 supplement types above are MUSTS.  As you age, the body loses the ability to derive these from foods. As you age, the onset of all types of maladies begins to occur. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see the connection.  Ignore it to your peril. I gave up a long time ago trying to convince people that $3 a day of essentials would do much more for them than their doctor's $50,000 procedure (which often incapacitates with scars & pain). 

If, you are "turning back the clock" with the use of hormones, steroids, etc; -Be SURE to supplement your diet so that your veins, & your face don't break!  Minerals, OPCs, collagen & essential vitamins are not even points of debate (unless you're a fool).  What good is getting your body buff'd if your penis doesn't perform?  What good are abs & arms if your face ages 20 years in the process of getting? 

Life has risks. These are some primary ways to help minimize them while actually helping in other areas!  Do your own due diligence.  Look into these issues for yourself.

The 2 finalists:

I know of 2 men. Each spent $50,000. One spent it on his car. The other spent it on making his living room an awesome home entertainment area. 10 years later, which do you suppose still has the bulk of his investment intact? A decade later, where do you think more people have been entertained? The point is, that when you sink money into something - your investment should go into the places where it will make the best impact for the longest time. This is common sense. However, when people consider their health, they often neglect the (2) areas where investment counts the most: Air & Water.


Buying bottled water is a baaaad investment. "EVIAN", spelled backwards is "NAIVE". Do you think the spelling is a coincidence? That is a message that is a slap-down sent by the bottler: Anyone who'd spend that kind of money on water is NAIVE!  If you are on city water, then it's already been treated for you. However, it comes to your tap with ozone or chlorine in it as an antimicrobial. Think of them like the "wrapper" on bread that keeps it fresh. At the point you actually eat the bread, you no longer need the wrapper. So is the case with chlorine. Many people on municipal (city) water can get bottled-quality right out of their tap with an inexpensive filter.  E-bay is awash with NSA-type units -often available for under $30. They even sell units for your ice-maker! I have yet to meet a person who can tell the difference between bottled water & filtered municipal water. As a matter of fact, some bottled waters are literally filtered municipal water!  So, why on earth would you spend even $33 cents per gallon when you can make your own for under $.02 per gallon?  Fill your own water-bottles from your own "filtered municipal source"! Why p1ss money away?


The next area of investment that people often overlook is that of the air quality in their living space. Unlike treating water, the best money spent on treating indoor air is not about "filtering it". Air is dumb. How do you get the air in the bathroom to come into the kitchen where a "filter" may be? You can't. It won't! Air requires a different approach. Since many of you live in homes with centralized HVAC, the approach I suggest is: ionization & ozonation. Some of you have ozonation built into your air handler already. However, it does not run when the blower is off, and ozone works the best when you can send it through your system in concentrated bursts. I have a small, inexpensive EcoQuest ozonator that I run continuously & keep on the inside of my air-handler, -just on the other side of the air-handler's filter. While the air handler is off, the ozonator saturates the air within that space with ozone -which eventually spills out thru the handler's particulate filter back into the room via diffusion.  "Things" that normally might live in your handler's filter do NOT like that level of ozone (most of which is self contained within the airspace on the inside cabinet area of the intake.  When the air handler comes on, that accumulated ozone is blown through all of the ducts & then into my living airspace - where it is quickly diluted -usually after a few seconds of sending a fresh, clean burst of nature's cleaner into the room. It smells like air after a thunderstorm. Some people will want a unit with more capacity - depending on the size of their home & what they want to use the unit for.  As pointed out on EcoQuest's website: Kansas State University Tested the ActivePure Technology† in SurfaceGuard and found that, in less than 12 hours, over 99.9999% of H5N8 Flu virus – Avian Influenza – was neutralized. Imagine that kind of germ-killing power in your bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom.  That's a good place to begin your research on this revolutionary form of air treatment. Choose a pattern of purification that works for you!

How Does Ozone Work?

Ozone is nature's way of purifying the air we breathe. As ozone circulates and comes into contact with airborne pathogens, one of the three oxygen atoms detaches itself from the ozone molecule, attaches itself to the cell structure and oxidizes it and effectively destroys  microscopic organisms. Ozone is nature's way of self-cleaning our environment.

Ozone is such a strong germicide that only a few micrograms per liter are required to demonstrate germicidal action; it destroys all pathogenic and saprophytic microbes in water. Factors like humidity, temperature, pH, ozone concentration levels, type of organism and time, determine the kill rate for pathogens, but its action in water is instantaneous. After oxidation, ozone returns to its original form of oxygen, without leaving any toxic by-products or residues! Ozone is a natural disinfectant and sterilizer, and unlike chlorine, it does not produce trihalomethanes, chloroforms, or any other detrimental bi-product in water.

Without dispute, ozone is the most effective natural bactericide and viricide of all the disinfecting agents.  Read that until it sinks in.

Ozone (O3) or trivalent Oxygen is one the most misunderstood molecules ever documented. Because elevated levels of ozone are often found in polluted, outdoor air, the EPA has "labeled" ozone as being a 'part' of the air pollution problem. That type of reasoning is like observing fireman at a fire & concluding that the firemen must be contributing to the cause of the fire!  Of course, the truth is quite the opposite of the government's perceptual error. You see, when sunlight interacts with airborne particles, gasses & oxygen, -- ozone (O3) is produced. 
This explains why polluted outdoor air contains higher levels of ozone than "mountain air"
(which still has background ozone levels for your information). However, to stop looking at the process at that point (as does the EPA), would be a serious error in analysis. Why? Well, just as shown earlier with the chemical equation involving ammonia; -- Once the ozone has been created, it goes about dismantling other airborne substances (which are the REAL POLLUTANTS) -- breaking them down into simpler substances, -- most of which are then harmless & exist naturally in the air. Ozone does not neutralize all forms of airborne pollutants, -- but it does many of them. Ironically then, part of the government is on a campaign to reduce ground-level, atmospheric ozone concentrations; -- the very ingredient in air responsible for cleaning it! That's correct: Ozone is nature's way of making polluted air cleaner!  God thought it up (no wonder government is trying to stifle it)!


Ozone is to air as salt (NaCl) is to water. Small amounts are easily tolerated & even necessary to encourage life. Larger amounts can become a nuisance. (However, unlike salt, ozone will even react with itself leaving only simple oxygen (O2) over time. That's right: Ozone is self limiting!)

2(O3) ---> 3(O2)

But, without the million+ lumens of sunlight to recreate ozone indoors, inside air is soon exhausted of this natural cleanser. As a result, indoor pollution levels are constantly on the rise!  The solution seems simple: Replace diminishing ozone levels in indoor air.  Done correctly, this is a tremendous benefit to indoor air quality.