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Remarkably common are testimonies just like the following:
"I grew up in a neighborhood where boys having 'sex' with boys was the rule, on a regular to occasional basis. As an almost unbroken rule, the 'sex' involved mutual masturbation as well as oral sex. Anal sex was generally non-existent. Given that this was a form of sexual interaction involving boys who had the most sex with their best friends, and lesser amounts of sex with lesser friends, male bonding factors applied - as well as sexism . That is, we were all aware of what we were to do with females, as some of us were doing - as in fucking - but would never think of doing that [anal intercourse] to one's best friend, considered to be one's equal." - Adams


"I hate women."
"They're all whores."

quotes from notorious womanizing men!


Rhetorical Question: What are women who have sexual relations with such men - experiencing?

  • Love; -
  • Or merely being used? 

I think the answer is obvious.

The irony is that I know both of the men who made the statements quoted above. Overall - they're basically people who would be considered by most - to be "regular" guys. They have no shortage of female companions - despite having nearly narcissistic attitudes toward them. Both are very good looking men (I'd know). 
As I observed: They do not represent an odd class of westernized man: However - each has a stream of women who seem to have no number & certainly no permanence in these guys lives.  These guys are considered extremely 'virile' & sexually active/successful males in the eyes of most who know them.  They also have a clique of friends to whom they boast about their latest sexual exploits.  But, as noted: These guys do not have long term female relationships - nor do they seem able to sustain them.  Both have "accidental children" by one or more women.

Remarkably: I have observed a nearly exact same pattern of behavior in the gay-male community: Endless one-night stands with guy-strangers; -- No relationship steadfastness or permanency (& generally minus the children).  And the irony is that many of these gay men have "female friends" in whom they confide their most intimate secrets & exploits.  There is a reason why the "fag-hag" exists in stereotype.

Of course - not one brush paints the whole picture - especially when fidelity to form is required.  However - because the men described above constitute large clusters of well recognized behavior patterns; -- I thought I'd take a look into sexual moir�s & make some educated guesses as to the underlying psychology.

  • Men who fixate on sex without the ability to bond with or appreciate the long-term aspects of their lovers are victims of prejudiced thinking patterns. 
  • And their partners usually reinforce the prejudiced beliefs.
  • And society / marketing media reinforces these beliefs.

So - What IS the PREJUDICE?

The prejudice is the same as most: The belief that the other person is unequal - usually inferior, of less worth & lacking the personal worth to insist on their own rights as people.  This basic belief is the foundation for contempt. After all: If a man is at the mercy of someone whom he feels is inherently inferior to him - the need for the inferior person generates a sense of resentment and a need to further demean the other in order for the man (who feels humiliated in his need of the inferior) to regain his sense of superiority.
Put this way: A man is never more vulnerable then when he is naked & sexually aroused.  A man's sexual response controls him - makes him subject to it & seizes control of his body & his responses.  That's a lot of power to give another person over you.  If the person who has such power over you is someone you feel is inferior to you -- then the implication is that the weak - weakens the strong; -& the strong is incapable of stopping the events that lead to their own weakening!  This is why there is an endless string of one-night stands but no lasting relationships or strong bonds of deep friendship.


Media & marketing promote this imbalanced thinking by constantly stressing the differences between genders. Such differences are usually the product of culture rather than nature.  Consider westernized culture & body hair as a dynamic.  A man who does not shave is simply being a "man". He can let pits, pubes & chest grow without too much chance of being socially outcast.  However - how is a woman viewed who lets her pits, pubes & leg-hair grow uncontrolled?  Hmmm.  Is the hair in these places UNnatural for her?  If not, then why the perceptual distaste?  The answer is social conditioning.  Companies that make hair removal related products have a lot at stake if women suddenly accept themselves the way nature makes them. Need I say more to prove my point?
Without cosmetic procedures (such as hair removal) - the fact is that there are tremendous similarities between the genders. 2 eyes and a nose, 10 fingers & 10 toes.  Why do men have nipples?  Much of society seems terrified of the similarities.  Hmmm.  Of course, most people buy into the bias without considering what they're buying into.  Western societies love to point at practices of other cultures like the lip-disk, neck-rings or foot-binding.  "Silly pagans!", we yell at them as we apply the shaving cream, the blade & then the make-up.  How far is the ear-ring from the ear-dowel?  Hmmm.  

Of course - those who buy into this message that screams "HETERO" or "different" - perpetuate the imbalanced thinking by promoting the same ideology in their communications.  A Man who believes himself to be superior can only be with a woman who believes it.  An assertive woman soon is seen as being a "bitch" -- and she may well be if she sees men as inferior to her!  Whatever the form - the philosophy of 'inequality' spawns endless occasions for people to deride & denigrate each other over frivolity.  Consider the civil war that broke out in Rwanda - where 2 groups of people were killing each other over physical traits that amounted to average height & the shape of the nose!  And others such as Hitler's 'final solution', slavery in the US -based on racial beliefs, the Camarouge who were killing people who wore eye-glasses.  Endless manifestations but a common symptom: A belief that certain physical traits create superior/inferior classes of people.  The most common is the male/female schism.  I'm NOT saying that the genders are identical. Far from it! I'm saying that the similarities often seem to be points of attack - in order to create the appearance of a wider schism.  


As expressed earlier: This forced, exaggerated imbalance has numerous manifestations - all similarly accusing the worthiness of the other person.  In M/F relationships, the dynamic is endless sexual partners & no relationships of any depth because one or both people are too fixated on their own superiority - or the one who believes [him/her]self to be superior becomes filled with contempt & a petty attitude for the other.
Among M/M couples - the schism of DOMINANT/SUBMISSIVE is mirrored by the extremely unequal act of AnalSex: Tops/Bottoms.  Since the ANUS is NOT a genital organ -- the practice is derived from a flawed perception that penetration somehow equals sex because that's the form "sex" takes between mixed genders.  Just how stupid are people?  
Men - lacking a vagina, have no baseline of comparison for the female part of sex other than the VISUAL aspect.  A male who wants to ass-fuck another man actually wants someone who'll let him use them in a manner as closely to a female as possible: To penetrate.  More obvious is this dynamic in prisons.  Men who are "turned out" are forced to take on a female role including behavior, mannerisms and being anally penetrated.  A guy who BOTTOMS is merely emulating what he has SEEN - what he THINKS approximates what women do. Is there any wonder why the "gay-male" community is preoccupied with drag & x-gender behavior?  Of course there are people in the gay community who will deny my observations as a 'prejudice'.  However - those same critics will fail to identify where the practice originated & where the ideas for it come from. And nature itself has cursed the practice of AnalSex
Why is the stereotype of the gay-man one in which the person puts female affectations into his mannerisms.  It may be a stereotype, - but stereotypes are based on identifiable behavior-clusters that can be spotted easily in the fabric of society.  A gay-man who TOPS is merely EMULATING what he thinks is a masculine sexual act (because at his core being he feels less than a man - the act of penetrating gives him a faux-sense of being more masculine); And the BOTTOM takes on the psychology of a proxy-khunt.  Because the anus is not a female genital - but an anus -- the act of using it as a proxy - is a fraud: Which is precisely why some have identified that act as a crime against nature. Technically - it
In other words: A gay-man who TOPS another man is seeking to artificially emulate same type of environment  to insert his penis into that would exist in a Male/Female sexual exchange.  The female vagina is specifically designed for this act.  An anus (male or female) is NOT.  The act (when anal) is a fraud. It is not sex - because sex is about genitals - not rectums. (However - giving benefit of the doubt where any may exist: Guys doing the top/bottom thing may do so because someone TOLD THEM countless times that this is HOW men sexually interact with each other. "Over-ride your common-sense & do like this..."! Letting someone else manipulate the space between your ears can be a dangerous thing -- especially when the thing between your ears is guiding the thing between your legs!  Sex is about a focus on genitals - not asses!) 
Historically, anal-rape was the most grievous insult that could be dealt to a foe. Why? Because of the widespread belief in many cultures (past & present) that women were inferior (because they are generally weaker physically); --So to rape a man (to penetrate him) was to "make worse than a woman of him" - to make him "weak".  Technically, in the legal sense of natural law: Analsex IS a crime.  Moses wrote that the act was a mala- inse' crime -- a capitol offense (and for good reasons - none of which you need to invoke a deity to accept). So, while other nations were "raping" their defeated foes ... Israel was NOT.  See, AnalSex spreads diseases (many deadly) explosively into any population that takes up the practice  According to studies - the act spreads STI's +5000% (Sholly-Huck'n-Fit!) more effectively than all other forms of "sexual contact".  Cultures that take up that practice destroy themselves. We're watching it -right now- infect the globe; - proving this point with deadly repetition every day.

Oh G0Y!

The male/male phenomenon currently expressing itself as the g0y men's movement is actually nothing new.  Historical evidence clearly shows periods in time among certain cultures such as the Greeks - when male/male intimacy & sexual interactions were accepted & openly celebrated.  While the modern "gay male community" has made an appeal to the Greeks as progenitors of the gay movement; - The fact that AnalSex was illegal in ancient Greece effectively filters & excludes from 80%-90% of today's current "gay male" culture! Ironic? I think so.
As recent studies (from Kinsey to current Internet polls) show, about +60% of the population experiences varying amounts of Same Gender Attractions (SGA). About 10% of those are exclusively SGA.  The monumental implication is that +50% of the population is ambisexual (Bi).  1 out of every 2 people can swing both ways!  Recent studies about "homophobia" have shown that people with the highest levels of homophobia are usually people with a high propensity to experience SGA.  Many ask why.  I believe the reason for fear of SGA has several reasons - perhaps many ... but only (3) are primary:

  1. Current widespread religious beliefs that are critical & negative of all Same Gender Affection.

  2. An innate fear of being sexually abused, anally raped & effectively emasculated via ass--sex.

  3. A fear of being ostracized because of stigmas connected to the above 2 factors (being labeled part of a socially offensive group).

Because the imagery connected to the act of anal-sex (& other forms of scat-fetish) - is so repugnant to so many people - the baseline feelings of revulsion & disgust form a powerful psychological barrier that prevents scrutiny of the prejudice & to whom the negative feelings actually apply.  In other words: Once an image locks in the mind of a viewer that relays a sense of disgust and then that image with the associated negative feelings are connected to a word (such as 'gay'), -the prejudice sets like concrete against the term -- now connecting the word to the associated imagery & the feeling.   The next time the term is used to label somebody - the feeling accompanies it. 

Disgust is a powerful emotion evoked by the imagery of something vile, impure & contaminating.  Let me illustrate how powerful it is with a true story.  Years ago, a news network did a special on food processing facilities.  During filming at a juice making company - a camera shot showed a stainless steel conveyor belt covered with freshly washed vegetables headed toward the pulverizors - where they are crushed & made into juice. However - on this occasion, the camera also caught a live snake slithering along the conveyor & falling into the pulverizor where it was inevitably smashed up, cut & wrung into the juice.  The commentator for the network asked "Aren't you going to stop that!?" - pointing at the overall operation.  The reply was along the lines of "No - the batch consists of so much juice that something like a snake being mixed in doesn't violate the government contamination standards.".  My question is: How much pulverized snake are you willing to accept in your juice?  Pay close attention to the feeling you are experiencing as you consider drinking down a glass of juice you know contains some small part of snake-oil.  Disgust: Powerful emotion, isn't it! It's designed to protect you from biohazards. 

One of the goals of the g0y men's movement is to remove ourselves from any ASSociation with the term gAy & hence, -zero out the negative emotions currently smeared on all male/male intimacy because of the destructive imagery promoted by the vocal minority called the "gay-male community" (& the prejudices reinforced by the religious-fundamentalists of several faiths).  The gay-male community is heavily preoccupied with rectums, feces & scat-fetish.  That is an undisputed fact and one only need to look at the overwhelming majority of gay porn publications to see that this fetish is readily accepted & considered the PRIMARY, integral gay male denominator.  As pointed out elsewhere; -Only in that subculture is a fascination with feces a tolerated & celebrated behavior.  Society overwhelming understands the biohazard surrounding it & spends BILLION$ every year to safely dispose of sewage.  How much  feces is acceptable in your snake-juice, eh - I mean fruit-juice!? 
The fact that feces ("SHIT") is a massive health hazard is a fact accepted by the general public, & scientifically established as a leading public health concern.  Yet - a group of PERVERTS - wants to celebrate filth-play as part of their eroticism!  And would you look at the statistics: The gay male community has the highest rate of STI's (+4300% higher than the general public at large according to the American Red Cross)!  Should we be surprised?  WTF! One of the most remarkable reactions from people who hear about the g0y men's movement is "Male/Male sexuality that doesn't involve AnalSex or a preoccupation with shit, piss and assholes!? Guys who love guys but do-NOT ass-fuck?!? Wow - never even considered it - but there it is! G0YS!"

What the g0y men's movement has done is provide a platform for men to adopt that draws a clear line of ethics against AnalSex as well as opposing other fetishes with filth; - (not against gender composition). 

The g0y movement expresses the belief that current "gAy male culture" is generally immoral for these primary reasons.

  • The widespread fetishes with filth & AnalSex -which is essentially a destructive, well-documented tort against nature:

    • treats a man as a proxy for a woman (in numerous avenues of expression).

    • provides an avenue for the explosive spread of diseases - which is 'immoral' because people get hurt.

  • Promotes & supports those same actions - which makes the community as a monolith willfully complicit.  a/k/a "Accomplices"

In contrast to the "gay-male" community & the "bar scene" (which bolster the principles of unbridled pleasure, passion & a gross disconcert for civility in general as made clear in many publications); - g0ys believe that effectively dealing with the subjects above puts to rest issues of law & conscience (not in a dismissive light or tone of frivolity -- but in good conscience,  good faith and an atmosphere of understanding the reasons WHY). 
In summary: G0YS believe that loving relationships cannot co-exist with attitudes of contempt for: natural-law, morality & humility; And that natural-law, morality & humility do not encumber same gender relationships, - but only certain acts that tend to cause harm.

These factors considered; - The obvious conclusion that can be drawn is that in the natural state, a male peer group will instinctively draw a hard-line of separation at actions that are seen as emasculating, - & distance themselves from those who promote/partake in such actions.

This innately respectful attitude toward male sexuality is the very heart of being g0y.  It is the dynamic where guys humbly enter each other's personal space to show acceptance, affection & among the closest friends - alleviate tension via extended physical contact & respectful sexual release.  Among male peers in groups that understand that penetration=disrespect; -- touching that leads to relief of tension -especially sexual -is the highest form of male bonding & an intensely personal event shared between friends.  It is a blatant lie to assert that men do not appreciate the beauty of the male body (which is why muscle & fitness publications are full of photos). Most (as in the MAJORITY) of men have a great aesthetic appreciation for masculine traits.  Men are also drawn towards personal characteristics that are admirable in other men - such as courage.  Such traits are infectious among peers in a group & a respected guy who befriends a peer & pulls him toward the 'close inner circle' knows that over time - it's possible that the friendship will take on physical/sexual dimensions based on mutual respect -like those discussed above. However - most men find the act of analsex an emasculating, vile & completely disgusting concept - and nature itself builds that feeling into the individual.


The photo to the left was taken of 2 MMA athletes. The guy on the left decided to make a joke & give the impression of a kiss being offered. I'm sure that people laugh when looking at it. Many people would say, "As if!".  The truth, however, is that men who regularly make close contact with other men are not afraid of close contact with men, -& as a result, are not afraid of extended close contact with other men. The guy on the right is completely aware that the guy on the left is joking around - even though his gaze is somewhere else.  How can you know? Look at his right hand: Resting on his buddy's trapezium; - & he knows he's leaning in towards him (in addition to the fact their pecs are virtually kissing thru the fabric of their clothes).   Despite the obvious humor - these guys are absolutely comfortable with each other  (Love is not easily offended.) When this dynamic is fully realized in an atmosphere of friendship & respect, physical intimacy is not uncommon.  However, it is something not generally discussed openly. Why? Because the gay male community has debased & subsequently made a mockery of male/male intimacy with the innuendos of gender-bending & analsex. See, most guys are amBIsexual; & contrary to general stereotypes - male athletes often have intimate relationships with men they love & respect closer than brothers -without telling the world about the private details. They're not ass-fuckers & they don't want to be lumped together into the same debased reputation as "gays".   

Based on a growing number of male/male testimonies - it is my hypothesis that in the natural state - adolescent men will intimately bond with their peers often sexually (never anal) when the opportunity arises. The intimacy is based on an unspoken set of rules regarding the equality of both men in the act of coupling & that mutual affection is shared in an atmosphere of masculine respect & acceptance.  Those who do not meet the mandate of a masculine gender role within such groups are ostracized - because accepting them & their difference represents a threat to the core values of the group - by the implication made nonverbally by accepting "the sissy".  The specter of gender non-conformity sends up a powerful warning flare; -& anal-sex is the brightest warning signal: A message that threatens a fundamental & instinctive moral imperative & a core masculine identity. Ethical men do NOT Ass--Fuck (It's NOT even a temptation)!

The proverbial sissy is cast-out because a "sissy" represents a personality that leans near the precipice of cowardice and a potential to bend toward actions that will threaten the group's core identity - nor will the "sissy" defend others with the use of violence if it is required. "We don't have 1 sissy because we don't want more to follow." - Such philosophies are not discussed out-loud - but known instinctively.  It is a hard truth that gender-non-conforming boys will ALWAYS be innately shunned by other boys. A mind molded by testosterone IS naturally prone to more aggression. THAT is a MEDICAL FACT. 

Therefore - a group of sissies that bands together becomes the icon of 'the loser group' - a group of pseudo-men who have lost the connection between their balls & their consciences; - At least as far as the regular guy on the masculinity-bell-curve is concerned.  And, where do you find the largest collection of "sissies & pseudo-men" today? That's right: The "Gay-Male" community. And what are the WELL-KNOWN & ADVERTISED CHARACTER TRAITS of the GAY MALE community? X-gender confusion, drag, butt-sluts, queens, & crowned by guys who advertise 'sex' with other guys (with a preoccupation with Anal fetishes). All this social-scat is wrapped in the highest levels of Sexually Transmitted Diseases of ANY demographic! Says WHO? Every major health organization on the planet!

The "loser group", in the eyes of the observing Boy-Scout-Gang, - has lived up to the very expectations they had of the sissies they rejected in the 1st place. And the TRAITS, STEREOTYPES & STIGMAS of the "Loser Group" are now the characteristics to be avoided in the name of "masculinity". And what is one of the traits of the loser group?  Male/male intimacy & sexuality; - (mixed with faux-pussy AnalFetish).  And society - which is generally N0T composed of analytical minds - fails to separate the (2) components.

The DISASTER, -- the LIE - that cascades into the public psyche is that male/male intimacy is a "gay" community exclusive.  While the g0y men's movement has taken the pains to point out that male/male sexuality is NOT exclusive to "gAys"; - Butt the "gAy" male culture is the culture that DESTROYED the noble image of male/male-intimacy by anally-raping it, smearing it with feces & putting it in drag; -And then worshipping that loudly degraded icon THEY CALL "GAY SEX"!  And sadly, because there are "men" involved, -society believes the perversion to be representative of ALL male/male physical intimacy; -& because the perversion (& many variations) spread diseases & glorify shoving objects into body orifices that were not naturally designed to accommodate: There is a huge amount of money to be made by those who market to the perversion/s of gayness (thus promoting & perpetuating them.)! G0Y men don't need the endless props of the gay male community - so g0ys aren't cash-cows.  

And guys who have not had the ability to see this gradual shift in paradigm from the bird's eye perspective (of time's passing & the numerous interconnected facets of the social evolution of the 'gay' phenomena) - are confused by the "in their face spectre", the conflicting messages, their own masculinity + the fact that many of them do find masculine men attractive on some physical level.  Where the "gay male" image has gained loud media, - the natural male bonding process in the 'gang' is now confronted with a loud, contrary LIE that asserts a "heterosexual norm" & that male/male intimacy is part of the "gay thing".  Gentle male/male physical affection has been effectively stigmatized & smeared with feces, effeminacy, arse-sex & a connection to the word "gay". The natural affections to touch, hug, hold, cuddle & nudge to a loving mutual climax have been put into a box of terror that asserts that doing so will make a guy part of  "gay culture"  - a term which carries a tremendous amount of baggage -well beyond mere same-sex intimacy!   At this point in time, we believe that the term "GAY" is beyond redemption and g0ys offer no apology for abandoning it!

G0YS believe it is time to make a distinction and an emotional appeal for men to accept the warm male affirming parts of their innermost beings without being ashamed that they are capable of loving other men (in the fullness of love's dimensions); -- While N0T being deceived into thinking that their affection needs resemble anything like showcased in the moral-sewage of "gay-media". In simple terms: It's possible to have a BrokeBack-Mountain experience WITHOUT the Butt--Fukk'n!         

Naked Honesty:

The key component of a g0y relationship involves disclosure & acceptance of several facts.  These are not issues usually discussed openly, -- but nonverbally assumed fundamental truths.

Sexual release is a need. This is true for men. For men, this is true. And if you are a man, you know how TRUE IT IS. Are there any questions? If not - then why do we tolerate people discussing this topic as if it is not true - as if sexual release was an option? Granted - there is probably a small percentage of the population to whom this form of OCD to-self does not affect.  Perhaps physical or genetic reasons spare some from the inevitable need to pump out copious amounts of man sauce through a seizuring penis, -- but most men begin to lose their ability to think of anything else -if they are hindered from regular ejaculations. And by "MAN", --I mean a HUMAN MALE JUST ABOUT 3 seconds INTO PUBERTY... 
Once again, fake, formal religion has failed humanity miserably in this regard. Truth is the last thing Father Dickhyder wants you to know, because if you realized the truth - you'd know what Father Dickhyder is doing in those extra-long morning showers that gradually deform the bar of soap into an acute "(" shape. 
The reason that teenagers get morning wood is so that the foreskin will detach from the glans to facilitate intercourse.  Men are programmed for sexual release in their teens.  But, - one of the 1st messages "churchianity" tells men is that their sexuality is shameful & their need for regular release is "sinful".  It's my belief that if you attend the Church of Kellogg, etc -- you need to tell Elder Penisprude that his preoccupation with preventing undocumented male ejaculation is a sign of mental illness.  If that doesn't work - simply exit permanently. Religious hypocrites deride the truths all g0ys know by instinct. The unspoken lesson of the circle-jerk is that guys need to get-off & it's normal, natural & nothing to be ashamed about. It's "a guy thing".  Denying it is simply a mark of self-shame, ignorance -or both.

Just as it's easier for a 3rd-party to tickle you than for you to tickle yourself; -- Having a 3rd party give you a helping hand in the sexual release department feels infinitely more pleasurable than using the 'self service pumps'.  So - your best friend "J" circle jerks with the bois & is the kewlest guy on earth who likes wrestl'n with you too.  Last time he stayed overnight - you wrestled & then he got you pinned.  Once pinned he began to tickle you so long you thought you were gonna have a stroke, - & he occasionally gently groped your balls while making jokes;  -& the next thing you knew you were hard as a rock.  Big, bad "J" then used his circle-jerk skills to slowly stroke you until you were shoot'n ropes halfway to the headboard & having your nutt so hard that that you thought your curled toes might break off.  Afterward he busted into a gentle massage all over ya because he really does love the ground you walk on (- & he got off on getting you off).  Next time you'll be sure to get pinned earlier -- unless of course - you somehow manage to pin big "J" & then give him a taste of his own medicine!  Or- maybe you'll just get naked & cuddle into a good cock-fight.  It's a guy thing. And it's a private thing.

Of course - fundamentalist-type religion/s (always on patrol to make sure that nobody has an orgasm without their official paperwork signed) goes about trying to thwart such exchanges by suggesting that "masturbation in general is a sin" - to begin with.  However - what they call "hoe-moe-sex-shu-ality" is labeled (by them) as an 'abomination that is punishable by death & will send your soul straight to hell - praise the Lawd!'  Of course - they'll add that masturbation is 'only' a 'lesser-sin' (because they're all doing it themselves -so must downplay it)!  Well - let's consider that posturing & pour a little damnation back in their erection, - eh, direction:
If "Hoe-moe-sex-shu-ality" is sex with the same gender; -- Then isn't masturbation "ho-mo-sex-ual" too - being sex with the same gender? After all -- you ARE the same gender as yourself, right?  Am I the only one who smells the bullsh!t of hypocrisy? I suggest that this is the argument to kick 'Pope Muhammad' between the crotch with. The smoke of smoldering brain circuitry is a pleasing aroma before the Lawd  - as they try to justify how yanking one's own winky is less "homo" that fondling that of another guy; - especially when the word "homo" means "the same" & you don't get any more "the same" then when you are fondling -you!  Of course, the point is not to villianize self gratification - but to cause a sense of personal despair among those who teach that same-gender-attractions are "abominable" - while they themselves cannot stop jacking off!  Once the "youth leader" realizes he's an "abomination" because he jacks off (& he is the same gender as the dude he's jack'n...[being himself]), -- he'll be open to legitimate alternative views that get him off the hook as well. Enter g0ys.

Several years ago, one youth-counselor at a church camp announced to the boys that the soap in the showers had been treated with UV dye and they'd be lining up guys under a UV light to see who'd been masturbating in the showers. Yeah - this guy actually said that (I heard him myself!). After a short while he said that he was "joking" about  the soap being treated but they should all take note about the "sin of masturbation" (a sin which is oddly absent from the Bible). But the Bible does warn about evil men who INVENT WAYS OF SINNING. Years later that same guy dropped dead during a church service (in the church of a massively disgraced "preacher" he had settled into). I won't go into the whole account here other than to say that many people considered him to be 2-faced.

Most guys agree that the emotions they feel in regards to sexuality are not well accounted for in the anecdotes of society nor the classifications society has for "sexual orientation".  In general, the biggest LIE is that the Bi-sexual (ambisexual) part of the population is a small minority.  Over +63% of the population experiences Same Gender Attractions!  The next lie about am Bi-sexuality is that people who are - feel the same degree of attraction for men & women. Actually - the levels of attraction vary tremendously and it is often more of an issue of individual traits that determine the force of attraction.  This is why you occasionally hear about a guy who has always been "straight" suddenly falling in love with another guy.  People who experience this type of event are often at a loss to explain "what is wrong with them". The answer is: Nothing.  Last time I checked +63% was not a minority! However - for people in the 1-5 range on Kinsey's scale -- they very often feel that what they have experienced attraction-wise does not fit into the social sex-boxes of "straight, or gay".  They're right.  Society doesn't know the truth about sexuality because it is afraid of the truth and the mass media is run by people -- generally terrified that other people will find out that they love both genders. People who accept the lies promote the lies.  Meanwhile - lots of guys are in a state of confusion because they discover they are getting aroused around their good looking male buddies in certain situations. Guys who carry these emotions silently within them often suffer terribly with unmet needs, questions & guilt thrown at them by the likes of  religious fundamentalists.  Meanwhile the specters of a guy half in drag & half in leather - with his penis up another guys arse - waving "Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii guyths" has less than zer0 appeal to most men who love men. Most men who feel real love toward other men do not relate to the conventional wisdoms of the day about sexuality matters & who they are!  They love other dudes but they do not relate to the spectre of "gay" at all; -& furthermore find many "gay" stereotypes, stigmas & fetishes to be completely contrary to their moral center.

 We know all about these feelings - hence this website!

Respect Issues:

Part of the g0y paradigm places heavy emphasis on RESPECT. First, I'll give you an example of a widespread symptom of DISrespect: You're with some male friends on the road and you drive by an attractive woman.  Heads turn, jaws drop and a comment is made; "I'd like to *FUKK* her!". See the symptom of *DIS*respect?
I'll turn it on its ear to make sure you understand:  You're out for a walk.  A car goes by with several guys in it and you hear one of them yell, "I'd like to *FUKK* Him!" - speaking about you.  At that moment, do you feel like a person or an object? On a scale of 1 to 10, how much respect do you feel the person who yelled the comment has for you - as a person?
G0YS NEVER see another person as a mere sexual object[.] When a g0y sees a totally studly bro - the reaction is: "I'd like to have that dude in my circle of close friends!".  G0YDAR attempts to make it so. G0YS aim for long-term relationships that place friendship as #1.  The most powerful affirmations we have are to love & be loved. When 2 people hook up to have a naked sheet staining party and then forget each others names because no attempt is made to continue the friendship: What the hell is that about? Yes, people do fall out of contact for many reasons. However, g0ys value friendships & try to prolong them over time.
G0YS never disconnect their heart from their penis.  You'll notice that the heart beats hardest just after the orgasm; - & keeps on beating until you're dead!  So it should be with your friendships! Omnia Vincit Amor.
People who see others as objects for mere sexual gratification are the same ones who make the porn industry a success. Fukk'n sociopaths...  And they're everywhere!

PORN - A Collossal MISeducation medium!

During the course of my life, I've met a number of guys who had been so MISeducated by porn that the bedroom was a place where high-speed, hard-banging was expected; -A  spectre they created because that's all they had every seen in porn. "Gay" porn generally consists of a power imbalance of which leads to analsex. One guy recalls: "I had always seen men going like jackhammers on other men. That's what I thought was expected of a guy in the bed-room." Fortunately, the 1st guy I was ever with - was a g0y & his style was meticulously slow & sensual. He was the 1st guy I ever heard say that he wanted to 'cuddle the fuck out of me'!  And that's exactly what happened. Instead of a frenetic sex-panic like you see in so much porn where guys try to beat an imaginary stopwatch, - this guy started with a slow massage to my back & neck while we were on the couch watching a movie - gradually undressing me to reach more & more skin. When he got me down to my briefs, he saw my erection pushing on the fabric & said, "You are one good look'n guy. Head to the bedroom?". "Fuck yeah... I replied with a nervous lump in my throat.". He had a large king size futon-bed with brown bedding & wall coverings in jungle imagery. He stepped out of his sweats - removing his socks & shirt simultaneously while he did so - leaving him in the buff. I was stunned by his physique - even though I'd seen him in the locker too many times to count.  We were standing at the foot of the futon with me facing him. He sat down on it & gently & slid his hands along the waistband of my briefs & moved the fingers of his right hand under the fabric - gliding his hand along my groin until it was between the fabric & my erection - so that he could slide them off me without the band catching & wrenching my dick - as his left hand gently snagged my briefs from behind & both, working together slid them down off me.   He then slid both hands up to my armpits & while saying "Relax forward", he laid back gently supporting my weight as I fell forward in slow motion on top of him - pecs to pecs, balls to balls with my knees together between his.   Gently, he wrapped both arms around my upper body & both of his legs around the back of my knees * while holding me firmly chest to chest - he explained, "Relax...slowly, - gently. No rush. Enjoy the ride & build a memory. We've got all night & I want to slowly cuddle the fuck out of you.".  The event was so sex-charged that I didn't last 10 minutes before I reached the point - you know - where the base of your balls is on fire with pleasure that has reached inevitability. He could feel my back arch & ass tighten & he hugged my tighter to him and I could feel his back arch too as he ground his erection against mine. My dick disgorged the contents of my balls all over his abs as I shot  pleasure yielding volley after volley. He was doing the same - as our mutual whispered groans left little to imagine what each was feeling. He held me firmly on top of him - massaging my upper body & scalp -forcing sleep upon me. A hour later, I awoke to rediscover that I was still naked on top of a handsome, naked teammate. I planted a firm kiss on his thick neck forcing him to stir. He sighed in deep satisfaction & slowly explored my body with palm & fingers lightly scratching between firmer massage pressures & causing piloerections to cover my skin & body hair to rise.  There's something about being able to take your time & slowly appreciate the guy in your hug; -To NOT make your dick the focus of your attention - but on extended touching, kissing & caressing the guy you're with. Watching his responses slowly take him captive to the event; - & resting an ear over his left pec to soak up the sound of a pounding heartbeat. When you relax - & make love slowly to another guy - you can, quite literally, slowly & methodically cuddle the fuck out of him. Porn has NOTHING in comparison to that with its mere focus on the mechanics of the act rather than slowly & gently loving the person! Done correctly, slow gentle love making results in extremely intense, satisfying orgasms (not because of what is happening between your legs - as much as what is happening between your ears).  I.E: The image to the right is an example of an orgasm induced between a mixed-gender couple without thrusting during the act. Simply the insertion of his penis & extended cuddling over a long while eventually produced a mutual orgasm. People who don't use their genitals like jackhammers can develop incredible sensitivity and the most erotic cues are those feelings happening due to reflexes. A sexually stimulated man will have occasional contractions along the length of his erection that increase in frequency & intensity as he approaches ejaculatory inevitability.  Muscles along a man's testicles alternately pull them upward toward his abdomen. This is very visible in men with larger scrotums & a very clear "tell" that a guy is aroused - often before he has a full erection. As time passes - his testes do not descend as often - staying closer to the base of his penile shaft until he finishes. People who make love slowly can feel all of these nuances as they occur with their partner. This is intensely erotic because these reflexes are involuntary & they literally broadcast the message that your partner is so turned on with you that he cannot control his sexual responses and they are on autopilot - gradually pulling him over the edge of composure into orgasmic pleasure and he cannot stop it because these are REFLEXES: Slow, relentless, intoxicating & unstoppable.   Women who are seeking to get pregnant find this erotic beyond words because they can feel these contractions happening involuntarily in the penis of the man they're with -carrying him along helplessly & he is getting closer to ejaculating & surrendering to her what she wants.  If the guy is with another guy, and their cocks are pressed between them - each guy can feel what is happening to his paramour as time passes. Making love slowly with pecs pressed against pecs & balls atop balls and all that skin on skin can relay a fantastic amount of sensory information to each man from the other.  Without the race-paced genital jack-hammering showcased in porn, the quieter reflexes become VERY prominent. I like being able to feel my buddy's rapid heartbeat & hear it in his breathing as he slowly gets closer to surrendering his semen & his composure. I love being able to slowly caress him from cheeks to ass-cheeks and enjoy the soft moans & groans he makes as his reflexes have their way with him.  People who focus on the nuances of sexual reflexes can gently nudge their partner over the edge & this is erotic beyond words as time itself becomes your relentless ally - working with you to slowly overwhelm his senses in the same way slow small accumulations of snow cause avalanches; - Like Chinese water-torture made out of drops of pleasure! People who have not taken their lessons on sex from porn approach the event with a mindset very, very different than that of a porn star. Prostitutes are generally, ALWAYS "on the clock" and their focus is on finishing the act so they can move on. This is a very different mindset from those who want to spend their time with the person in their bed - even if that time is spent sleeping intertwined. Finally, porn, prostitutes & quick sex all fail to deliver one of the neurotransmitters that make sex awesome: OXYTOCIN. This hormone is associated with deep personal connections of family & best friends. This neurotransmitter keeps working in the background & the feelings of good-will & connection it creates are what the best moments in life are connected to. Oxytocin will cause people to open their homes & wallets. Oxytocin will stand in the way of war itself (which is why governments have spent inordinate efforts to scandalize same-gender attractions among men). Oxytocin will convince people to forgive when nothing else can. It is the hormone that empathy springs from. Sociopaths, narcissists & other antisocial personalities are often immune to its effects - usually as a result of a misplaced value set that esteems other things to be more valuable & causes a person to actually perceive the feelings it causes as a threat to their long term goal/s & thus suppress any thoughts that would generate it. Men who traffic in slaves & children; -who perceive men as fodder & value money over morality are virtually devoid of it. People who view the self-evident atrocity of abortion as a "mere form of birth control" or degrade others merely because of racial traits  - are, likewise, bereft of it (I.E: Margaret Sanger - the founder of Planned Barrenhood was a loudly outspoken racist).  And let's face the obvious fact: Porn stars are prostitutes - trading sex for a paycheck. And if an unplanned pregnancy was to occur during a "shoot"; - What do you suppose most of them advocate as a "solution"? It certainly isn't oxytocin-centric! Make no mistake: An artist's beliefs & philosophies will find a way into their art - often on a subconscious level. Oxytocin is the enemy of pornography and this is precisely WHY porn is such a terrible teacher. The only thing it displays are incomplete acts designed to generate superficial plastic pleasures without attachments, accountability nor any concern displayed for the people who are the actors FOLLOWING THE PERVERSE SCRIPT of people who are primarily interested in MONEY above all else!  Ironically, some people may claim that parts of this website are "pornographic". Well, many are sexual, erotic & showcase biological acts such as ejaculation. But what defines "PORNOGRAPHY"? I've said it before: Sexual oriented media that showcases/exploits people as expendable objects. And I do NOT believe that this website relays that message about people. In other words: Adult material is not necessarily pornographic.

Making Love Man2Man:

When giving details on this subject from the g0y perspective, - it is very common to hear from men who have had the experience & never been able to articulate their feelings [for the mere reason that the current paradigms on sexuality lacked the terminology or even a model held up as an ideal]. Once they see 'g0y' described - there comes a moment of clarity where their sexuality suddenly makes complete sense for the first time; -& in addition to embracing the concept of g0y - there is a simultaneous & complete rejection of the ill-fitting (unisex, ambiguous, anything-goes) gay-male-porn-paradigm.   

"I LOVE this group. I TOTALLY relate... I have a GREAT difficulty understanding gay guys, and just YEARN for a normal guy-guy relationship that could include honest intimacy." - John K

Broke-Back Mountain almost got it right.  Where it seriously dropped the ball & became a "gay agenda film" instead of a story about buddy-love - was during the scenes that hinted of the way sexual interactions between the two guys occurred. From the perspective of a guy who has 'broken other guys in' regarding their first experience to climax with another guy -- I can tell you that Analsex is as close to our thinking as broccoli is to a Great White Shark's.  The BBM script was written by a woman; -- & what did she know about M2M other than what was in gay pubs? After all -- those things claim to be the 'word' on M2M.  G0YS know they represent a minority of loud perverts; -- Meanwhile +50% of the male population shrinks back & thinks "Man, I hope nobody ever thinks that vulgar sh!t about me!".  BrokeBack - as written was like fine fruit juice with a solid hint of snake-sh!t in it!

If the first love scene had been done to represent most male/male experience - it would have been like this:
Once the 2 guys were in close quarters & bedding down, one would have gained the courage to start slow-rubb'n on the other - probably back, neck & shoulder area.  Smalltalk about "hitting the spot with the massage", friendship & "where it feels good" would gradually fill the silence as 2 things occurred: The heart rate of each guy would go into his aerobic zone & the skin of each would begin to flush; - While externally the demeanor of each would stay even-keeled (but maybe just a little bit nervous from the internal sexual tension).  As each guy grew more comfortable, - clothing would gradually come off in the name of "the massage" or being "too warm", etc.  It wouldn't be a frenzied thrashing to undress. That would be too obvious & frontal.  Slow gentle contact with gradual disrobing could easily take around half an hour!  The event proceeds respectfully on equal footing.  As clothing comes off & more skin is accessible -- sexual tension continues to climb & conversation becomes less frequent. 

Each shifts his attention to the physique of his buddy & each uses their closeness to slow-caress & admire musculature, shape, & the feel of more skin; - while observing physiological responses:  [Increased breathing.  Pounding heart. Perspiration. Goose pimples & Erect penis].  All those traits that are considered secondary male sex characteristics: Solid jaw, razor stubble Adam's-apple -& the like are the focus & enjoyment of each guy during his encounter.  As skin calls to skin, the two gently move close together in an embrace pec2pec, penis2penis. Legs intertwine & each guy can feel the physical responses of his buddy's maleness from his breathing to the little movements each penis makes beside the other as they move closer to ejaculatory inevitably. Thousands of body hairs gently lock & unlock - moving across short tracks of skin before meeting other hairs & pausing once again.  Hands & arms slow caress as faces gently rub, - & each guy softly vocalizes in response to his level of stimulation. 

Naked legs & bare feet slowly seduce each other; - each guy feeding off the signals his buddy is sending - responding in kind.  Climax occurs nearly at the same time - as the responses from each guy's genitals are felt by the other & used to keep each into sync.  As a guy's prostate loads with jizz,- his intense response tells his buddy that he is going to cumm, - & the increased pressure & movement in the groin area coupled with all the muscle contractions inherent just prior to a male orgasm cues the same.  Both men embrace tighter as their mating penises rhythmically vomit out the contents of their balls into a warm pool of man-sauce between them; And each guy mentally imprints how good his buddy helped him to feel & how tight their friendship/love really is.  Going to sleep gently cuddled up & draped across each other is usually the anticlimax; -With round-2 happening in the early morning just prior to getting up. 
THAT'S the scenario that should have been in BrokeBack - stretched out over 15-30 minutes of total film time; -Because - generally - that's the way it actually happens. Nowhere does a proctologic exam with the 'erect pelvic-digit' occur (except where guys have bought into the 'gay-porn' paradigm & spent some time being indoctrinated & talked out of their natural instincts)!

A large percentage of men reading this will relate completely. Some, in the "gay-male" community will have their epiphany - realizing for the first time why they never "fit in". See, based on polling - about 10%-20% of the gay-male community does N0T engage in anal-fetish.  Many of those also relate to g0y & are now reaching the conclusion that the only reason they have been part of the gay community is because there was no alternative label, - nobody else to better identify with.  Well, now they know...

Nailed it!

You guys nailed it! My 1st C2C experience with a guy (Tom) was when I was a teen & a member of the swim team - during early summer break. We were using his family's camp near a lake & decided to share the bed in his bedroom rather than mess up the other beds in the cabin.  We ended up doing a late night swim & it was kinda cold in the area at night because of the low altitude. 
Well, we slid into bed & he was still cold to the touch & I was warm.  He stuck his cold foot on my leg & commented how warm I was already; -- & I took the opportunity to ask "if he was still cold" while wrapping my arms around his frigid upper body & sliding him closer to me (I was giving off heat like a campfire or something).  Well, the guy really was cold & shaking a little, -so when he felt all that warmth pulling him closer, -he went with it & in seconds he had his arms around me with his cold hands on my back & his cold legs wrapped around mine.  I rolled up so that I was literally on top of him, pec2pec -balls2balls -as I slowly wrapped my warm arms around his frigid back.  We were each wearing a towel wrap around our waists -secured with a strip of velcro. And then he said: "Man, even my nuts are freezing...". I felt like there was something about the way he said it that was more than just a comment & something in my head told me that I might never get this chance again. 
I reached over & turned the light off leaving everything in silhouette & told him that he'd probably warm up soon & try to relax.   Then I slid down on the bed some so that I was eye-level to his navel & told him to "lift up for a sec" as I slid my hands to his hips. He lifted his pelvis & I tugged his towel wrap loose & pulled it off -leaving it on the far edge of the bed.  It was then I began to gently kiss and lick along the length of his semi-hard penis.  Well, it didn't take him long to warm up & soon his pulse was racing hard & his breathing was ramped up a notch as his stiffening dick grew in my mouth & his testicles began to slowly move up and down within his low hanging balls as muscular contractions lifted them occasionally in growing sexual anticipation.  Neither of us said a word & just slowly -ever so slowly snuggled -enjoying all the skin to skin contact.  Tom was in shape & the muscles beneath his skin were easy to feel as I rubbed him from legs to his back over his bare arse.  Tom loosely wrapped his lower legs around my torso & back. He was massively hard & continued to stiffen ever harder as I worked his cock in my watering maw -and I noticed that slow strokes on his lower back & arse were causing his monster cock to harden even more & making his abs slightly tighten as well as the globes of his muscular arse.  It felt like I had a river of jizz stopped up in my dick -ever so close to breaching containment, -but the best part of the experience was Tom's reactions.  What has happening to him was slowing getting him off & instead of trying to make it happen on his part -- he was captive to it & it was such a turn on -that he couldn't control what his genital's responses were.  And it was feeling him - slowly losing control that I found to be the biggest turn on of all. A quiet but frantic groan with a tightening of the hug of his legs, was accompanied with both arse cheeks turning to steel as he arched his back, & his frantic dick began seizuring out a string of ejaculations that he expelled with such urgency into my mouth that it felt like he wanted to crawl out of his skin.  Feeling it happen to him made me cum like a racehorse.  And then -feeling the intensity let up so that he was able to bask in the relief -even while intermittent contractions made his dick occasionally dry-heave in my tendering mouth; --Again -it was the focus of the experience.  The best part of getting the other guy off was the shared empathy of the act.  His experience mattered the most -& in coaxing an orgasm out of him - I was satiated too.  I took a moment to peel my towel wrap off & tossed it to the floor, & crawling back up on him so that our cocks docked, I spit his collected wad like a chewing-tobacco shot into a trash can near my bed & grabbed a bottle of mouthwash from the headboard and rinsed a few times & spit using the same trashcan as a spitoon. As I continued to kiss his chest - I matter-of-factly told him, "Man, you've got a fuck'n beautiful cock-n-ball set bro.  I could easily make a habit out of doing that...if that's OK with you?". Tom, still breathing heavily, smiled & whispered: "Fuck yeah...".  It was a natural, normal guy thing and not some gender-confused event; -Just a couple of dudes lov'n on each other in honest empathy. And that's my point. It's always been that way with a buddy. Empathy makes the act totally rock & empathy afterwards reinforced the level of respect & compassion he felt radiate from me.  It was always a "guy thing", -NEVER a "gAy thing".  Masculinity was never treated as if any type of compromise had been made -because none had. Nobody had been "Bitched". And the innate aversion to arse-phukk'ing was central to this atmosphere of friendship, respect & intimate masculinity.  The combination was friendship mixed with a love of the masculine w. intense respect for the manhood of the man, - while never ever confounding M2M intimacy with anything resembling (or even hinting at) using a guy in proxy of a woman!  It's that extreme level of respect for masculinity that frames the M2M relationships I've had where testosterone turned tender. The "gay" community simply doesn't understand how repulsive "it" has become to lots of regular guys -whether ambisexual or 100% into men. Like the g0ys say: "Men don't bitch men!", & that sentiment is beyond obvious!

Inevitably there will be some people who shake their heads & insist that "g0ys are simply gAys in denial".  I like to line those voices up with the ones who insist that: "g0ys aren't really 'gAy' because we don't do the butt-nasty". Doing so is a little bit like putting a humidifier and a dehumidifier into the same room (let 'em fight it out).  Of course - you could always read our mail!

Hypothesis: Some men who are strongly "anti same-sex affection" are that way because they're afraid that a relationship with another guy will result in them being perceived/treated in the same manner that they perceive/treat women.  They simply can't adjust their thinking to accept that sexuality & friendship can be combined. And because they mentally connect sexuality with disrespect, - they perceive an intimate relationship with another guy as necessitating imbalance & disrespect (a lie exactly like much of the gay-male community promotes with top/bottom - dom/sub pigeonhole schemes of imbalance).