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Bro: +60% of the guys you know - like guys /too!

"For who knows the thoughts and motives of a man except the man’s spirit within him?" - Rabbi Saul/Paul

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The assertion that most guys are amBIsexual is one that many men may deny as a knee-jerk reaction.  However, when you firmly reject anything to do with the negative "gay" - stereotypes of GenderFuck and AnalSex, -what steers most men sexually is simply hard-wired: REFLEX. And many guys discover how very true this all is soon into their teens on the 1st hand basis! "Friends w. benefits?" - Yeah, & when masculine respect is the rule; - It can be awesome! Kinsey's research indicated that well over +35-55% of the male population found a healthy male physique to be attractive (with accounts of same-sex experiences reaching upwards to 70% in some populations)! This makes sense because all mammalian life starts out with the same general body form: Female by default. This is why men have nipples (ever ponder that one?)! Several weeks after conception, testosterone causes the "male" (genetic y-switch) coded body to masculinize - changing some physical traits (I.E: forming a penis) & rewiring the brain somewhat.  This differentiation on the mental level also accounts for why boys are generally more risk-taking & more aggressive than girls.  However, understanding that FEMALE is the default body template from which the male is adapted also gives some cues as to WHY amBIsexuality is the normal male sexual perspective.  Testosterone in-utero upgrades the default brain wiring and when puberty happens the modified brain wiring becomes more "female-interested" (prior to which, -girls are perceived as "yucky"). However, due to the nature of the rewiring -the "default" abilities to appreciate masculine cues are seldom ever completely disabled.  And the stronger -more pronounce effects of "maleness" resulting from the androgenizing effects of testosterone are more easily recognized by all men & generally seen as desirable traits. Again: The default wiring of the brain is fundamentally - female; -And it takes testosterone and genetics in-utero to upgrade it into a 'male'. In most cases, the default mental wiring also persists & as these men hit puberty - they discover that they can "see" what makes both genders aesthetically desirable.  Most men keep this information about themselves private due to 20th century stereotypes & stigmas about same gender attractions. Testosterone does not affect the degree of physical development of everyone in an identical fashion which is why some men are more preoccupied with women than others.  If you analyze the historical record over the last 3000 years - it turns out that men loving men is not an oddity at all - but the NORM. What is somewhat strange is a man who does not love women. I.E: Men who are a 6 on Kinsey's scale.  In ancient cultures - such a man was considered a eunuch - whether or not he is intact physically. To repeat: historically, the oddity was not if a guy loves another guy/s but was when a guy didn't love women. Consider how those facts have been completely skewed in today's popular mythos & you'll understand what a gigantic mind-job has been pulled on the entirety of society. This is because what the Greeks knew 3000 years ago is still true & human nature does not change! Guys loving guys/too is the biological norm! However, this natural affection does NOT take the form of the androgynous genderfuck & analsex-orgies portrayed by the "gay-media"! To the contrary: Such friendships exhibit such respect & camaraderie that people routinely see them & don't recognize just how intimate the friendship is in private!

This realization is becoming more widespread. And, ever increasing are the number of publications that talk about so-called "straight-men" who hook up with other men.  The reason why this "curiosity" is increasing is that society is becoming more open in general due to the increased visibility of so-called same-gender "marriage" and personal topics that people would not have disclosed years ago are becoming open for discussion. But the current straight/gay sexuality paradigm (with bisexuality seen as a minority) doesn't explain the growing number of visible same-gender relationships among men who people presume are "straight".  So the conversation is cloaked in mystery because the language framing the current paradigm is terribly flawed. has been trying to explain this for a long while.  Once you abandon the current paradigm of Straight/Gay and adopt Kinsey's research as the basis for understanding sexuality - then it all makes perfect sense.  Guys loving guys is the biological norm! Why repeat myself? Because lies told for decades are difficult to dispel! & often replaced with new lies instead of the truth. However, I do tip my hat to Bill Maher who aired this segment (& notice the stats he starts out with are in lockstep with what g0ys have pointed out about Kinsey's research. +63% is the eventual number Bill!).

So, while the brains of most sexually mature men will discover that peak-physical female anatomy causes erections, urges and erotic thoughts about copulation; -A percentage of those same men will also experience similar reactions when viewing peak-physical male anatomy due to the persistence of the default brain wiring existent in-utero. This is NOT a moral weakness. It's a society-bonding empathetic strength and it is the MALE-MAJORITY experience. Human nature does not change; -& once upon a time a culture in Greece completely acknowledged these facts about men and openly integrated them into everyday life. In ancient Greece - everyone matter-of-factly (yawn) knew that men were wired like this and there was no stigma whatsoever regarding men who loved men (AnalSex was ILLEGAL in such M/M relationships).  I.E: It is well known historically that the greatest love in the life of Alexander-the-Great was general Hephaestion!  And as I said - human nature does not change. What the ancient Greeks commonly knew - is still true And as it turns out - most men are selectively amBIsexual. However, many men only realize this attraction for another guy when the physical cues caused by testosterone are accentuated, I.E: Lean musculature, cut symmetry, higher-aggression, deepened voice & puberty induced body hair.  The more intense the traits - the more men find it attractive. It has been an observation that men who are into men often have higher standards for physical aesthetics then men generally have for women. And very often, (due to this dynamic) men who prefer men have quite a number male friends that they have no physical attraction to whatsoever because such "vanilla" friendships are often with men who do NOT exhibit peak traits of high testosterone.

See, higher brain functions such as reasoning, logical thought & volition are not what make sexual orientation happen.  Sexuality is a result of merely recognizing reflexes and the results of a man's internal sexual wiring.  This is why people can't "choose" their sexual orientations. It's not a force of will-power. It's pure discovery and the reasons "why" a person has these "feelings" are completely outside of a person's control. 

There is also a secondary reason why men who don't necessarily see men as physically desirable are still able to enjoy sexual release with certain men. See, male human sexuality is reflexive because men's genitals are exposed and erections are caused by a number of factors - not just erotic thoughts.  External stimulation (friction/masturbation) is one cause. And this is often what men who fall onto the lower numbers of Kinsey's scale discover.  So, what causes Kinsey 1's, & 2's to happen? Sexual release with these guys is usually caused by (2) factors:

The 1st is activity that causes an erection reflex. This can be many things but when with another guy it's usually activity that brings both men into close contact (such as wrestling) and the physical interactions cause repeated pressure and friction on the genitals of the man as he interacts. Depending on how the nerves in the spinal cord deal with the signals coming from the genital area will determine if the guy experiences an erection. This is literally beyond his control. He experiences the event. It is a reflex. But once this reflex begins, it also causes a feedback loop based on blood-chemistry to occur. The blood entering a man's penis is trapped there because return circulation is partially prevented (this is what physically causes the man's penis to grow & harden). The blood trapped in the penis is soon depleted of oxygen which causes the color of a mans erection to turn bluish as time passes.  To prevent injury, the tissues inside and near the penis release protective potassium ions which cause a number of things to occur - including the release of a large number of neurotransmitters in and around the erection that make the event feel very, very, very good. The purpose of this release of neurotransmitters is to move the process along to completion (orgasm) -after which, the blood flow will return to normal & hence, prevent the injuries of priapism.  This is why erections caused by friction over an extended period feel good ... and why once a man's penis has taken on a bluish appearance - that he often feels a pressing need to orgasm/ejaculate.  Some people hypothesize that when a man has reached this condition that his state of mind is so overwhelmed with natural neuro-chemicals & he takes on such a preoccupation of completing this goal that it diminishes his capacity for making any decision that would stop or even slow the process - especially in younger men with very high levels of testosterone.
Defense attorneys should take note. (Personally, if a woman has given consent, but testifies that at some time after being penetrated she had a "change of mind";
 - as a juror I will NOT render a GUILTY VERDICT in such a "rape" case!  Some men can't stop beyond such a point (diminished capacity) and I will not be party to destroying a man's life because some cunt had proverbial buyer's remorse after she had already inserted the fuel nozzle into her receptacle & began pumping!). But I digress...

The 2nd component to this - is the level of trust and emotional comfort the guy shares with the other man (-minus any negative social messages that may be present that would form psychological inhibitions).  The overall aggregate "weight" these interactions create determines how willing the guy is to letting the event causing his penile-pleasure to continue.  So, even if the man himself does not find other guy physically erotic, - he may be willing to allow an erection that has resulted from a friction-reflex be tendered in order to enjoy the experience - especially if the other man is a trusted friend who does not mind the event -or- is experiencing a similar event himself.  When those dynamics come into play, it's not unusual for either or both men to ramp up the activity that is causing the genital-stimulation in order to enjoy the next reflex: Orgasm (which feels good beyond words).  The combination of these activities also produce the neurotransmitter oxytocin - that causes each man's brain to create stronger emotional attachments to his buddy.  It makes for a more solid friendship bond that feels more "trustworthy". And once this trust is established, -men will get together for physical intimacy & sexual release more frequently - especially when a guy who is low on Kinsey's scale (Kinsey1-2) finds himself outside of a M/F relationship & is sexually on edge - needing to climax to regain his mental/emotional equilibrium.  Why jack off when it feels so much better to have a best-buddy do the deed for you?  That's what puts the "best" in the term "best-friends". Between 22-37% of the male population (depending on location) has/will experience this basic, private, bonding, purely reflexive dynamic with a good, male friend (& many more would like to). Many men will get intoxicated with other men in the hope that this situation will develop due to the inhibitions of alcohol! This is why the old joke goes something like: "Q: How do you turn a straight guy?  A: With a 6-pack."  Intoxication does not change sexual orientation. It merely lowers inhibitions against what is already there psychologically.

So, what's the mechanism?

As mentioned elsewhere, ALL mammalian life starts out with a default body template after conception: FEMALE. This is why men have nipples. When testosterone from the testes modify the default template into male shortly after conception - there are changes made to brain circuitry. This is why boy's interests generally differ from girls, statistically. And, at puberty, - most teen boys come to appreciate female aesthetics due to the modified brain wiring made by higher testosterone levels. However, the default brain wiring is still there. In most cases, men have little interest in the average male body-form sexually. However, the male brain DOES recognize the more extreme effects of testosterone on the male body. And men who have a genetic predisposition to symmetry, musculature & accentuated male physical characteristics get noticed by BOTH, women & other men. And it's those increased masculine traits that begin to trip the default brain circuitry in other men to appreciate such. If men didn't recognize this then opening a gym would be a lost cause. Additionally,  the more physically developed a man is; -the more dangerous he becomes. So, his physique commands respect & also represents safety to those he would protect - such as family & friends. Women innately see this as desirable for a protector, and men who have such friends can better resist an army that comes upon them. From the time before Sparta, men have admired & loved powerful, beautiful, masculine men. But, men of average physiques & appearances are often not seen in that light nor even considered for any activity outside of platonic friendships. However, if Chester becomes a "Chad" - he catches more admiring glances: First from women & then, as the effects of testosterone & muscular development push the physical form more outside of the "average" and into elite expression - THEN, men recognize the power of their default brain circuitry to see men as attractive (which is why "Chads" tend to have more male friends). +63% of the population experiences same-gender affection to some degree. And male beauty pulls in more men who are in that statistical group. The lower on Kinsey's scale a guy is, - requires these masculine traits in other men be stronger before they begin to draw his attention. However, a symmetrical face with the most average of ratios (known as "beauty") can increase this aesthetic-draw substantially. Most men recognize masculine beauty outside of what is "average". And most men don't make these feelings widely known because they do not want to be associated with the stigmas surrounding the "gay community". As one g0y (Greg) said: "I am a normal guy, who has a bud who is straight. I would like to hold him and kiss him and massage him and love him but I have no desire to poke my dick in his ass." & as another observed: " I was married for 13 years. I very much enjoy being with women but I greatly enjoy being with a man to be truly free and not have to prove anything to him, not have to worry about doing the right thing with him, just being a man with a man in what ever fashion we want wither it be in the nude, hunting, watching a movie just as long as we can hold and touch each other like a real man needs and wants. I have made myself try the gay thing to try and fit in some where but it did not work. I felt dirty, disgusted and very degraded. It won’t happen again! I am a man, an attractive man, I try to stay in shape and I will be no ones bitch. I can get as many bitches (women) as I want but that isn’t enough for me, I want a man too." - FromKY

So, there are (2) primary contributing reasons for male sexual bonding and every combination of intimate friendship results based on the unique combinations of perspective both men have.  This ranges from: "I'm not into the male physique erotically, but having a trusted buddy jack me off feels much better than doing the deed myself"; -All the way to the other: "I think the male physique is beautiful & desirable and I really enjoy giving another guy intense pleasure because it's where my loving, emotional & erotic core is naturally.".  The statistics add up to about +63% of men - a MAJORITY!  Most guys are Bi!

Author & Sexuality Researcher P. Tremblay wrote in a related research paper that: "In 1960, I was growing up in a working class community where homosexual activity between young male friends was common, not the exception. Its predominant manifestation was "sex with equality," that included mutual masturbation and oral sex, but not anal sex (Bagley, 1997: 183). The latter was not even thought about, except for eventually learning that passive anal sex was an activity engaged in by apparently degraded males who thought themselves to be like women, or were labeled as such because they were accepting the status of being anally penetrated. Effeminate males with apparent or perceived feminine manners or characteristics did not exist in our community. Sexual activities with other males generally reflected our social relationships: the most sex with one's best friend, and lesser sex with lesser friends. Boys had girlfriends and knew heterosexual sex, as it was well understood having learned the word "fuck" and what it meant. An Australian study (Connell, Davis & Dowsett, 1993) reported that working class male environments at the time I was a teenager were "uncompromisingly heterosexual: to be masculine is to fuck women" (126). Anal sex between homo-sex active males was also associated with problems given that "fucking and being fucked in our heterosexist culture also carries connotations of dominance and submission, active and passive, masculine and feminine; and some of our respondents acknowledged this" (123). The Australian study might, in part, explain why even the thought of "fucking" one's best friend was precluded in my community. This kind of activity (AnalSex) or related desires was in violation of our equality-based male bonding friendships. Sexual activity was also only a small part of our daily life, and it was not an everyday activity although it was common and at times, enjoyed more than once a day. In Ref to any Suicide Ideations: My own adolescent environment, however, precluded having such feelings (of depression) because desires to have sex with other males, and engaging in such joyful activities, resulted only in knowing that I was part of a majority even if, as with masturbation, my sexual activities with other males were to be private acts. It is also doubtful, given the information available from Ancient Greece, that adolescents boys of (that) period would have experienced self-hatred and isolation, with associated suicidal feelings, merely because they had love and sex desires for older males. If suicidal feeling existed, they would likely have been experienced by a male youth who was being ignored by all older males(!) Therefore, the reported exceptionally high rate of "suicide problems" for present-day males recognizing their same-gender sexual desires (males who often identify as gay or bisexual) may be a social construction intimately linked to another possible social construction: the increasing rarity of males (throughout the 2nd half of the 20th century) reporting same-gender sexual desires and related sexual activity in the Western World - a slowly reversing trend." What Tremblay stumbled onto in his own experience & research are fundamental truths about male sexuality (widely known & accepted in antiquity) that became increasingly slandered & discredited by abusive governments & religions - causing great amounts of societal damage!

In the modern, -the confusion and sense of mystery that so many recent publications exude regarding same gender intimate activity among men is simply because the authors and most of the readers - haven't wrapped their minds around the evidence that Alfred Kinsey amassed during his research into human sexuality in the 1940's. I occasionally observe Kinsey referenced but often, - the author goes back to using the terms "Straight, Bi and Gay" - reducing the facts of Kinsey's sexuality research back into the flawed thought processes of (3) sexuality categories.  If you really understand Kinsey's numbers then you understand that the people who are at the endpoints on his scale are in the minority - even when their numbers are combined!   "People need to wake the fuck up about the facts Kinsey unearthed". - GY

That's right: The number of people who Kinsey identified as "Totally Straight" were under 40% (probably under 35% if the truth be told).  The number of people who identified as completely same-gender-attracted are less than 10%.  Combined, their numbers are under 50% - leaving more than +50% in the "amBIsexual-to-some-degree" category.  The numbers are there but people don't seem to be able to generally understand that this means 1 out of every 2 people are selectively amBIsexual to some degree.  And most of these people do NOT find the CULTURE that is called "GAY" to be something that they identity with.  Often - such as with g0ys - it is quite the opposite.  Men who appreciate masculinity defined by the effects of testosterone - find the concept of "Ben in a bra" to be repulsive & demeaning.  This widespread feeling among so many men is why the term "gay" with it's gender-bending oddness is often openly shunned & rejected - even by men who love men/too. It's simply due to the freak-show of the thing called "gay culture" (watch a "gay-pride" event & judge for yourself if 'freaky' is the correct term) that causes these normal guys to disassociate themselves with the term "gay" altogether. 

And it's for many of these reasons that explain why most guys are amBIsexual to some degree and yet, - why so many men are unaware of the widespread nature of these common feelings and experiences!  For a massively in-depth study about male sexuality & how definitions changed over time, CLICK HERE.

SO, Bro! Just to let you know: Your Bros DO GO w. Mo! Stop being so slow!
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"onathan: You were very delightful to me; your love was wonderful to me, exceeding the love of women."

- Actual BIBLICAL Song lyrics by King David of Israel! (See: 2nd Samuel  1:26)

TODAY, The entire concept of "GAY" is one giant mind-job!

As one g0y from Portugal clarified (translated): "We're in that month of the year where everyone puts "pride" stickers wherever they want so that they can see themselves as "progressive" and "inclusive" and one of the main arguments I see from these people is that "Being gay is not a choice; -People are born that way". Honestly, I couldn't disagree more with this because:

1. "Gay" is not an actual sexual orientation unlike what many "progressivists" claim to be. In reality, "gay" is a sexual, political and cultural identity that mixes drag shows, transgenderism, non-binary mumbo-jumbo, post-progressive politics, ethic nihilism, promiscuity and especially the dangerous practice of anal sex all into one large term that used to only mean a person who would be same gender attracted. So, obviously, no one is actually born with any of these characteristics because most, if not all of these things that are now synonyms with the word "gay" are social constructions which have nothing to do with same gender attraction! In fact, the whole LGBT community doesn't seem to be very coherent in what they themselves consider to be "gay". In one hand, they claim that all men who exclusively love other men are gay and that's all; -But, on the other hand, they claim that if a man who loves other men refuses to participate in anal sex or defend any of the things their community defends, he's not really gay! And believe me, I know that very well because I once experienced gay-identified men advising me to ask myself if I really was "gay" since I refused to partake in such a horrible, disgusting and grotesque practice that he wanted to do with me
! So, if the Gay Community can't actually make their minds up about what being "gay" actually means, how on Earth can a person be actually born that way? It's impossible! That's just a huge lie our society has being telling us for quite some time by now.

2. There is a clear difference between being same gender attracted and being outright gay! Same gender attraction is something most men and women feel naturally; -It's part of human nature, no matter how much heternormative crusaders try to deny it! Being gay, on the other hand is clearly a choice and it's clearly socially and culturally constructed since there's an actual community pretty much teaching people what it means to be gay and what one should do/how one should behave if he/she is one of them! It's not something naturally constructed, it's clearly something cultural because it mixes things like idolizing pop-divas like Madonna, Britney, etc., being obsessed with Broadway musicals, liking to pretend to be the gender you're not and to be as less masculine as possible
! And this has nothing to do with same gender attraction! I've always been exclusively same-gender attracted and I never really cared for any of those things I just mentioned. In fact, most of them I find to be quite embarrassing. Very honestly speaking and here, once again, is where the incoherence typical of the gay community comes to show because, on one hand, they keep telling people that none of those things are a requirement for someone to be gay but, on the other hand, they keep doing the exact opposite claiming that "gay" is this, that and that and whoever's not following any of that is not "doing it right"!

So, in conclusion:
Being same gender attracted: Not a choice.
Being gay: A choice that is socially, culturally and politically encouraged by the LGBT propaganda on many men who love other men and have no idea how to deal w. that."

I will also note that many of the "studies & surveys" now being reported in the media as if recently discovered - have been showcased at since 2003! The media's hesitation to report the g0y source is because g0ys is brazenly politically incorrect and openly hostile to the low-brow audience that the mass-media panders to.  However, the g0ys movement has exploded into highly masculine environments such as military, athletics & college fraternities - because men who appreciate raw masculinity find the g0ys philosophy to be an attractive, honorable expression for loving guys (as opposed to the gay paradigm's attempt to dilute testosterone into obscurity with "estrogen")!   For more insight, click...