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What IS "Gay" Today?

As one g0y from Portugal clarified (translated): "We're in that month of the year where everyone puts "pride" stickers wherever they want so that they can see themselves as "progressive" and "inclusive" and one of the main arguments I see from these people is that "Being gay is not a choice; -People are born that way". Honestly, I couldn't disagree more with this because:

1. "Gay" is not an actual sexual orientation unlike what many "progressivists" claim to be. In reality, "gay" is a sexual, political and cultural identity that mixes drag shows, transgenderism, non-binary mumbo-jumbo, post-progressive politics, ethic nihilism, promiscuity and especially the dangerous practice of anal sex all into one large term that used to only mean a person who would be same gender attracted. So, obviously, no one is actually born with any of these characteristics because most, if not all of these things that are now synonyms with the word "gay" are social constructions which have nothing to do with same gender attraction! In fact, the whole LGBT community doesn't seem to be very coherent in what they themselves consider to be "gay". In one hand, they claim that all men who exclusively love other men are gay and that's all; -But, on the other hand, they claim that if a man who loves other men refuses to participate in anal sex or defend any of the things their community defends, he's not really gay! And believe me, I know that very well because I once experienced gay-identified men advising me to ask myself if I really was "gay" since I refused to partake in such a horrible, disgusting and grotesque practice that he wanted to do with me
! So, if the Gay Community can't actually make their minds up about what being "gay" actually means, how on Earth can a person be actually born that way? It's impossible! That's just a huge lie our society has being telling us for quite some time by now.

2. There is a clear difference between being same gender attracted and being outright gay!
Same gender attraction is something most men and women feel naturally; -It's part of human nature, no matter how much heternormative crusaders try to deny it! Being "gay", on the other hand is clearly a choice and it's clearly socially and culturally constructed since there's an actual community pretty much teaching people what it means to be gay and what one should do/how one should behave if he/she is one of them! It's not something naturally constructed, it's clearly something cultural because it mixes things like idolizing pop-divas like Madonna, Britney, etc., being obsessed with Broadway musicals, liking to pretend to be the gender you're not and to be as less masculine as possible ! And this has nothing to do with same gender attraction! I've always been exclusively same-gender attracted and I never really cared for any of those things I just mentioned. In fact, most of them I find to be quite embarrassing. Very honestly speaking and here, once again, is where the incoherence typical of the gay community comes to show because, on one hand, they keep telling people that none of those things are a requirement for someone to be gay but, on the other hand, they keep doing the exact opposite claiming that "gay" is this, that and that and whoever's not following any of that is not "doing it right"!

So, in conclusion:
Being same gender attracted: Not a choice.
Being gay: A choice that is socially, culturally and politically encouraged by the LGBT propaganda on many men who love other men and have no idea how to deal to that."

G0YS: We put the "BEST" in the term "BEST-FRIENDS"! Millions of men know this from personal experience! What most do not know is how widespread & common this form of male-bonding is! Isn't it about time you told those who would shame you for merely, honestly loving someone in pure-respect, to: "Go to hell"! Frats are supposed to be about brotherhood. Do you know how deep those bonds regularly go? G0YS is the ancient answer!



"Wait ... Are you guys brothers?": If you had heard this question as often as I have - you'd know that the interpersonal dynamics of g0ys is radically different from the way "gay" men are portrayed in the media & often by themselves.

To briefly summarize the sentiment - let me quote other g0ys explaining this mindset:
I LOVE this group. I TOTALLY relate... I have a GREAT difficulty understanding gay guys, and just YEARN for a normal guy-guy relationship that could include honest intimacy." - John K

That sentiment is echoed by this g0y: "I have always felt MM affection should be something easy, profound and delightful w/out being faggy, anal, or in exclusion to a healthy M/F relationship." - Cmore

You see: When men who happen to love men/too reject the GLITQ-thingus, -they're also signaling that they're not preoccupied with "trans-anything" nor the great "gay-gender-blender". G0YS don't consider masculinity to be "toxic".  We DO consider Ass--Fucking to be toxic. No apology.

As one guy who escaped from toxic thinking explained: "Hey brother. Just discovered and I want to thank you for blowing the fucking lid off the perverse faggot conspiracy to induce men to degrade and demean themselves in another dude's asshole. There is nothing filthier than a man putting his dick where a dude takes a shit." - FD

So, are the FRATS actually leading the g0ys philosophy? We can't say for sure - but have our suspicions. Other men from Mexico & Brazil have pointed at Frats in the US as g0y leaders - long before the term hit the Internet. If you know about specifics - we'd love to hear from you!

300 Reasons...
It's astonishing how many people don't know that the movie called "300" was about Sparta - and Sparta was well known as a culture that practiced Pederasty. That's right: Those "300" were 150-pairs! And there wasn't an ass-
-fucker among them!

The book (review above) was written from a manuscript that was compiled when the term "gay" merely meant "same-gender intimacy" & before the term was welded to the notion of Anal-Sex in the public psyche!  Notice the last note in the review above (framed in red)! So then: Not "GAY". G0Y! See the essay in red text to the left for more insight.

G0YS have no problem with the ORIGINAL meaning associated with the term "GAY". But that meaning has changed over time & taken on a huge amount of "baggage" -much of it offensive & that has absolutely nothing to do with same-gender-affection/s. The proverbial Devil, indeed, is in the details. However, if you don't have the mental ability to sort data based on details - we can't help you. Best wishes. However, if you're among the many morally-bankrupt & intellectually dishonest sociopaths & narcissists that desire to forever expand their rank-rolodex by seeking whom they may devour by adding letters to the growing set - prefixed with the like of "GLITQ...", -well according to the DSM - we can't help you either. What you need is a long drop at the end of a short rope. Society will improve on that day. No apology.


The term "FR0TERNITY" is obviously a play of the term "FRATERNITY". Like the term "G0YS", it's spelled with a ZER0.  The shorter term "FR0T" is a derivative of the term "Frottage" from the French. The term - in 0UR CONTEXT, is generally attributed to Bill Weintraub & the fantastic work he has done to bring this important distinction of M/M intimacy to light from his own deep well of research. Click here.

Based on the ground-breaking study of Dr. Al Kinsey (1940's): About 33% of ALL adult males have experienced an event with another guy (which was NOT AnalSex) that resulted in sexual climax (orgasm). Kinsey's research also indicated that this particular intimate situation appealed to twice as many men as had experienced it. That's about 66% of the male population! 66% is NOT a "minority". Greek history suggests universal adoption of the practice!

It literally puts the term "BEST" in BEST-FRIENDS.  For thousands of years - men (especially the Greeks) knew this. It has only been the last few decades that society began to tolerate the tremendously dangerous, destructive & shameful act called "Anal--Sex" (named a criminal mala-inse' act for thousands of years) into the social vernacular.  As soon as Anal--Sex was welded with same-gender-affection in the public psyche - did men of good conscience go on the proverbial "down-low" because they did not want their same-gender-intimacy to be soiled with any association with an act that for millennia had been criminalized due to its extremely perilous nature (Anal--Sex spreads diseases at a whopping rate of +5000% better than even oral contact! Source: CDC)!

Why is this knowledge so important for traditional fraternities? Because the pressure from "GAY--centric" groups is a force that flies in the face of thousands of years of honorable Greek history & civilized male culture. Greeks have every right to say "NO!" to current "GAY" pressure by stating historical precedent for their reasons while saying "YES!" to G0YS. Saying "YES!" to G0YS immediately destroys any accusations of "HomoPhobia" that the "GAYS" will undoubtedly throw at any Frat that wants to honor thousands of years of Greek tradition while locking shameful men out! That's important. Only cowards sacrifice their core values & buckle under the mindless whims of the vulgar masses! What kind of Frat do you respect? If the brother who regularly crawls onto me to go balls-to-balls - needs a kidney - he won't need to ask me twice. This is because I know he will not squander such a gift in the name of political correctness & the perilous practices promoted by the purveyors thereof! 

Phi Rho Tau has been part of Greek Fraternity life for decades - in the shadows (If you're one of the Bros who saw it & wondered if "that thing has a name?" - then yeah --- now you know)! It's time to bring it forward - both as means to defeat accusations of "homophobia" while also retaining several millennia of Greek male cultural integrity! G0YS via Phi Rho Tau is the combination that Frats have been looking for!     

Natural Affection is not offensive:

The Bros in Phi Rho Tau are g0ys (by definition). We find it OFFENSIVE that anyone would entertain the notion for even a moment that any of us would ever ButtFuck a Bro. The act of the AssFuck () has been labeled a Mala-Inse' CRIMINAL ACT by every civilized culture on the planet for thousands of years due to the fact (say "FACT") that it is the most dangerous sexual-fetish ever known to man (+5000% more perilous than fellatio according to the CDC)!

Only a civilization of FUCKTARDS would decriminalize the act(). And look around - such a civilization exists now!  And look! A mountain of corpses that grows in number by 7-figures every year is the result of "tolerating" it ()!

The Bros of Phi Rho Tau find it offensive that anyone would entertain the notion for even a moment that any of our number would be so stupid as to constitute a part of the ButtFuck () crowd! The Bros of Phi Rho Tau find it offensive that society would kowtow to the morally-bankrupt dregs of humanity -who have made their follies self-evident by contributing to the mindset that produces MILLIONS of new corpses every year!

The Bros of Phi Rho Tau know from experience that loving & respecting a Brother has nothing to do with playing in assholes (quite the opposite)! And the Bros of Phi Rho Tau think that competent leaders should have the balls to express what common sense makes so evident!