G0YS: Friendship & Physical Aesthetics - Appreciation of the Entire Man; - Completely rejecting a Fetishization of Sh!t-holes!

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What are Guys saying about G0YS?

"like your style man in what u said, maybe i am a g0y... for sure. am young dude from alabama, and a jock, i have done frottage, not any fuck and stuff, would like to talk to dudes like u" -WC

"I read your post and took a look at the website you listed and I can actually say for the first time that I feel like I have a place bro. Thank you for the post...man, this is huge for me today. I now know where I fit and that my feelings are normal and pure...dude thank you so much. I connected with everything on the list...the idea of a deep friendship with a guy has always been most important to me. And also the physical display of compassion and love for one another in a brotherly sense...man, I'm totally stoked." - TL

"after seeing how many different men are adhering to this philosophy and seeing that all you really have to do is liking the fact that you are a guy, being an appreciator of true manhood, wanting to create true, deep and meaningful friendships with other guys and most of all, not doing anal, I thought to myself: Well, maybe this is the right thing for me since I was never really a fan of the stereotypes associated with the Alphabet Soup Community, I have always praised true manhood with values such as strength, compassion, honesty, respect and many other values I have always associated with true manhood and most of all, I have always hated anal, just the smallest thought of it makes me sick and it really sickens me and disgusts me how the Alphabet Soup Community is constantly failing to realize how bad that thing is and that's just the tip of the iceberg, that whole community is completely messed up top to bottom." - UnK

"Hey g0ys, new guy here. It's great to see that there is a space for men who really love and admire masculinity in other men out of that horrid Top and Bottom bullshit dichotomy imposed by the LGBT+ community, never in my entire life have I ever dreamt of doing such a horrible thing to someone I'd deeply love and care for. I hope everyone's alright here, take care!" - JT

This definition is definitely the missing link!!!!! A lot has been discussed about gays, soul mates, brothers, etc etc , but the definition of a guy, wanting to have a close friendship with another guy, and yet not to be stamped as gay, because that has always had some sort of a trans-sexual tendency, is now clear!" - S Shah

Hey I was just looking around the site for other g0ys and after reading your page was wondering where you attend worship service at, if any, if you don't mind my asking. Also can't thank you enough for your activism on behalf of guys everywhere tired of being labeled gay for loving other guys." -AtredWar

I found out about this site just a few months ago and it's been a God send. For the past few years, I've had an attraction to guys in wanting to find one as a real brother I can love on all levels. But they guys Im into are guys like me, who like their sports, red meet, beer ect, not prancing queens. I am God fearing myself but am put off by how people twist their beloved bibles into whatever makes them feel better, and also by the gay community which I find gross and surface level. I didn't know what to make of myself. Now I do: I am g0y." -Ra2chi

Where were you 20 years ago? What an amazing discovery for me.  I am so glad to have stumbled upon your site.  I am in my early forties and have always been attracted to men; women have never done it for me.  My attempts to meet other men have always been failures.  I tried the bar scene when I was younger.  The majority of the guys were too feminine acting for my taste (if I wanted someone feminine I would be attracted to women I reasoned).  I 'never fit in'.  If I did strike up a conversation with someone, it always led to the inevitable question 'top or bottom'?  How I hated that question." - Bill

I identify with the g0y philosophy rather than the weirdness of gay men, and I live in the Las Vegas area.

What "Wolves" in "Sheep-(& Penguin) Drag" did!

For thousands of years, men have been bonding with other men & because men are so highly charged with testosterone - sexual tension & the need for resolution from that tension has become integrated into the best of male/male friendships. Almost surreally, it's only been about 800 years since one of the most hell-powered religious cults ever to curse the planet in a river of lies (falsely calling itself "Christian") has devastated this natural rhythm of male affection & destroyed millions of lives in the process! It's time to relearn, reject & recover!

"A society that entrusts its progeny to a gathering of sociopaths with no agenda other than self-interest & no moral guide other than pleasure - has doomed its own future health, prosperity & hope; -And will fully deserve the curses that end it." - Veh




Editorial Contribution: (Notice ... mature subject matter - as usual)
Translations are made where necessary often without notification.

For the vast majority of men - initially recognizing that you're g0y often has NOTHING to do another guys genitals - at least early on. And it's NEVER about assholes! It is, however, an appreciation of masculine aesthetics and a maturing male body-form shaped by increasing levels of testosterone as puberty sets in. And this information comes as a massive surprise to many people - especially those indoctrinated by "gay" media & so-called "religious fundamentalism".

Myself - my early attraction had nothing to do with the guy's cock 'n balls. Instead - it was an intensified friendship based on overall physical development - like good physical symmetry & developing musculature blended with a brave, risk-taking, fear-shunning masculine personality - & that combo dominated the attraction. This attraction is common & also why guys who are more risk-taking & socially visible also tend to acquire lots of male followers. And everything about this dynamic was/is natural. 

But guys who were effeminate, whiney, fearful, cowardly & poorly-developed physically were not attractive but lower-status  - especially guys who could have been their own sister's soul-sisters. This widely held set of biases existed well before I or my peers knew anything about "sex". It may not seem fair, but it seems to be the innate feelings of many men. Whether you believe in Darwinism, or believe that life was engineered (as I do) then you need to ask yourself WHY this perspective against girlie-guys is so widely experienced by men.

And as puberty pushed in harder - the attraction toward "masculine" guys became much more recognizable. Yet, before I was 20, I had never really considered a guy's genitals to be an erotic part of male anatomy!  I preferred the holistic "big-picture" of personality & physique . However, I was also growing up in a conservative, pre-Internet rural "Smallville" & there was no porn in our house. These environmental points are paramount because my development as a g0y was driven by pure, simple discovery & not influenced by outside information about sexuality. Many men have had similar experiences regarding their sexual development as g0ys. See, porn makes a poor teacher & the proliferation of it due to the Internet pushes lies into men's minds very early on & taints their development with unnatural imagery based on exploitation & abuse rather than respectful appreciation & genuine love. 

Let me be reiterate: I knew I preferred guys at the ripe old age of 12. I did not find women attractive[.] I loved wrestling, massaging, hugging & eventually sleeping with handsome guys. By the time I was about 15, I had purchased a 2 man tent & set it up by a river that ran thru the back 40 of our large farm.  And it was about that time I made good friends with a neighbor about my age named Geoff. He had a athlete's strong body & enjoyed wrestling in the swimming hole near the tent I'd erected.

I was 1.88m tall at the age of 15 - which was taller than most of my friends. The swimming hole that we used had a deep section that I could stand in where the waterline barely met my chin. I liked that location because it was common for my shorter friends to use me as a support while they were in that place and when they were hanging off my shoulders - it was easy to put an arm around a guy's torso & support him from under the water freeing up both of his arms to engage in whatever activity was going on. It also seemed completely natural by my friends to be held up in that manner so that we could better function as a team from that water depth. Such horseplay in water is an opportunity to make extended gentle physical contact without seeming out of character or suspect.

Getting back to Geoff & me, -we began to stay out on weekend nights in the tent and the 1st night we did - we took a swim & then went into the tent to talk & eventually sleep. Soon after entering the tent, I casually began to massage Geoff's upper body & it didn't take long for the sensation to make his eyelids heavy. I suggested that he take off the sweatshirt & shorts he'd put on after we had dried off from the swim so I could feel what I was doing regarding the massage I was giving him. It was almost pitch black so he easily agreed and I found myself rubbing on the well muscled lean body of a fantastically handsome guy who was now naked from brows to balls (the balls of his feet ;-).  I hammered on him until he was clearly sleeping (with deep loud elongated breathing) & then I managed to roll him toward me so that he had an arm wrapped around my chest & a leg across mine. I really liked the feel of that position & felt the strong urge to somehow get him on top of me - chest to chest, balls to balls.  I shook him a little bit to awaken him slightly & told him to "slide up on top so I could crack the cartilage" along his spine. He groggily complied & there I was: chest to chest, balls to balls (I was only wearing sweat shorts) with a handsome muscular guy who was breathing deeply again in no time (as the massage I was giving him took him back down into unconsciousness).

That position (extremely common among G0YS) was absolutely awesome feeling and it seemed my heart was slamming hard with a pulse well over 100. I did NOT know that what I was feeling was a growing sex reflex. All I knew was that it was absolutely awesome position to be in where I could gently wrap my legs around the back of his knees & legs while slowly caressing the muscles along his bare back, ass & neck - occasionally stroking his arms, hands & along the sides of his oblique's.  I had no idea why my penis was so hard. All I knew is that as I slowly moved my hands along the muscular contours of Geoff's naked body my dick would occasionally throb and this began to occur more frequently until finally it stiffened & I felt a wave of intensely warm pleasure fill the very base of my balls that caused my mouth to open as I took a reflexive deep breath. And then throb after intense pleasure filled throb at the very base of my balls completely seized my focus as I could feel my dick vomiting liquid pleasure along the length of the entire shaft. After nearly a minute - those pleasurable pulsations began to occur less frequently but continued over the space of another minute or so. I had no idea that what had happened was an orgasm. Like I said: I grew up in a vacuum of information about sex. I did notice that I no longer felt that intense desire to feel up Geoff's naked body - but actually felt tired to the point I could go to sleep, and so I did with Geoff still laying on top of me.  About an hour later I awoke with a handsome naked guy still on top of me sleeping deeply. By now I had that need to feel his naked skin sliding slowly under my hands again & I began to stroke his body slowly & massage him gently. The sensation would bring him in and out of consciousness - where he'd sigh or groan some in pleasure. And the entire experience just drove my heart-beat & breathing up and up as my dick hardened again. I got little actual sleep & orgasm'd 5 times that night while Geoff slept naked on top of me.

The next day I did some reading thru the encyclopedia & figured out that what had been happening to me as Geoff laid on top of me was indeed, sexual. I was really concerned because if people discovered I was having sexual encounters with guys - it could be social suicide in school, home & church. However, Geoff had not been aware of my side of the experience. All he knew is that I gave massages that could take a guy down - and all night long. And when you work on a farm & are involved in athletics at school - something always is sore & having a friend who'll give extended massages is like a drug. During the day - we were just (2) regular guys who swam, fished, wrestled & attended the same school & church. My interests & mannerisms were not "faggy" and I fit in with other guys easily. And the sex felt so awesome that I couldn't imagine going without it.

So I developed a strategy to get hott guys alone & in a situation where I could touch them in a natural context over an extended period of time: I needed to find an interest in some form of field that would allow me to touch guys without seeming out of character. And like magic, the "P" encyclopedia opened to "Physical Therapist". It had a cross reference to Massage Therapy" which had a footnote to Sports Medicine. These fields were all intertwined. And from that day on - I told people I was interested in Sports Injury rehab, maybe with a minor in physical-therapy. And since I was enrolled in pre-college classes anyhow - the position made sense & provided the perfect cover to touch guys regularly without raising red flags. I always carried binder charts showing skeletal, muscular & nerve diagrams that I'd pull out & look at whenever a guy was talking about somewhere he had pain. And the fact is that I was able to help a lot of guys with their injuries, through their rehab & learned over time how intensely close friendships could be when touching a guy helped relieve pain & released a flood of serotonin & oxytocin. Having me as a close friend WAS like being a drug to these guys. I began to learn about chiropractic manipulations & hypnosis (which is quite real & affects many people). I was able to massage several guys into hypnotic somnambulism by adapting a script I saw a stage hypnotist use. I used a post-hypnotic phrase that would return a guy to that state of relaxation quite rapidly which made future get-togethers much more effective because the massage and then use of the phrase would level a guy in a couple of minutes. Some guys were easier to hypnotize than others & some not at all. We are NOT all the same.

Now, I had good instincts & somehow around my freshman year in high school - whether reading or conversation I had come to realize that it was the act of AnalSex that gave fags ("Fags" was the widely used word at the time & used as an expletive) the reputation as, well - Fags.  And because I knew this was indeed the predominant reputation-wrecking component of the "gay man" stereotype; - Whenever a buddy in my bed expressed concern that his dick (in any state other than soft-noodle) might make me suspect he was a "fag"  - I'd reassure him with some reasoning about my "going into medicine & not being in 3rd grade nor giggling about nudity any more. And this is where I completely put guys at ease: I'd go on to say something like, "Besides, everyone knows that a guys cock is considered attractive - which is why women are so preoccupied with them. And it looks like you've got nothing to be ashamed about bro. So as long as you're NOT plotting some way to get it into my ass - I'm totally fine with the fact that you've got a dick with a mind of it's own. We've been in the raw how many times in the locker room? I love & respect you like a brother, man." And, I'd usually totally remove his concerns by tacking on a comment like: "Actually, I kinda wish mine was that impressive."  And I'd say this whether the other guy's was bigger, smaller, cut or uncut. That comment has a powerful effect on a guy's confidence to be nude.

Well, about half way through the year, Geoff hit the testosterone lottery & added more muscle + much more body hair. We'd joke and ask him if he was juicing. It pissed him off because he didn't want that reputation. Well, he had not been coming over as much for a few months & over holiday break we arranged to hang out at my place for a few days. When we were together the 1st night, Geoff sat on the edge of my bed & was really serious looking so I asked what was on his mind. He asked me to promise not to hate him. Somehow - I knew what he was going to say & I put my right arm around him & ramping up the force in the hug - told him, "I fuck'n love you bro - & those bonds don't break.". He took a deep breath & whispered: "I'm BIsexual.". With a half grin on my face & I replied: "Bro... most guys are.  It just takes serious balls to admit it. Like I've said before - as long as you're not interested in ass fucking - I'm completely kewl with the fact your dick swings both ways. And I've got your back.". At this point, the tears were flowing down his face as relief swept over him. I added: "Like I said - most guys are BI to some degree or another..". Nobody admits it - but I read this book by a scientist named Kinsey who studied it & it's all spelled out there."

"Most guys are BI...", he whispered as it finally began to sink in. "No sh!t...Most guys are BI." Looking up at me he added, "Something must been on your mind to have read that book ... soooo, you're BI?" he asked. I lightly shook my head which instantly caused his face to drop. "No bro. I'm not BI. I'm only into guys.", I added with a half smirk on my face. His eyes widened & his jaw dropped some as he whispered in a stunned tone: "No fuck'n way! So you're 'gay'?". Shaking my head I replied, "No. Not gay. I don't want any association with a bunch of people who play in ass sh!t & wear their sister's clothes. I don't know what to call myself - but the word "gay" is definitely not the word. Ass fuckers are some of the most unhealthy people on the planet & they creep me out.". "Yeah - me too, I get it. Fit guys are hot but germs & sh!t are disgusting.", he added. "Preaching to the choir bro.", I agreed. A great look of relief & relaxation came over him.

"Hey, I wanted to ask if you could help me with an experiment?", I asked with a grin. "What kind of experiment?", Geoff prodded.
"I want to see how many times a guy with about your build can piss cumm in a 8 hour period. We might need to do this experiment quite a few times in order to get the average.", I grinned more obviously. Geoff swallowed as his hardened penis throbbed visibly stretching the fabric of his sweat-shorts."

See, the time frame of my youth was the start of a paranoia regarding men making physical contact with men because of the concern about "fags, gays, queers", etc. This paranoia was literally CAUSED by the growing visibility of bizarre images taken at "pride" parades, UN-masculine behavior from gay men showcased repeatedly; & the deadly emergence of "AIDS" (originally called "GRID" - Gay Related Immune Deficiency). The vast majority of "AIDS" cases were "gay men". And that knowledge made being "GAY" on par with being a LEPER. In hindsight, it was a reputation that the gay community had worked very hard to DESERVE. That was obvious by anyone with even half a brain. And when writers & activists within the gay male community itself began to write about the matter - denouncing the activity that so easily spread the virus - calling "murderous"; Well, the spokesmen from the gay community ignored these self-critical voices & doubled down on the rhetoric of fools - calling such critical observations "homophobic" & trying to blame the rest of society for the homocidal indifference that the "gay male community" was readily displaying against its own constituency. Again anyone with half a brain could see the sociopathic hypocrisy that now loudly oozed from "the gay voice", & the now justified hatred toward that group intensified to a level that would last for decades. As a teen who loved guys - I wanted NOTHING to do with a community of pathologically-lying, self-aggrandizing, gender-bending, plague-spreading,  sociopaths. That was my opinion then, and it's still my opinion. It has NOTHING to do with sexual orientation, but everything to do with sociopathic behavior. And my attitude is very easy to justify. There is a pile of corpses stacked +100 million+ deep across 4+ decades that were killed by their gay peers via . THAT FACT WILL NOT BUDGE - no matter how many names gays call those who point it out!  Even till this day, "gays" insist that the biggest threat to "gay people" is the rhetoric of "homophobes". History begs to differ- by several magnitudes! And even till this day, AIDS & many other sexually transmitted diseases are predominant in the gay-male community at rates much, much higher than in the general population at large. Lesbians have virtually none. Lesbians, lacking a penis, don't anyone. Again - not a matter of sexual orientation, but a matter of perilous, deadly behaviors! Some of us figured it out early on & took the high-road of virtuous discernment. G0YS don't choose friends who . With such people, we don't even eat (which is why my G0Y peers are all still alive)!

The Tom Effect

When I hit 16 (eh, 18 - that's it) my uncle gave me a 6-pack of a local micro-brew on my birthday & my father said that I seemed mature enough to enjoy an occasional drink. I was the "ultra responsible" student & lived in a time and place where there was a general attitude of "don't give a fuck" about laws that kept men in perpetual diapers. Everybody knew the punch line to the joke: "What's the difference between a dead dog on the highway vs. a dead politician on the highway? (There were skid-marks in front of the dog.)
From my studies - I already knew that alcohol wasn't a toy & had met people at the hospital & in rehab who had been destroyed by it (I knew accident victims who had lost body parts & been maimed for life because someone wanted to treat alcohol like a toy). However, for academic purposes - I drank 2 of these beers end to end and gained serious insight as to why it was so popular. I put the other 4 into the garage refrigerator (beside several packs of beer that were regularly rotated & made available for family & guests at cookouts & outings) where they sat for several weeks. And my parents noticed that they sat unconsumed for several weeks. Any concerns my mother had held were relieved seeing that I didn't treat alcohol like a teenager might. And dad mentioned the fact that, unlike wine - beer did NOT get better with age. So unless I wanted it to "go to waste - best use it by the "best by" date. I shrugged somewhat disinterestedly & mentioned that they made me sleep deeper but I didn't see how companies that made such stuff kept their doors open. I added that I'd take them with me when I went fishing on the back 40. This was a set up because, - while the custom labels of these gifted bottles stood out in the fridge - nobody was paying close attention to the dozens of 16 & 40 oz. cans that regularly rolled into & out of that same fridge. So - when the weekend came & I had talked Tom Concayon (one of the most handsome wrestlers in the school) to spend a weekend fishing on the back 40; - I had plans.
I loaded the small trailer pulled by a 4-wheel ATV with a large cooler, ice, steaks, snacks, & my 4 beers plus 3, 40oz cans. Tom arrived Friday eve & hopped onto the ATV sitting behind me & we drove down to the secluded campsite. I lit the fire pit right away & put the grill on top of it to burn off the char from the last use." Reaching into the cooler beneath the ice, I found a 40 oz beer & handed it to Tom. A smile crossed his face as he shook his head in partial disbelief while he said, "How'd you get beer, ey?"
I smiled, answering: "It's pretty normal in my family. If I don't behave like an idiot, my parents are generally willing to treat me like an adult."
Tom shook his head in partial disbelief as he cracked the can & downed it in less than 30 seconds. "Thirsty.", he commented. I reached into cooler & fished out one of my birthday beers for him. He downed half of that one in seconds.
I opened one of the birthday beers for myself & took a long drink. Then another. Recapping it I mentioned: "Don't leave this stuff sitting around open unless you like small flies in your beer.". Tom smiled & nodded as he downed the rest of it. "Feel like a swim while this grill gets up to heat?", I asked him.
He was on the quiet side, but nodded with a "Heck yeah...", followed by, "I didn't bring swim shorts." I was already prepared with an answer:
"This place is so private & forested that I usually swim in the raw. I just wrap the towel I use to dry off around my waist after. Besides - it'll be dark within the hour ... so unless the local pervs use night-vision". 
Tom laughed. "Local pervs...", he repeated with a smile. "Not many of them this far out in the country, ey.". As he stripped his clothes off & tossed them into one of the plastic bags I'd packed.
Tom had 5 scars across his back starting near his left shoulder blade & leading in a diagonal direction and ending about 5 inches down onto his right glute well below his belt-line. "Hey, what's the story with these scars?", I asked as I ran my right hand gently along their entire length.
"Fertilizer explosions when I was 7.", Tom began. "In my dad's barn. The 1st was smaller & knocked me flat to the ground. A couple of seconds later, a second blew part of a tractor into shrapnel & a metal chunk with 5 long spurs grazed me while I was on the ground. The EMT who arrived on the scene used super-glue to put the skin back together. Scars would have been a lot worse otherwise."
"They look badass - like you had a fight with a wildcat or something.", I complimented as we walked to the river's edge. The compliment put a smile on Tom's face. Tom was 17 18 but could have passed for early 20's. His body was tight, muscular & athletic with a dusting of hair all over, facial stubble & piercing cyan-blue eyes. I maintained a generally disinterested composure, but deep down I wanted to wrap up naked with him & cuddle the fuck out of him all night long. We didn't waste any time getting into the water & I started a contest of timed breath holds where one of us would hold the other to the bottom with one foot while keeping time with Tom's waterproof stopwatch. The guy underwater would gently tap on the other guy's lower leg every few seconds to prove he was still conscious. When it was time to surface - 3 pats was the signal to lift the foot holding the guy down so he could surface & then it would be the other guy's turn.  Tom would barely make a minute. I was doing over 3 minutes with 3:35 being the top time. I'd been practicing for years - whenever I'd get bored in class, - I'd try to beat my last top time. Practice, practice. After about a half hour - we decided the grill must be hot enough so we went back on shore & dried off with the large towels I brought with me. They were big enough to waist-wrap & tuck-tie so that's how we hung out while talking & turning the steaks. I had also dug another 40 oz beer out of the cooler & handed it to Tom. I grabbed a second birthday-brew & set that as my limit in my mind. Tom mentioned that he was getting a serious buzz. I laughed, adding: "That's the point.", but my goal was to get him relaxed enough that I could massage him willingly out of that towel.  After we finished eating, I used the rest of my beer to snuff out the campfire. I turned on a flashlight & hung it inside the tent. Tom was massively buzzing & joked that he hoped he could get to the tent. I mentioned that nothing wet was allowed in the tent so he could get another towel out of my pack (50 feet away) or sleep locker-room-mode. He was way too buzzed to go to my pack for a towel so he stripped to the raw at the tent entrance & crawled in on top of two wide open sleeping bags that I had fully unzipped earlier (Now they were just full sized padded quilt-like ground covers). Tom's body was absolutely stunning in the dim light as he knelt there waiting for me to finish arranging the inside of the tent. He didn't have even an inch of headroom to spare. He was tightly packed muscle sexily wrapping thick tendons, sinew & large bones head to toe - from years of farm-life, athletic workouts & hammering; - I just wanted to be wrapped up naked with him. Crawling back into the tent after getting a backpack I zipped the doorway closed & noticed in the dim light how his complexion had darkened from our day in the sun. His hair was no longer combed out - but lay matted on his head from the water which had washed out all his gel. I took a moment to show him where the switch was on the light before turning it off. He didn't waste much time laying down. Sliding up and laying beside him I placed my left arm on his back so that I could massage his traps & neck with my left hand. Tom groaned with a long deep vocalization as the pleasure wave of being massaged overcame any remaining socially induced fears about being gently touched by another guy. "You like?", I asked? A soft groan of affirmation slipped past his sleepy vocal chords. "Let me reposition you a bit and I'll hammer on you all night; - OK?" I asked in a tone that was more like a directive. On my side, I positioned a pillow so that when I rolled onto my back, it would rest on my right pec to shoulder. Then, with my left arm I slid my hand under his right thigh & lifted it enough to slide my left leg beneath it. Then, sliding my right arm beneath his upper torso I leveraged the loss of support as my shoulder moved toward him to roll to my left onto my back while using my left leg to lever his right across me as I used my right arm to left & pull his upper body on top of mine pec to pec. Sliding my right hand down to his left pelvis, I lifted firmly while moving his left leg over my right so that his left knee was touching the bedding between my legs & his cock & balls were snuggled up beside mine - slightly to the right with his right testicle literally resting between mine. Sliding my left hand down to his upper thigh - I was able to lift his right leg back over my left so that his right knee was touching the between mine. Repositioning his head slightly - it was soon resting on the pillow that had rolled onto my left shoulder. The entire maneuver took less then 10 seconds to perform and leaves you pec to pec, abs to abs, & balls to balls with the other guy while being able to touch the entirety of his upper body including his arms, hands, head, back, oblique's & glutes. With some gentle, occasional repositioning of his legs (one at a time usually), you can access his outer & inner thighs with your hands, And you can use your legs & feet to wrap/rub his lower legs.  As soon as the position has been achieved - I usually bust into a gentle knuckle-based massage slowly all over his back combined with gentle scratching. It usually takes 10-20 seconds to relax a guy into accepting this position as a comfortable one - especially if he's been drinking or using sensory enhancing drugs such as MDMA (I don't encourage drug abuse but it's good to know what the effects of them are -especially if you stumble onto an overdose in progress & need to render FirstAid.). Constant extended pressure on a man's penis and chest (nipples) often results in an erection reflex. And it's this position that often is a guy's 1st sexual experience with another guy. Especially if his tenting bud is using his penis to slowly grind the other guy's into a reflexive ejaculation. And this was what I was doing to Tom. Within 5 minutes of the massage start he was sleeping and within 15 he had a full-mast hard-on pressed firmly against mine - while he was still sleeping. Meanwhile, the feel of his naked skin over his pronounced muscles was an aphrodisiac - even the scars that punctuated his backside. What my fingertips could see as they slowly caressed all over his body there in the dark - would have made my eyes jealous.  At about the 30 minute point he barely became conscious as he experienced a reflexive ejaculation.  Hearing his pleasured moans & feeling his body reflexively react by stiffening & firmly thrusting forward w. his back arched slightly as his amorous penis surrendered copious amounts his thick white man-sauce as he emptied his balls all over my abs (while the muscles in his ass fibrillated under my hands) - pushing me over the top too - wow! Our hairy abs were matted with mingled cumm that slowly thinned & drooled down over both my sides over the next hour. By the 90 minutes mark, I wanted to make him cock-vomit man-spunk again so I began to slowly grind dick-to-dick with him. After about 15 minutes, he got wood & began to reflexively grind back as he slept with the beer still numbing his sense of circumstances. After another 20 minutes of slowly seducing his cock with mine, he let out a louder groan of frantic anticipation that morphed into pleasured release as his body stiffened & he ejaculated over the next minute as my throbbing dick painted his with slippery jizz while I synched my nutting session with his again. The slow caressing back rub put him back down in no time. I slept for another couple of hours & slowly went round 3 with him. The next morning, I could tell that he remembered enough of the previous night's activity that he was a bit "off" in his mannerisms. He said that he drank too much & didn't remember nearly anything we'd done after eating. I said, "Same with me - except I remember having a great time hanging out with you. Next time we get together, I'll have to show you the fishing place we refer to as the trout resort, - downstream", I finished saying as I began to massage his neck & work the thousands of nerve endings in his scalp. The sensation took him under it's power within 30 seconds as Tom groggily replied. "OK, but remember the beer, ey.". Well, the very next weekend we went on a 2-night trip but the only trout that 'surrendered' were of the "trouser" variety. By the end of that expedition, we both were fully aware of what was going on - but neither of us spoke of it directly - except in the form of cryptic expressions in which we spoke around it. And beer wasn't necessary, but made nice social lubricant as well as an excuse to claim we "didn't remember much of what we talked about before going to sleep...". And this is the experience of lots of men. Intense, personal experiences with best friends are never directly discussed. It's because saying it out loud might introduce the air of scandal into it. It's probably because the predominant "gay-stereotypes" of effeminacy & AnalSex were so repulsive that we didn't want any association with the "gay" label. To us, "gay" wasn't nearly about who you got naked with as it was a collection of bad life-choices, campy crowd-followers & gender-bending (like taking on mannerisms of moody black women or something); -And worst: Disrespectful, dangerous & disgusting activities like AnalSex. To us, "Fags" were a threat to same-gender intimacy because they wanted to plunge the entire notion of same-sex affection into a cesspool of ass-sex dressed in drag. And they advertised those proclivities at every "pride" event. So, to avoid ANY connection to their SHAME, FILTH & MINDLESS DISRESPECT OF MASCULINITY, - we avoided any hint of anything that might make less-discerning people think for even a moment that we empathized with their movement. To us, their "movement" had all of the attraction of a bowel-movement; -Which ironically is one of the fetishes the gay community extols: SH!T as "entertainment". Seriously! Are we wrong - even till this day? This is also why g0ys steer clear of any semblance of connection with the entire GLITQect thing. We all knew this by instinct. G0YS love how testosterone affects the development of the male body & mind. G0YS would never disrespect a guy by pretending that his ass was a vag nor ever subject a guy to the trauma/disease rate of AnalSex. ANALSEX IS AN ACT OF ABUSE - CLEARLY EVIDENCED BY WHAT IT HAS PRODUCED: A GROWING PILE OF CORPSES +100 MILLION DEEP! G0YS don't go there nor do g0ys want anything whatsoever to do with those who would!

In high school, I got the reputation of being a gym-rat and I got powerfully muscular over those 4 years. I thought that the sports-medicine study excuse was original until I discovered the number of other guys online who used that as an excuse for the same reason I did. And during my experiences, a number of athletes learned of the magic my hands could work on a sore body. At the end of my sophomore year - I was stronger than most guys - even most athletes. And if the guy was sore from a workout (& I routinely had workouts with guys just to make then ultra tender with soreness in a day or two) - then I'd find a way to get him over to my house. I combined massage with wrestling pins and then - torturous extended tickling. A guy who is so sore from a killer workout a day or two earlier can't begin to muster the strength to break a good pin. And once I had a good looking athlete with most of his clothes off & in a firm wrestling pin - I'd slowly take his composure completely from him with back-arching, lung emptying, long, insanity inducing tickling sessions.  And I lost count of the number of guys who's helpless struggles caused me to p!ss a load of cumm into my shorts as they helplessly spasm'd - laughing in my tight embrace while trying to break a pin as I tickled them into convulsing, sweating, helpless vocal-chord-deadening laughing hysterics.  None of these guys had a clue that I was losing my nutt while they thrashed around frenetically in my pinning-hug as I tickled the wind out of their lungs & took their composure. And after I'd blown my load into my shorts, - I'd usually stop tickling them & bust into a consciousness-robbing massage. 

I'm not the 1st guy to discover this type of combination where friendship & close-contact with other guys merged to meet a sexual need - albeit, covertly - for the most part. One of the places where "covert" was a must was at a religious camp I went to one summer near the end of my teens. The counselor in my cabin was a stud almost 6 years older than me. The guy was so masculine & stunningly beautiful with a hairy, tight body that he kept groomed well & clipped back all over. His face had a perfect square-jaw & he kept his facial hair clipped to the same length as his body in general. I was informed enough to know that most guys were BIsexual to some degree & having won the genetic lottery myself, I knew that if this dude was going to tip his hand - it would be around a guy like me. It took me all of 59 seconds to begin plotting on how I was going to make this guy tip his hand. It wasn't difficult. I chose to hang out with him whenever I could & within 2 days, we were wrestling regularly and he was loving it. I also caught him looking at me out of the corner of his eye almost constantly (Now, it is inevitable that some knuckle-dragger is going to demonstrate their stupidity by accusing the nature of the relationship I had planned as being some sort of sex abuse. I was a sexually functioning male teenager who had a libido higher than the older counselor I was targeting! He didn't strike me as a 'victim'. For thousands of years, teenage guys have been getting married at 14, 15, & 16 years of age and if you don't think we were getting laid several times every night then you fail common-sense 101. Society may have shifted towards education instead of procreation - but guy's dicks were never sent that memo. Here's another reality burst for you: For millennia, the guys who weren't getting laid by a teenage bride/s were getting sexual release with a best friend or 3! That's called PEDERASTY and it occurs because most men can see masculine beauty & fold sex into their best friendships! This is exactly what David & Jonathan's friendship involved!).  It was cunts like Pastor Prudewife that worked religiously to move the ancient boundary marker set in the Torah away from AnalSex - to assert the "sin" was "sex without a permission slip from the local church lady"! Talk about laying up grievous burdens on the backs of MEN & then not lifting a finger to move them!). But I digress...
The 4th day we had a 2-day camp out and I offered to share my tent with him over those 2 days. The campsite was beside a river in a thickly forested grove. There were 2 other counselors and about 11 other campers. The hike to the site was bust-ass and after a swim & a campfire cookout, we were getting ready for bed - even though the northern latitude was still before full sunset at 9PM. I had set my 2-man tent up about 100 meters away from the closest. After we crawled inside, I stripped to the raw & put on a pair of gym shorts. He asked if I packed another pair of those & I had - so he did the same and as he was laying in the tent uncovered as dusk began to darken up, he began to occasionally twitch & breathe deeper as sleep took him down. I made it a point to never stare at another guy. That was difficult with a guy as good looking as this guy was. But now that he was sleeping - I could let my eyes go where they wanted. Within 10 minutes of falling asleep, I could see the prominent bulge of a raging hard-on form in his gym shorts. Because they were untied, I gently moved the waistband down exposing an impressive circumcised man-cock. I don't know exactly where I got the boldness - probably an arousal-high that impairs judgment, -but I rolled into a better position where I was able to gently press my lips to his open mouth & begin to kiss him very gently & slowly.  That stubble-covered, square-jaw'd handsome man face was a drug. With my free hand I pulled the waistband of my shorts down & lifted his right hand a bit & with a short reposition - his right paw was around my erection. As continued to softly kiss those lips & stroke them with my tongue -part of his sleeping brain worked those sensations into his dream state and his lips began to very weakly kiss back as his erection hardened. Within a few seconds, his right hand was ever so weakly beginning to feel my cock up as his breathing deepened & began to increase. In the dim ambient light, I could see his eyes moving beneath his closed eyelids. He was having an erotic dream where he was being kissed. Furthermore, he was having an erotic dream where he was feeling up a guy's dick & knew what was in his hand. This was one of the most intense sexual situations I'd ever been in and within a few seconds, I was at that point where you're gonna cumm & you can't stop it. At the exact same time, his penis began to shoot white creamy ropes of man spunk about a second apart that coated his deeply-breathing abs & even a couple of streamers that reached his pecs. My orgasm went to auto-pilot as I pissed spunk all over his gripping hand while I pushed my lips into his much firmer than earlier. At the same time, his left hand came around to the back of my head & began to softly cradle it into the kiss as his lips firmly kissed back & his wide man tongue moved forward to cuddle with mine. It was an amazing 90 seconds or so. I'll spare you the deep conversations we had in whispers with the sleeping bags over our heads as he tried to rationalize his feelings & actions to himself. I showed him this website the next day. Even back then it had all of the information to totally address his religious questions.  I stayed at that camp for a month that summer & kept up a smokescreen where people observed that we were "best of friends", "like brothers', "like David & Jonathan", "inseparable", etc. He lived in another state & it was difficult for him to say goodbye because I'd aged out of using the camp as a camper. We kept in touch and my freshman year of college he attended the same university. That's another chapter. He eventually met another guy named "Cam" & built a life with him. Years later he told me that this website saved him from the massive mistake of trying to "fix himself" with a "wife" because he was far more into the male physique & psyche. I think it's sad that people can't see how NEITHER type of relationship is mutually exclusive.

I was on the swim team & worked out all year long so I'd look good in a Speedo. Sometimes a guy who was DL would be scoping me. If they happened to be with me naked as a recipient of a massage - they'd usually wait until they thought I was sleeping & find a way to get their dick into a location where it wouldn't make a noticeable mess (usually inside an athletic sock). Of course, I was sending a set of subtle signals about being open to touch & intimacy. By today's standards, it might be considered unwelcome sexual behavior. But IN CONTEXT, BACK THEN - it was one buddy setting the other up to enjoy himself. It helped that I often would get a guy on top on me chest to chest, cock to cock to massage because "it made it easy to reach a wide body area". Of course, this position also let me feel every twitch & throb a dude's cock made as it followed the path from supple to seizuring-steel.  I always told any guy in my bed that I was a very deep sleeper & was really difficult to wake up. The guys who were getting off on me were undoubtedly leveraging that information - probably thanking divine providence that they had such a "lucky" set of circumstances.  From my perspective, pretending to be asleep & climaxing at about the same time as they did was a sexual high without parallel because of the counting-coup-like aspect of the interaction w. no need to discuss it after. Although - after a buddy had emptied his balls against me 3-5 times, I'd usually wait until we'd both just emptied our nuts & then stir some while hugging him a little bit tighter while whispering something like: "I love doing that with you my stud brother ... Just between us - I got your back.".  At that moment the guy would know he was totally busted - but so was I (so no power imbalance).  This was the strange part: We never discussed the intent of our "nocturnal get-togethers".  It's like the verbal part of our brains were not welcome to the party. What was happening - what we were looking forward to happening was NEVER talked about. It was like words would do the experience itself an injustice. And I suppose words fall short when it comes to this subject. Words can't express the intensity of the wait, the anticipation as the time to coupling gets closer, -nor the feeling of pleasure combined with relief as you ejaculate the day's pent-up tension that's been in your balls at the same time you're pissing thick creamy ropes of cumm in pleasure-laden spurts of relief. And when you're with a buddy - & watching & feeling his body stiffen at climax & savoring the intense expressions on his face as that relief combined with pleasure takes his composure - causing him to groan, cry out, gasp his breath & arch his back as the spunk-sauce is spit from his spasming dick - yeah, words can't deliver the experience of the event.  And most guys don't have the leverage over language to even begin to make the event sound as awesome as it's going to feel.  It's a case where talking about it does a disservice to the reality of the event. So, the question, "Want to hang out this weekend?" - accompanied with a slightly different tone of voice or a facial expression that relayed just an implied, extra non-verbal cue - was all it took. The reply was usually something like, "Heck yeah!" and then cover language like, "There's this awesome fishing spot you've gotta check out with me!"; -Which said nothing about fishing & everything about spending time in a tent together in some private location. 

CURT'S STORY: The following is the best I can recall of the account: (Some time into our friendship) Recollecting back to my old routine in high-school - there were a few guys that I noticed were experiencing erections - usually when we got wrestling. I pretended that I didn't even notice - except when it became so obvious that the guy I was wrapped up with seemed self-conscious about it. My stock-comment was usually something like: "No big deal: It's a dick. It's gotta mind of it's own. Happens to me all the time.". Their/his reply was usually something like, "I didn't want you to think I was turning into a fag or something.". If a guy ever did say anything like that; - I'd always reply with something like: "Fags bitch other guys & give & take it up the ass - turning a man into a proxy for a cunt. That's dirty & damn disrespectful. Think: If being gentle & respectful to a guy made you a fag - then jacking off would leave no doubt  because you've got a guy's dick in your hand & pleasuring it until it spunks to a satiating completion. The fact it's your own dick doesn't matter. It's a dick. You're a guy. But not a fag. That's why there's an expression that been around for nearly forever that goes: 'A Friend will give you a hand, but a Best Friend will give you a hand-job.'. A guy-thing, not a gay-thing."As fate would have it - Dean was one of the 1st guys I had another kind of reassuring discussion with.  You see, he'd woken up a few times in bed w. me with a massive hard-on. I'd pretend to be asleep but when he'd begin to roll away from me I'd pretend to wake up & tell him the feel of that pressure bearing down with him draped across me - helped me sleep better.  He expressed concern that he "might have a wet dream" & if he was in the raw  - that I'd probably never forgive him for p!ssing cum all over me.  (Dean was a massage-junkie & I'd got into habit early on of telling him to get naked so the oil I used wouldn't wreck his clothing.)

I don't know exactly what it was - maybe the tone of his voice that gave me a feeling that maybe he was experiencing something else - maybe some deeper or conflicted feelings and I didn't want to miss this chance.  I replied with something like: "Totally got the solution so I can keep you as my own weighted blanket & you don't need to worry about making a mess if you bust a nutt. You know you're my bro & I'd never diss you - right?

"Yeah...", He said - somewhat in a questioning tone.

"Strip down to your birthday suit.", I said as I pulled off my shorts. He slid out of his underwear and I reached down into the drawer beneath my bed & pulled out a large winter sock - one with a large diameter because it was designed to go on top of other socks. It was thick, gray & super absorbent. "Crawl back on top of me my blanket buddy.", I instructed with a smile on my face.  This was the 1st time we'd both been completely naked together in bed. Even in the tent, one of us was always in underwear. Before he had lowered himself down all the way - just after I felt his cock brush against mine I said: "Pause there for a few seconds." Dean held himself up in a partial pushup as I reached down between us with the sock & slid both of our dicks into it so that the shafts were nearly parallel - kissing firmly at a shallow angle. And reaching around him - I pulled Dean toward me causing him to relax his partial-pushup & dock with me chest to chest, navel-to navel, dick snugged with dick with his knees together & resting on the mattress between my legs. I brought my lower legs around his lower legs so that my ankles were pretty-much weighting his down. "That sock can soak up all the wet-dreams we throw at it - except for me, I don't think I want to wait for the right dream to come along." - as I slid my right arm down lower onto his back & holding him tighter from that grip lifted my lower back grinding our dicks together. Dean reflexively inhaled at the feeling & his cock went from semi to rock hard in seconds. "You like?", I asked as I caused our dicks to kiss hard again.

"F!ck yeah...". he whispered as his dick gave a hard twitch causing him to exhale deeply followed by a deep inhale. He managed to get his arms around me as I repositioned mine as I worked my dick into his again causing him to shudder & gasp his breaths quietly as his heartbeat slammed in & out of fast sync with mine.  It wasn't that warm, but the sweat was beginning to bead up on Dean's body & was forming beads that trickled down onto me. Soon it was running down from his ass into trickles that ran down past his nuts along his cock where it trickled onto mine at the point our dicks were kissing. It was beading along his neck, throat & ran down from behind his ears. I remember the taste of the salt as I ran my tongue along the length of his neck up to his jaw line as I ground my cock against his - just changing the angle slightly that they were pressed against each other with. His ass tightened & his back arched and I moved my head around to the other side of his and went in with my wide tongue to lap another line of sweat beads from the other half of his neck - cuddling into him & using my dick to seduce his beyond his ejaculatory inevitability threshold. I doubt we lasted another 3 minutes. I remember as Dean's eyes closed & his mouth opened as his ass stiffened & legs tightened. At the same time I could feel his dick swell bigger & harder than it had yet been. I knew exactly what he was feeling & having pushed him to that edge pushed me over mine. Moments later our dicks were having those sweet seizures punctuated nearly a second apart between convulses - pissing the payload from deep in our balls out into that sock while firmly hugging each other & enjoying the mutual sensation of a shared orgasm.  Over the space of the next minute or so - that intensity let up with longer durations between each hard dry-heave as our cocks strained to fire the last remaining sperm mingled with the thick drool of milky mansauce.

"I'm pretty sure I wouldn't mind doing that a few times a week - maybe even all night with you Brother.", I whispered with a grin in my voice. And a few times every week over the next few years (even into college) - Dean and I turned those winter socks into well soaked sploog'n-sponges.

Over time, I made other friends who progressed from being recipients of long overnight massages - to members of the sock-sponge insider group of intense friends. It was about being with a friend you could trust to take the edge off of the constant loudening message being broadcast from our balls that we needed to shoot a wad for some relief. It wasn't about forming a "sexual identity". We were guys and most would have identified as "straight". Today - most are/have been married & have kids. Most guys are functionally amBIsexual. Outside of the tight circle I had with these guys - I am not aware of any other guys these guys were de-stressing with. Not that I could know. I never shared with any of them any details about what was happening with others. And if this level of discretion was the pattern - then I/we can't possibly know how many other guys were interacting like this (other than guessing using Kinsey's numbers).

The big distinction was that we NEVER crossed into the subject of AnalSex (other than to denounce it). Effeminate guys and AnalSex were majorly TABOO. It's because BOTH were associated with a reputation-wrecking word: "GAY". This is no small distinction because most men - by their very nature shun anything to do with AnalSex. The fact that the act is +5000% more dangerous than even OralSex is a key indicator that whether thru natural-selection or divine-engineering, a healthy human psyche is built to avoid it (in the same way that people naturally shun the odor of and close proximity to sh!t). It is a massive biohazard - which is why civilized, developed peoples build sewer treatment plants & take enormous steps to keep sh!t out of public proximity! People who practice AnalSex (by association - gays), fetishize sh!t & play in it. This is why so many adults shun association with the term "gay". Even decades of indoctrination in "political correctness" has not changed this fact. People are simply more careful with their words when describing their sexuality.

However, masculine guys are still making friends & hooking up with other masculine guys - despite locker-room talk. The G0YS movement has been giving these men a platform to articulate themselves from for decades now. And that is a solution to a huge problem for most of these guys! Read the actual feedback we have received from such men in the frame to the left.