It's a term that has been used for several decades.  The "gay" community derides it as a mere "stereotype".  Let me tell you about stereotypes: They exist for a reason.  And this term exists because lots of guys want what it implies as part of their buddy's character.

And, generally - it's not an "act" -- if by "STRAIGHT", you mean "A psyche & physique steered by the effects of high-testosterone".  The opposite is the stereotypical guy who acts like his great aunt & obviously wants to be his sister. And have you ever noticed that the guys who are critical of the "STRAIGHT ACTING" label are guys who , eh - aren't?

Now, the existence of "G0YS" -  as a global presence for well over a decade at this juncture - completely reframes the entire notion of "STRAIGHT ACTING" - as being what most guys who like guys/too are, by default.  After all, -if +63% of the sexually mature male population has some degree of same-gender-attraction by default -- then finding a "STRAIGHT ACTING" buddy who happens to like guys/too is simply the statistical "normal" psychological posturing. Read that a few times until it sinks in (Because the gay-male community won't believe it, but g0ys already know it's the truth.).

The "GAY" male community may be up to it's arse in gender-bending, -- but is rapidly becoming marginalized as irrelevant where the term "G0YS" is becoming better known and people are realizing that "G0YS" is simply what most guys were all along. While the "GAY" community still believes that "G0YS" is yet another sexual identity; --  many men are coming to realize that "G0YS" are what most men are by default and that labels like "GAY", "BI", and "STRAIGHT" were applied only because the paradigm of being "G0Y" was unrecognized for simply being what male sexuality is for the vast majority of men - by default

In the article photo (left), the announcement of Tom Dalay being "BiSexual" is followed up with the rhetorical "will other men follow his lead". The irony is that Dalay is astonishingly normal based on Kinsey's stats about male sexuality.  He's simply honest about it. 20+ years ago, the tone of the culture of the day would have more strongly encouraged him to keep the knowledge about his attractions to himself under the false notion that he was a "sexual minority" - a notion promoted by an intellectually bankrupt mass media. That media still promotes the same lie today - but frames it with the notion that "it's OK". It's like reading a news article that reports that "Certain men have been found that possess (2) testicles ... but that's OK because society embraces diversity.". The LIE is to label what is NORMAL as if it wasn't!   AmBIsexuality is the statistical NORM & it's a core part of the g0ys' message!

And society is beginning to finally realize it while recognizing that the media has been grossly misrepresenting the fundamental nature of human sexuality for decades - reporting same-gender-attraction as if it's a minority condition & then welding it with x-gender behavior, odd fetishes & perilous actions such as anal--sex! Ask anyone skilled with hypnosis & they'll tell you that many people will believe a lie if it's repeated enough and this mass brainwashing about human sexuality has been accomplished by a low-brow press repeating the same lies for generations so that the lie is continuously echoed within society. Only people who look closely into the matter can be freed from the misconceptions that the entire of society seems ensnared with.    

The truth is that most men who love men/too are "STRAIGHT ACTING" and that the cultural development of the "GAY" community was the result of gender-non-conforming men being represented as the status-quo (-regarding men who were same-gender attracted).  And the g0ys astonishing revelation about the "gay deception" is changing the mindsets of men everywhere who are discovering that regular guys -STRAIGHT ACTING-GUYS are where the best M2M relationships were waiting to be discovered all along!  And the "GAY' male community?  It's a loud voice that, for the most part has grossly misrepresented the best of basic male/male intimacy in the media for almost 5 decades!

That was why the turnout for the 2014 "Gay Pride Parade" in Sao Paulo Brazil dropped by a whopping 95% when the most popular talk show in the country (& others) ran episodes examining g0ys! 1.3Million+ people decided that "G0YS" was a term that fit them better and "Pride" attendance plummeted to about 5% of the regular turnout while exposure to the g0ys philosophy was still fresh in the minds of the populace!  Let me make that clear: Only 1 out of 20 attendees on average showed up to, what was - the previous year - the largest gay Pride Parade on the planet!  The knowledge of G0YS -- simply the revelation that this is what men are by nature -- virtually killed the 2014 Pride Parade in Sao Paulo, Brazil!  No "anti-gay" religious organization has ever come close to accomplishing what g0ys actually did. Why? Because the message of g0ys is that "Genuine love works no ill toward others" while the anti-gay religious bigots yell "Thou shalt not love!", - ignorant of what their own Bibles say in the original languages.  Since the gay-male community is up to it's collective arse in analsex-spread illness -- the g0ys message struck a chord of harmony with the majority of potential parade attendees.
Simply put yourself there - in your mind's eye: Imagine you've got a "son" who got involved in the "gay pride" thingus. He's going to be in the "parade" dressed like your daughter, with a bikini bottom that has a large visible half-dildo sticking out of the rear. And he's 'proud" of that. And then, on your favorite talk show, you discover that there is an international group of men who refer to themselves as "g0ys". Everything about them seems to be what you'd expect to be integral to being a statistically normal man. They wear clothing that doesn't attempt to shape their anatomy into that of a woman. They have normal, healthy relationships with other male friends. Many of them have girlfriends, too. Their preferred pronouns are, "He, Him". They're NOT attention-whores. They wear cologne that is typically "male" without a hint of estrogen. They spend time working out. And the guys nearby them - who you'd mistake for their brothers, - just happen to be the guys whom they occasionally share a bed with, & they do NOT AssFuck! Those are the G0YS! And then you look back over at your son in high-heels, in his 'dildo-up-the-ass costume' and you ask yourself "Has 'PRIDE' been misplaced?"! 

So, if you're a "STRAIGHT ACTING" guy who happens to love guys/too, --then read on.  You're going to discover that this website simply reveals what millions of men have discovered: That men, by nature can & do love men, and that the entire "GAY" movement was hijacked by gender-bending & odd-mannered minority groups that never have represented the average guy who happens to love guys/too!  And basic M/M love does not involve gender-bending, trans-anything nor any interest in (quite the opposite, actually)!


TESTOSTERONE is NOT an Expletive!

FACT: The current state of the GLITQetc movement has a deep seated belief that there is something inherently wrong with men who exhibit physical & psychological traits associated with high blood-serum levels of testosterone (I.E: Muscularity, denser bones, body hair, aggression & self-assuredness, etc.). And this fact is made obvious by the preoccupation with transgender identity, drag, gender-bending, epilating, AnalSex, & the use of language that continually refers to men in terms of the opposite gender -such as: "girl, bitch, queen", etc. These mindsets are clearly callous & especially offensive toward men who are masculine men & have physical traits and mannerisms that are the direct result of high testosterone.  The hypocrisy & gigantic irony is that these widely promoted offensive attitudes are regularly spewed from the GLITQetc community that allegedly "prides" itself on being "tolerant" and "inclusive". Of course - that's all a series of mantras - clearly evidenced as lies when the rhetoric about "toxic masculinity" gets flowing from their ranks about masculine-men (who are critical of the gender-fuck & AnalSex promoted by the loud, queeny mouthpieces of the GLITQetc movement). G0YS offer NO APOLOGY to these GAY-NPC memes!

ALTERNATE HYPOTHESIS: I have an alternate belief about those people who point at well-developed, masculine mannered men & denounce them with some expletive about being a "Jock", "Juice Junky" or somehow "Toxic".  I think the people who do that are simply: LOSERS. Such people either failed basic masculinity themselves & simply want to deride masculine beauty to deflect the fact they couldn't achieve any semblance of it for themselves; - or they're unattractive women who cannot get the interest of attractive men - so they deride what they cannot have. They're LOSERS.  And do you know what's hilarious? When a man who loves men does NOT STAND IN SOLIDARITY with Drag-Queens & Dude sporting Dildo's. Rather - to call those losers out as being disrespectful  ass-fucks & man-fails - is tremendously liberating! They can't yell "HomoPhobe!" at a guy who loves guys; -& that fact is why the losers hate g0ys. G0YS validate masculinity. G0YS respect masculinity. G0YS would never make a B!TCH out of masculinity. And G0YS telling the Ass-Fuck man-fails that "We Reject You; -& WE, NOT YOU, -represent what Genuine Masculine Affection looks like."! 

Toxic Masculinity?