Anecdotal Accounts Reinforce Data Indicating +60% Same Gender Attraction Norm...

"I grew up in a neighborhood where boys having sex with boys was the rule, on a regular to occasional basis. As an almost unbroken rule, the sex involved mutual masturbation as well as oral sex. Anal sex was generally non-existent. Given that this was a form of sexual interaction involving boys who had the most sex with their best friends, and lesser amounts of sex with lesser friends, male bonding factors applied - as well as sexism . That is, we were all aware of what we were to do with females, as some of us were doing - as in fucking - but would never think of doing that [anal intercourse] to one's best friend, considered to be one's equal.

I grew up in the 'sixties (aged 10 to 20 during this period) and began to be homosexually active at least by the age of five ... By grade four [aged 10] I was one of the major actors in my Roman Catholic school, and I was part of a 2-hour production known as The Passion ... By then I was a sexual veteran, and was having sex with male friends on a regular basis.

Sex, for me, was nothing more than a normal part of life, as it was also part of almost every day - where most of the day was doing non-sexual things with one's friends. I was therefore never sexually deprived since a good number of males, especially including my best friends were sexually available. We had sex in the woods, in garages, in abandoned buildings, in homes if no one else was there, in snow houses, in parked cars waiting to be fixed in a body shop, and in many other places. As a rule, only the males - and not the females - in the community knew about our sexual activities, which were so common that, if ever a male did not want to have homo-sex, he was considered to be abnormal - but no one put pressure on unwilling males to have sex, and we never behaved with each other in such a way. This was sex with equality, as well as with respect, as well as a male-bonding phenomenon..."
- Pierre

...AND YET...

So, the dudes I hooked up with knew that we needed to keep our private stuff - private - unless we wanted to be compared with the rump rangers. What we were doing was so private that we thought we were the only guys into each other who didn't want anything to do with the gay crowd - in general.  I really don't know how many dudes were hooking up like us - because nobody was saying anything. We were confused  - because we were into hott guys, but we couldn't stand phags! I mean, WHAT do you call that! Well, nobody thought to come up with a different word for it - so I guess we all kinda assumed we were proud closet cases that didn't do the butt nasty. Of course - we were so freak'n respectful too. Lots of cuddl'n & compliments & this feel'n like hav'n each others backs covered. Mess with my bros & you're mess'n with me. No gender confusion krap or guys being bitched; - never even entered our minds. We were like those guys in the left frame; -just lots more secret.

As recent studies (from Kinsey to current Internet polls) show, about +60% of the population experiences varying amounts of Same Gender Attractions (SGA). About 10% of those are exclusively SGA.  The monumental implication is that +50% of the population is ambisexual (Bi).  1 out of every 2 people can swing both ways!  Recent studies about "homophobia" have shown that people with the highest levels of homophobia are usually people with a propensity to experience SGA.  Many ask why.  I believe the reason for fear of SGA has several reasons - perhaps many ... but only (3) are primary:
  1. Current widespread religious beliefs that are critical & negative of all SGA.
  2. An innate fear of being sexually abused, anally raped & effectively emasculated.
  3. A fear of being ostracized because of stigmas connected to the above 2 factors (being labeled part of a socially offensive group).

The male/male phenomenon currently expressing itself as the g0y men's movement is actually nothing new (0nly the name).  Historical evidence clearly shows periods in time among certain cultures such as the Greeks - when male/male intimacies were accepted & openly celebrated.  While the modern "gay male community" has made an appeal to the Greeks as epitome of "gay"; - The fact that AnalSex was illegal in ancient Greece effectively filters & excludes from 80%-90% of today's current "gay male" culture! Ironic? I think so. Ancient Greece was clearly "g0y"!

The Mass Media: Well Established Friendship-Killer

The scenario in the left frame above tends to occur in more rural areas - where the discussion in the above-right is the trend of more populated centers.  However - since mass media has made more penetration everywhere, - the account in the left frame is generally reported less & less.  The primary reason is because of the media's obtuse reporting style about "all things gay", - lumping all same-sex behavior into a single "GLIBTQETC" gender-bending, ass-fuck!ng category.  Society has lost the distinction between moral g0y friendships - vs. immoral gAy-disease-spreading behaviors (the former being generally safe, respectful & mutually bonding; --While the latter is dangerous, unequally-postured, exploitative & the product of a society that has abandoned it's moral-masculine compass).  As soon as society had been hoodwinked to accept that the butt-fuck was on par with male/male sexuality - then that immoral stigma became the prejudice that attempted to drive g0ys out of sight.  As butt-fuck promoters push their message - the innate moral resistance to it gradually diminishes in certain demographics of society. So now, the arse-fuck is gaining acceptance in so-called "straight" circles & with it bringing the same curse of STD's as it did in the parts of the gAy-male community that celebrate it.  Because of global media & the spread of pornography soften the moral constitution of countries like China & emerging former 3rd-world nations: Analsex is causing STDs to explode into their populations.  These gain primary entry via media exposure to the "gAy-male" community & cross over into M/F demographics via a large pro anal-sex segment & lesser via IV drug use. 

This is all because 'educated-idiots' refuse to report seriously - the exponential skew that butt-fuck'n introduces to statistics involving STDs;

-- while they defer to political-correctness & bow to the giant financial interests of companies that make fortunes treating disease.  Once the practices are widely in place (as habits), - the next global economic depression will unleash a simmering plague of diseases unlike the world has ever known (as people lose the ability to afford barrier controls -yet continue to engage in high-risk habits without such protections).

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